Nearly 51% of men and 57% of women stated they are mostly convinced that their present relationship will be stable, or permanent.

So, these people go their happily ever afters, now what if it isn’t a complete fairytale? It is an obvious fact that real life is nothing like movies, so sometimes there are hiccups.

What if we told you there is an app for that? Mobile App Development has reached a pinnacle and now we have Cool and Practical Apps for Couples.

List of 15 best mobile apps for couples:

1. Couple Game


New York Times posted an article about thirty-six questions that when answered will allegedly make two people fall in love with each other.

This is among the best mobile games android as it resolves the question of ‘how well do you know me’ with the objective to understand each other better.

The questions range from hobbies to food to romance and more. The app’s chat feature lets you get spicy and flirty with your significant other while answering the questions

2. IceBreak

If you want apps for couples to play with each other, IceBreak is where your search ends. This relationship app for couples is great for any relationship, whether you are married, engaged, or dating.

This app was made to “break the ice” between couples and ask questions that motivate conversations between them.

It contains features like the Relationship Wall, which is a summary of everything you have done on the app. The coolest feature of the app allows you to post your partner’s photo that reacts to a particular cue that the app transmits every day.

Every time you accomplish a task or activity, the app gives you “date night coins”. You can redeem these later for actual rewards such as movie tickets.

3. Love Nudge

Android, iOS

Today, couples are fascinated with healthy habits and compatibility, from Myers-Briggs Type to astrological signs, and so much more.

This app from 5 Love Languages, the relationship website based on Gary Chapman’s famous book The Five Love Languages, puts the idea of love languages to serve to build healthy habits in any relationship.

Through swapping playful touches, monitoring activities, and fixing goals, this love apps for couples aids them to learn how to serve each other’s needs to nurture a healthy, supportive relationship.

Rather than pestering the other to get some attention and affection, allow Love Nudge to do the pestering for you.

4. Lasting

Android, iOS

At times, therapy or official counseling is not the need of the moment to resolve the problems in your relationship.

Among the many apps for couples out there, Lasting is a simple too that designs programs that are particular to the needs in your relationship.

Whether you want to know how you can best resolve conflicts or fix an issue that keeps happening, this relationship app can provide you the correct tools to develop a better relationship.

Just spend some time on this app every day, and soon, you and your partner can be on your journey to a life that is filled with happiness.

5. Postagram

Android, iOS

Postagram is among the most fun and best mobile apps for couples. It is really fun to choose photos from your phone’s Camera Roll or from Facebook and Instagram to create cards.

You can customize the decorations and colors, write a personalized message also. Then the card gets printed and sent to any location you want in Europe, Canada, and the USA.

It is like receiving letters and letters, even today, hasn’t lost their romantic charm, so go ahead and make your partner’s day, especially if they don’t live near you (or even then in the middle of a workday!). In a way, this is a great long-distance relationship apps.

6. Between

Android, iOS

Among the best things of being in a relationship are your inside jokes, goofy moments you hope no one but you two know and pictures that must never see the light of the day.

This top apps for Couples are actually akin to many apps under one app to appease every schmoopy requirement.

Between lets, you maintain a shared calendar with select dates, send each other romantic messages, and even save unforgettable videos and photos. This app gives you complete privacy so the video of your partner’s epic snoring last night is seen by no one but you two.

7. SimplyUs

Simply Us is among the best mobile apps for couples that allow them to arrange their lives. Some people prefer when their significant others are on time for every event they go to.

Arranging is the primary feature of Simply Us, and let us just state that it is simply awesome. This app has many features that help you and your partner to stay on the same page constantly. SimplyUs app is among the highly recommended apps for married couples.

This app includes a shared calendar for couples so that you and your partner can put events and always get to know ahead what they are doing that day, week or month. You can incorporate your phone’s calendar with this app. If you only want the organization, then this app is highly recommended by couples.

This app has shared lists that enable you to share lists with your partner whether it is a grocery list or a to-do list.

