One of the fastest growing frameworks for PHP is Laravel and it is being used extensively because the Laravel packages offer the developers to access all the features of the framework.

There are several uses that benefit the development of the best Laravel development such tools are used by Laravel Development Company of the USA that offers Laravel Web development services.

The benefits of Laravel framework that influences the developers to use it is because it allows hosting all the application, routing, migration of database, tests, views and other features that are quite useful are fully accessible in Laravel packages.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel web development framework is that has elegant syntax and is quite expressive. Many Laravel Development Company in the USA uses the framework so that the development can be done easily that is used in most web projects like authentication, routing sessions, and caching.

Without sacrificing the functionality Laravel gives a seamless developing processing experience for the developer.  Furthermore, it is easily accessible while providing tools that are required for creating robust applications.

A Laravel website development company has at its disposal an excellent inversion of control container, expressive migration system, and a tightly integrates unit testing support.

These tools give a Laravel framework developer the ability to build any kind of application with ease. For developing Laravel there are certain tools that can be quite beneficial for the developer.

Here is a list of 10 such useful tools that Laravel Development Company uses for Laravel Web development services:

10 Useful Tools For Developing Laravel Framework:

Laravel Web Development within a PHP web framework is the most used framework for custom software development. It is estimated about 35,000 developers mainly from the USA use Laravel framework because of the robust features it offers.

1. PHPStorm

It is the smart IDE that suits the Laravel framework best. PHPStorm run smoothly, it has smart code navigation, allows fast and safe refactoring, easy debugging and testing. Additionally, it is also a good code formatter.

IDE is the crucial parts in developing as it increases the productivity of the developer while saving time at debugging codes. Many developers use PHPStorm for its seamless performance.

2. Github/Bitbucket

Both GitHub and BitBucket offer Git services and are quite similar, however, depending on the structure of the project and its requirement one needs to select between the two.

If you are doing freelancer or developing for a small enterprise using the Laravel framework it is advised to use BitBucket. With Bitbucket you can avoid sharing the code repositories.

You can have a limited number of collaborators and the need to have private repositories BitBucket is the best option.

All the plans in BitBucket give unlimited access to the private repository while allowing max 5 collaborators in the free plan.

However, for open source projects, the availability of having unlimited collaborators in GitHub makes it the best choice for the developers working with the Laravel framework.

In Git repository it is easy to pull and push coded while it automatically merges the code with changes and time tracking.

3. Laraveldebubar

For the purpose of debugging the Laravel application, Laraveldebugbar is used. The debugger for Laravel is displayed at the bottom of the browser and provides the debug information. The queries tab of the debugger displays the number of queries that have been fired.

It also displays the route being called, the templates that have been rendered along with the passed parameters in detail.  In this debugger, the developer also that the option of adding messages using Façade and will appear under the ‘Message’ tab.

4. Migration

In Laravel framework migration is the controlled version of the database that allows your team to modify it and also share the application’s database schema.

It is generally paired with the Lrav3l’s schema builder so that the application’s database schema can be easily built. If a teammate of the project needs to add a column to the local database manually and you have faced issues, the database migration will solve the problem.

Also, as a developer team, if you do not wish to share the entire SQL dump with a new developer that has joined the project with migration you can do that.

5. Entrust

In Laravel application entrust is the process of adding role-based permission. There are 4 new tables in Entrust, they are: 1) Role, 2) Role User, 3) Permission and 4) Permission Role. Under these categories, the roles are set up at different levels. There are other models like User, soft deleting, short syntax router filter, route filter and such in Entrust.

6. Laravel Backup

This is one of the crucial tools in Laravel for those who provide Laravel Web Development Services. It creates a backup of all the files that are used in the application.

The backup is created with a zip file that contains all the files in the directories that you have specified. It also has all the dump of your database in the project directory.

The best feature of this Laravel Backup tool is that the backup can be stored on any file-system.

7. User Verification

For security reasons, most web applications require users to verification. To do that often email address of the user is required before he/she can use the application. This tool enables the user the conventional methods for sending and verifying the user.

A verification link is sent to the user on the registered email id. No force re-implantation is required for each application.

