One of the best aspects of Smartphone technology includes galleries flooding with stunning photographs. Capturing masterly moments is even more enjoyable with Smartphone cameras as these deliver shaper and high-resolution results.

But did you know promoting a business by catching the customers’ attention through photography is now very much possible? In fact, 35% of marketers believe that visual images are a highly crucial part of the content for their respective businesses.

Investing in applications for photo editing will mean that you are boosting the visual brand. Without any more waiting, avail custom mobile application development services for getting the most out of the best photo editing apps.

How photo editor apps prove to be reliable?

Prior to learning about applications for photo editing, let’s know what a photo editing app is all about. These are software applications that are designed for editing pictures on a Smartphone device.

When you look from the perspective of a business, the photo editing apps enable you to craft an effective visual strategy. 

While displaying products, you can maintain complete professionalism by utilizing editing apps. Starting from cropping, adding filters, or controlling the shutter speed, the features of these applications are diverse.

Professionally edited photographs not just epitomize the brand, but also convey the core message of a business without too many words.

Top 11 Beautiful Applications for Photo Editing to Download Now

1. Snapseed

App Link – Android / iOS

Snapseed by Google is for businesses that seek Photoshop-like applications. It is one of the best applications for photo editing as it can edit RAW photographs as well.

It is known for its intuitive interface. Also, it is possible to gain more control over the result you desire. This is because precise editing of photo filters and effects is possible.

Some of its classic tools include straightening, text vignettes, cropping, frames, etc. The main features include:

  • Snapseed supports the capturing of photographs on iOS mobile devices.
  • In context to social sharing, the application does not include a particular social network.
  • When it comes to editing, Snapseed is stuffed with features. It incorporates 29 tools and filters for tuning face poses, double exposure, images, glamour glow, etc.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

App Link – Android / iOS

When the search is for high powered applications for photo editing, Adobe Photoshop Express is the one for you. It is an amazing online photo editor as it incorporates the functions of flipping and straightening.

Due to this, the editing options seem to be even more flexible. This application helps in editing in TIFF format as well as in RAW format.

This app takes several editing tools of Photoshop and squeezes them all into a Smartphone app.

Possessed with several advanced features, this editing app comes for free and beginners can use it very easily. The main features include:

  • Users can select from 45 filters that help in adding complete creative effects to all photographs.
  • Some of the handy features include image resizing, watermarking, and sharing with just a click.
  • Cropping, saturation, borders, red-eye correction, contrast are amazing tools that are present within the app.

3. Adobe Lightroom

App Link – Android / iOS

In case your business involves tasks related to professional photography, you have come to the right option. It has earned the title of the best online photo editor as it enables you to view, edit and organize a massive amount of images.

This application comes with a built-in camera characteristic that can capture images in RAW via the Smartphone. It is possible to edit the aperture and exposure and also utilize manual features.

This editor is also equipped with filters for the purpose of adding numerous effects that can you apply with just a tap for editing pictures. The main features are:

  • There are no animations and stickers within the app.
  • The gain control that one will receive over the image is amazing.
  • Syncing the photographs in the cloud is hassle-free.

4. PicsArt

AppLink – Android / iOS

Regarded as one of the cool picture editor apps, the wide array of editing options in PicsArt is amazing.

Starting from dramatic filters to basic adjustments such as contrast and exposure; the app has got it all. The main features are:

  • Get hands-on painting-like images with PicsArt.
  • Numerous options available for toning and shaping the face in the selfies.


App Link – Android / iOS

It is true that it is one of the best applications for photo editing but it is also known as a photo-sharing application. It is a highly renowned photography app for iPhone.

The 3-in-1 feature of this app makes it the most popular which is a camera, iPhone photo application, and social sharing. The main features are:

VSCO comes with two methods – utilizing adjustment tools manually or applying presets. There is an entirety of 10 presets that help with rapid adjustment of the photos.

Editing tools come with options for adding contrast, saturation, and grain.

6. LiveCollage

App Link – Android / iOS

Presently you will find many photo editing applications that help in crafting simple collages. But with LiveCollage, the game changes completely which makes it the best photo editing apps.

This collage maker is equipped with numerous layouts so that it is possible to discover the perfect one as per requirement. The main features are:

  • LiveCollage presents a huge array of styles and appealing backgrounds.
  • Users can add text easily. Customizing the colors, sizes, and fonts is hassle-free too.

7. Adobe Photoshop Fix

App Link – Android

Be it for professional photography or images that represent your business, it needs to be perfect. Ensure that with Adobe Photoshop Fix which is one of the most sought-after applications for photo editing.

Not just for adding filters to the photos, but this app eradicates the unnecessary aspects of your photographs. The main features are:

  • Make expert-level edits to all the portraits with this app.
  • Adjusting highlights, colors and shadows is a seamless affair.
  • Liquify section of the app is very impressive. Uploading a portrait is followed by automatic registration of the facial features of the subject.

8. Visage

App Link – AndroidiOS

Be it acne or puffy eyes, the everyday hectic life can take a toll on us. However, it is quite normal to encounter these. But there are times you want your selfies to be perfect.

Use Visage as it is the best online photo editor for selfies. Retouching portrait photos for decreasing skin shine, applying eye makeup and smooth skin is very easy with this app. The main features are:

  • Sprucing up the selfies is amazing with this app due to the number of interesting backgrounds.

9. Canva

App Link – Android / iOS

You will absolutely love this application for photo editing if your aim is to create a website with stunning visuals. It is possible to create posters too.

Across the marketing collateral, this app enables you to get hands-on branded photos for your business. The main features are:

  • As you capture an image for uploading on Canva, you can begin creating eye-catching visuals. These will be consistent irrespective of where the customers will witness these.
  • Any image can look professional as there are many vignettes and filters.

10. InstaSize

App Link – Android / iOS

If your search is for a one-stop store for all photo editing needs, then InstaSize is the one for you. This is because it comes with several features.

When it comes to applications for photo editing, this is the best as it brings you numerous resizing options, retouching tools, a wide array of filters, etc. The main features are:

Availability of Photo SPOTS enables you to find exclusive photo locations instantly near you.

There is a grid planner that lets you shuffle the edited images prior to uploading them on social media channels.

11. Pixlr

App Link – Android / iOS

If you want to create truly unique images, Pixlr proves to be one of the cool picture editor apps. This application presents 4 distinct web apps and these are all HTML5 apps. The main features are:

  • The user experience of this app is a simplified one. It comes with many preset filters.
  • The paid tool called Pixlr Pro within the app offers a free trial too. Here you can open the Photoshop PSD file and also save it as JPG or PNG.


So now we know that there is a wide array of photography apps available in the present times. When applications for photo editing are utilized in the correct way, they can take Smartphone photography to the very next level.

The potential that these apps carry for the betterment of your business is immense. Connect with your mobile app developer for getting hands-on apps carrying stunning visuals.

This help to capture the customers’ attention as well. Get in touch with us to avail of various other services.

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Optimizing the name for the purpose of search queries and adding skills are the first two steps for embedding that first impression.

Snapseed, VSCO, and Adobe Photoshop Express are the best free photo editing applications.

LiveCollage, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and InstaSize are the best editing applications for edits.