This is helpful when you need them to pick up something from the market and they keep forgetting or when they keep buying the exact thing you didn’t ask them to buy! The private messaging feature on the app is also amazing for chatting and figuring out your busy schedules.

8. Raft


When was the last time you and your significant other had a date night? If you two have conflicting schedules, planning a date night can get aggravating. And if you are married with kids, things get even more chaotic.

This is where this love app for couples called Raft comes handy. A raft is a calendar app that synchronizes your and your partner’s schedule and makes it simpler to view each other’s plan for the day in calenders that are color-coded.

9. Couplete


This relationship app is a one-stop communication app for couple communication that includes a calendar, a diary, and a chat function.

It also displays the number of days that you and your partner have been together.

It has a wishlist that you can apply to provide hints about what your partner should get you for on particular dates like anniversaries or birthdays.

10. Honeydue

Android, iOS

This budget app for couples completely lives up to its sugary name. Honeydue is the best mobile apps for couples for personal finance for you and your significant other.

You can monitor your spending, bank balances, and bills in one place together. You can bid goodbye to the pressure of monitoring messy spreadsheets and confusing papers.

This app maintains everything wonderfully arranged while also reminding you when to pay your bills. With everything cleared and figured out, your partner and you can spend less time fighting and more time to just spend as a couple!

11. Kindu

Android, iOS

If there are couples sex problems you are dealing with, this app can be worth checking out. Kindu provides more than a thousand romantic and sensual ideas for you and your partner to try.

Your significant other can state what they are into if they are even open to something new to spice up your life. or they can share in a safe space if they are taking something like ED medication. They can also let you what they will never do, even if it is on your birthday.

According to the app, however, any kind of couples sex isn’t taboo, so even if you don’t go through the challenges on this app, it will still help you and your partner to have more open conversations about each other’s desires.

12. Pathshare


If you are constantly sending your partner to update their location because they have been late or they were supposed to be here hours ago, then Pathshare can come to your rescue and ease your mind.

The app applies a mobile phone’s GPS to share location in real-time with one or more people and contains a map so you can gauge their precise location and estimated time of arrival.

For the sake of privacy, Pathshare also lets you establish the time period of a session so that you can block others from viewing your location.

13. Fix a Fight

You can get sex game app or even apps for couples to play on the App Store, but you can also find this app that enriches your life by helping you fix arguments.

Instead of throwing hands or keeping silent, this app enables you to share feelings and resolve issues. It has some amazing advice on dealing with your significant other and resolves the fight.

Additionally, you can take advantage of various calming exercises to soothe your nerves.

14. Sesame

If you are no good at coming up with creative gifts, then Sesame is for you. On this app, you can discover many themed boxes with gifts and send them to your partner.

It is not necessary if it is on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, you can just send them gifts through this app to make their day better and lift their moods. You can find thoughtful and awesome gift boxes on this app.

The prices, too, are quite affordable, with boxes starting from 20 USD inclusive of delivery fees. So, go ahead, and use this smart App Development Services to surprise your beloved!

15. Foodie

If you want to surprise (and impress) your partner with your culinary skills and a romantic dinner, Foodie is the relationship app for you. There are many excellent recipes you can select from.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced home cook, you will find what you are looking for on this app.

However, if anything goes wrong, you don’t need to panic as the app will suggest to you many places where you can take your partner instead.


As you can see the variety is infinite. You can discover the best mobile apps for couples in 2019 to mess around, play games, catch the moment and simply appreciate spending time with each other.

At the same time, for those who are engrossed in organization and sober things, there are plenty of apps where you can see each other’s calendars, organize major events, control your economics and also settle bills.

Ultimately, couples who are searching for couple sex apps to make their love life hotter can get a perfect app as well. The principal thing about all such apps for couples is that regardless of your requirements, these apps will support you to remain closer to your partner, bypass needless fights or explain the current ones.

It is astonishing how simple it is to preserve your long-distance relationships with the guidance of technology. On the other end, if you are a Mobile App Development enterprise, you can help so many people with your apps. We wish you find something for yourself and wish for your relationship to prosper!