8. Socialite

It is the tool in the Laravel framework that enables the most seamless way to handle OAuth authentication. Among the many Laravel features this one allows the user to login via the popular social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub, and BitBucket.

9. Tinker

From the command line, one can interact with the project that is using the Laravel framework. With Tinker, one can access all the events and objects. This is an optional add-on that requires to be manually installed for Laravel versions after 5.4.

10. NoCaptcha

For the application of Google’s ‘reCaptcha’ validation and projection, this Laravel tool is required. This allows Google to keep away the spams.

However, for NoCaptcha one needs to get an API key from the reCapthca. You can use the following link to obtain the API key:

With these tools in hand, a Laravel web development service provider can start working on any project with ease. But why developers are vying towards LaravelPHP web framework. This latter section gives the top 10 benefits ofLaravelframework.

Why develop with Laravel?

At the beginning of the article, it has been mentioned that Laravel is the most used and sought after PHP framework that is used in development because of a host of reasons like seamless database migration, routing, testing, views, and multiple other features and function. Here are the top 10 reasons showcasing the benefits and importance of Laravel that many are seeking out the Laravel Web development services.

1. Simple Authentication:

In Laravel about everything is configured out-of-the-box and this makes authentication of the web application simple. It also offers a simple way to organize authentication and the ability to control access to resources. This gives the user peace of mind in ensuring the safety of the application without complicating the process.

2. Integration with mail services:

Laravel does not use SwiftMailer rather uses the simple API and also provides drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SEX, PHP’s. This facilitates a quick start in sending emails through a cloud-based or local service. It also supports notification-sending services across a variety of channels.

3. Integrated with tools:

Laravel supports Memcached and Redis. The default position of Laravel is to use file cache driver that stores the cache objects in the file system. It is recommended that the in-memory cache should be used for the larger application. Multiple cache configurations can be done with Laravel.

4. Prevents & fixes technical weaknesses:

The web application developed by Laravel is protected against the most serious security risks like SQL injection, forgery of cross-site requests, and scripting of cross-sites. The codebase in Laravel is highly guarded and vetted by many people.

5. Handles configuration error:

An important aspect that impacts the user’s satisfaction and usability of an app are how the software application handles the error. In Laravel exception and error handling is already configured for any new Laravel project. Moreover, Monolog logging library is integrated intoLaravel that provides support for a variety of powerful log handlers.

6. Automation of testing work:

For any application that is developed with Laravel testing is already supported with PHPUnit and a phpunit.xml file. A convenient helper method is also part of the framework so expressive testing of the application can be done. Laravel has to simulate the basic behavior of the users so easy and basic testings can be done.

7. Configuring URL routing:

It is of utmost importance that a PHP web framework developer does know how to configure a URL routing. Without proper routing, the viewer will not see anything rather have a blank or an error page. With Laravel the routes automatically loaded by the framework in which the routes are already defined in the app/http/routes.php file. A simple and expressive method is done to define the routes by accepting a URL and a Closure.

8. Separates Business logic code and presentation code:

The ability to separate these two within a development framework is cost effective. Since Laravel is an MVC framework the separation already exists, hence no extra process is required to ensure separation between Business logic code and presentation code.

9. Message Queue system configured:

A unified API is given in Laravel queue service across a variety of different backend queues. The functioning of the queue gives time by deferring the processing. Hence sending e-mails is no longer a time-consuming job. This eventually speeds up the web request application.

10. Task scheduling configuration and management:

Web apps need a scheduling mechanism for various purposes. In contrast to an earlier scheduling system that was done by generating Cran for each task, Laravel has a schedule command. This allows the web application to have a fluent and expressive defining command with a single Cran entry on the server.

Some of the popular websites that Laravel works on are Business, Entertainment, Media, News, Shopping, Technology, and Vehicles, etc.


Since web application development is a combination of creative and common tasks, the good developers who are pro in their work want to spend less time in the common work.

Web frameworks are those that make these common tasks easier to do with speed while providing the best result. The Laravel website development company uses Laravel PHP web framework to complete these common tasks efficiently and effectively.

The result of the effectiveness and efficiency of Laravel with its tools that Laravel Development Company in the USA uses can be seen on various websites.