Are you one of those planning to join the mobile app development field? If you are planning to do that it is indeed a great idea! But are you sure the mobile app you are going to develop will work? Will you be able to profit from all the hard work you will be putting in to develop it?

Since there are already 5 million plus mobile applications for download in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store combined. By mentioning these facts we are not trying to scare you rather this article will help you in solving the biggest problems you can face with mobile app development.

The good news in the mobile app development field is despite the ‘overload’ of so many applications it is not slowing down, especially in the world of technology and business. “Also, by 2021 mobile apps will generate about $200 billion in revenues and it is predicted there will be 350 billion mobile apps to download. So if you can plan properly you can be one of the best mobile app developers.”

As there are so many mobile app development companies, if you are considering being part of this world and wanting to share your ideas you need to follow certain terms and conditions. If you fail to follow them then it will impact your downloads hence your revenue. So before you start to think carefully figure out what you want do you want or you want to create just another app or something that is a benchmark in the industry?

To help you out here are few tips that might help you to solve the biggest problems with mobile app development. These tips can help you to avoid being side-tracked by your competitors:

Do extensive research:

Research Cycle

You can never develop a mobile app without conducting extensive research. So in your research see find out what is currently tending. Analyse and develop an insight into the existing current apps and identify their pros and cons. This can help you in avoiding the mistakes that your predecessors might have made. Also, carefully take into account what the consumers have to say about the kind of app that you want to develop. App buyers and the users are the best critics. So take a note of what they like and dislike in the current apps and as a mobile application developer start working from there.

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Optimization for the app store:

When developing a website one needs to be aware of the keyword to be among the top of the search results. Similarly, to be noticed by the customers you have to find the right keyword so that people can find you in the top of the list when searching in the app store. Having a creative title hence is not enough, you need to fan out the crucial keywords so that your app is easily visible and on the top.  However, while doing avoid these mistakes:

  • Do not use both singular and plural form of the keywords
  • No spelling mistakes
  • Do not exceed the character limit
  • Do not repeat the keywords

Use Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Apptopiaetc to know the keywords that your competitors are using.

In this section, you also need to develop an app icon, which should be simple, detailed and innovative. In the app screen use most relevant screenshots, if needed combine screenshots. Let the users know how to reach you directly, encourage customers to rate you. Always give the correct connecting URL, encourage the users to like your social media pages.

Your USP:

As a mobile application developer list what make your app unique, what features are you committed to offering to your users that they would flock to your app. Be realistic in compiling the list of the unique features that you will offer to the clients, as it is impossible of offer everything. The best way to do that is research what the clients are looking for in the app of that sector and narrow down what essential ones and think of catering to those. It is also important that with so many mobile app development company in USA and India the app you are developing needs to be different, so think outside the box. Customers are looking for something that is fresh because the users get bored with apps easily.

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It does not matter whether you are giving an iOS app development services or an android app development services until and unless the app is user-friendly be sure the customer will Uninstall immediately. So as an app development service provider ensure that you do give features that are easy to understand and use without stuffing them.

With the 4G networks in play, the expectation of the user is quite high where the speed of the app is concerned. Develop an app that is data efficient and does not take long to load. Also, your app should not consume lots of data because users need and look for data proficient mobile applications. To ease the customer downloading an app you can also engage them by providing an indicator or animation to see the download progress.

Budget well:

Developing a mobile application costs money and it is important that you budget well. First, understand and make an estimate of the money you would require to develop the mobile application. For the next step, it is crucial that you allocate the right amount at the proper stages of the development. You can achieve of finishing your project within the budget if you keep a strict eye on your expenses. If need, ask someone else to handle your budget strictly so you do not go overboard with the money.

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Decide the platform:

To have the success and if you are a first-time venturer into the world of mobile application development it is recommended that you opt for one sole platform rather than catering to all. So decide which platform you want to develop your app for whether it is iOS or Android. If you are planning to launch on multiple platforms make sure you inform the developers early. Since there are many mobile app development companies in India try and select the best one that caters to that particular platform. You can look for the best iPhone app development company or best Android application development services from the initial stage as this will save not only your money but time and energy too.

