With the world speeding up to the digital transformation and revolution, here we arrive at the best operating systems for any smartphone ever: Android vs Apple.

Somehow, there is a never-ending battle between the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Both of them have grown to have their own advantages and disadvantages so it is difficult to decide which one is the best.

This time, we are going to compare the difference between the Apple App Store Vs Google Play Store and it would be on various metrics and parameters.

Based on that, you can decide who is ahead in the competition on your own. If you own a top mobile app development company, this could be pretty useful for you.

App Store Vs Google Play Store: Quality

When you think about quality, many of them have this belief that the Apple App Store is safer and has high-quality apps than Google Play.

It is faster to make apps using iOS development than Android.

This is true because the App Store app review is a long process and there is a lot of time spent in scrutiny.

Apart from that, it needs high-quality standard apps which is why approval and then uploading on the main platform takes time.

Whereas in the Google Play Store, the approval is fast and it does contain some low-quality apps.

The app review and uploading process is not as complex as the App Store.

Apple App Store Vs Google Play Store: Revenue

Let us talk about the first half of 2018. The Apple App Store has outnumbered Google Play Store in terms of revenue.

They say that the App Store has garnered over double the amount of revenue that was generated by the Google Play Store.

Apple App Store generates almost $22.6 billion worldwide as opposed to Google Play Store’s $11.8 billion. People spend 1.9 times more in the Apple App Store than on Google Play.

Apple App Store still has the upper hand here and it is remarkable that it is able to overpower the Google Play Store even when Andriod phones have a larger global installing base.

AppStore has an upper advantage here as Google Play Store is still not available in China which has a huge population base.

We should also note the fact that Apple recently hit a $1 trillion market cap. This wouldn’t happen if Apple’s App Store didn’t play any role.

Apple App Store Vs Google Play Store: Growth

As for the growth factor, it has to go to Google Play Store where it grew 29.7% vs Apple’s 26.8% since last year.

There was similar growth of 30% year over year during the year 2017 but after that, since the games grew, they pulled in $26.6 billion worldwide across both stores.

Apple App Store Vs Google Play Store: Number of Apps

According to trade analysts, the number of apps that are available for download in the app stores showed that Google Play Store has around 2.8 million apps, its users could choose from.

The Apple AppStore is the second-largest app store having 2.2 million apps available in its Store.

Apart from that, Apple also announced that more than 140 billion apps were downloaded from its App Store throughout its lifetime.

Advantages of Apple App Store Vs Google Play Store:

☛ Apple App Store:

✍ Being visible

It is the main way of generating revenue through an app. Apple App Store is very beneficial for iOS App Development.

App developers get exposed to a lot of visibility and this gives them an edge over other app platforms. The app if it is approved by the guidelines of the app store, then it has a good chance of being promoted across so many platforms on the store.

It can be featured under new apps of the week etc.

✍ Revenue generated

There is an initial fee for registration, you may think it is not reasonable. But look at the number of returns you get. The app developer gets 70% of the sales of that is generated through the app.

Apart from that, the returns would become higher if the app receives higher conversion rates. You can be pretty sure that your iOS App Development Company will be successful.

✍ Review

The approval process of an app in the App Store is quite sturdy and long, you can expect it to rattle out the low-quality apps.

This is an advantage for you so that when you hire app developers, they know how to work on. In these ways, they will know what works and what doesn’t and help to improve their skills.

All this shows that the Apple App Store is a desirable place for all mobile app development people. Apart from that, once your app gets approved, you can reach for the sky as your limit.

But you need to keep in mind that the marketplace is going to be challenging here. For this to work out, you can turn to App Store Optimization as that will be your friend throughout the journey for max app success.

☛ Google Play Store:

✍ A Developer’s best friend

If you are a beginner Andriod App Developer or a pro, Google Play Store can be your best friend. It is not as strict as Apple App Store and its regulations.

You see here is the difference between the Apple App Store vs Google Play Store. You can see there are a variety of apps in the Google Play Store. It is a vibrant community that supports all kinds of app developers be they a novice or pros.

✍ User can get a lot of information about the App

In Google Play, a user can expect to get to know a lot of information even before downloading it. A great advantage for Android App users and also developers.

The Google Play Store helps the developers to provide information about the app through screenshots and app descriptions.

It takes a lot of other factors into play such as the app’s cumulative ratings, friends recommending the app, etc. When you choose the apps in the Google play store, it is more of a social experience.

Play Store is the right place to be if you want an interactive environment with higher conversion rates.

✍ Markets are emerging and are huge

Though the app store vs google play war goes on, there are app developers who prefer iOS. But this doesn’t mean that Android is lacking behind.

Android Google Play is already having a huge market in India and Mexico. Therefore, there is always a scope for Andriod to grow a lot.

When you hire mobile app developers, and you think who makes more money google or apple, don’t doubt it. There are many ways of making money in the upcoming future.

In addition to this, the app store vs play store 2020 comparison just got broader. Android phones are much cheaper than iPhones. People are now getting a lot of features for affordable prices.

Hence, this is resulting in a growing google play store app installation. As a result, the revenue difference app store vs google play has been reduced. It is not much of a time when the demand for Andriod devices grows higher in the near future.

Hence, it is a great plus for developers who are just starting out and have limited exposure. But this flexibility can lead to complexity to search for a particular app.

Apart from that, as a pure Andriod App development company, there might be a possibility of limited potential revenue. You can continue to build apps for Andriod but in terms of revenue when it is play store or app store, it is the app store that can bring more revenue.

Some key differences between the App Store vs Google Play in 2020

As we have spoken about the advantages of the google play and apple app store, here are some more differences or statistics collected over the years ever since the app store vs google play rivalry started.

  • If you are wondering what do you have to pay for apps on the iPhone, yes you are supposed to. There are a few apps that are there available on the app store and google play. Some of these apps are free on the Google play store but you have to pay for them in the App Store. But also, 90% of the 2+ million apps on the App Store are free.
  • If you think that who makes more money google or apple, then here are the stats: the average annual income for iOS users is $53,251 and $37, 040 for Andriod.
  • Don’t even think who has more apps android or apple: It is Andriod. This is because there aren’t any strict or rigid policies that you got with the App Store.  Apart from this, according to the stats, more than 95.6% of the apps on the Google Play Store were free.
  •  If you are checking loyalty, then 91% of them stayed with Andriod while 86% of them stayed with iOS.
  • Again, when you want to debate the question of who makes more money google or apple, it is Apple. iOS apps make 64% more than Android apps.
  • It is difficult to get a Google Play Store App on the iPhone because it is not built for the iPhone. Apart from that, Andriod apps take much more time as much as 30% more time to complete.

The Final Verdict

When you are talking about the huge comparison of the Apple App Store Vs Google Play Store, they will have their own good moments and not-so-great features.

There are equal chances of liking and hating one another. Their app structure and the reason to create a new app are necessary. After this, they can make their own decision.

It is again a subjective decision for users of the respective stores. Most of the apps are now equally available in App Store as well as Google Play Store (though play store triumphs over here a bit!).

you can notice that the battle between the best of the worlds is now gearing up for a whole new level due to the launches of smartwatches.


When you hire App developers, they need to analyze the app they are going to build and which platform is suitable for them. We can laud Google Play Store for its remarkable growth and loyal fan base.

It is slowly increasing its brand value. With Apple, we can say that it has been consistent for a long and it is taking great steps to remain in the top position in the race.

Which side would you pick if it comes to the Apple App Store Vs Google Play Store battle? Don’t forget to comment below with your views on this comparison.

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