There is a significant difference between having an app developed for iOS platform and an Android platform:

  • Coding: Android uses Java while iOS uses Objective –C. iOS is also using Swift, which is an open source.
  • Integrated development environment: For Android application, the developers have to use Android Studio with IntelliJ IDEA whereas for developing an app for Apple one needs to use XCode. Apple keeps on updating it with new features, for instance, now you can record an app in action. Also, according to apple now anyone can create and run an app with Swift and Xcode from their device and no membership is required.
  • Operating system: Despite Google switching to Android Studio according to strategy analysts and experts Android lacks in language, platforms, testing, editor and gaming. However, one needs to take into account that if you want to develop apps on Mac you have to do it in iOS environment whereas Android application can be developed on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

☛ Design:

There can be a long description of the design differences between Android and iOS app, but the basics are the following:

  • General style: Apple goes for plain and minimalistic design whereas Android aims for naturalness and delicacy. Hence you have to design accordingly.
  • Back and function button: Android earlier used physical buttons for the function but with the introduction of action bar, you can navigate it with the left-pointing arrow. Apple always had that in the navigation bar.
  • Title: Apple has it in the centre whereas Android on the top left of the screen.
  • Navigation: iOS has a tab bar while Android uses a drawer menu and often feels to be obstructive.
  • Button style: iOShas buttons that are simple in style and should not throw a shadow. Android has primary buttons with fill colours while the secondary is empty. iOS only uses capitalized letters.
  • Icon style: iOS icons have thinner strokes while Android have thicker strokes.

As a service provider of mobile app development, you need to comply with these rules whether you are using free icon patterns or paid ones.

  • Entrance fees: While in IDEs you do not have to pay anything to Apple but for uploading iOS application you have to pay $99 whereas for your app to be in a Google Play Store you have to shell out $25.
  • App review: As a provider of Android application development services you would require to submit the app and then wait for a couple of days before you can enjoy and see your work in Google Play Store. You have to wait for up to 3 weeks if you are a provider of iOS app development services for your application to be reviewed and be launched in the iOS app store. Apple does reject an app after its three weeks review and then the developer has to rectify the issues and resubmit the app for review, which can once again take 3 weeks for review.
  • Distribution: In Android apps can be tweaked by the developer after getting customer feedback and can be downloaded within a couple of hours after the upgrade. The case is different for Apple as the developer has to wait for two weeks before they can upgrade the application.
  • Sales: As per 2015second quarter Google had 82.8% market share whereas Apple had 13.9% market share. However, one also needs to take into consideration the region where they are developing the app for, a mobile app development company in the USA is likely to do better with ios app development services while a mobile app development company in India will profit from providing android application development services.

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Be patient:

As mentioned earlier the process of mobile app development takes time. Your app will not be available in the market immediately as both Google and Apple follow specific structures in designing, programming, and testing of the app. It would be beneficial if you keep a tab on the SOPs as you grow, as it will support you.

Test before launch:

It is of utmost importance that you do the test of the app before launching it in the market. Test and re-test everything logo, trademark, design, colour etc. To make your app a success ensures that it is user-friendly, understandable, is not loaded and stuffed with features, uses less data and delivers great performance. Testing all these will allow you to smoothen any glitches that might have gone unnoticed earlier.

Privacy and secure payment:

Many developers often ignore this factor, i.e. protecting the privacy of the customers. It does not matter whether the mobile app you have developed is free or paid, but it is of vital significance that you protect the privacy of your customers if you are taking in personal info. Ensure that no malware or other threats jeopardise the customers’ personal information.

Promote your app:

Once you have decided to launch it and everything is done promote your app on social media network as much as you can.  Keep sharing and make your presence felt so you can reach your target audience.

App description:

You should note that both App Store and Google Play Store only use a couple of lines to describe your app from the description you have provided. Be succinct and create those two lines in a way that it draws your customers to read more to learn about your app.  So be creative in that first couple of lines.

To conclude:

one can say that for mobile app development it is crucial that you understand the field and the sector for which you intend to develop it. Once you have decided on that go through these tips as they can help you in building an app that might be cutting edge.