The smartphone uprising has taken the market by storm and has led to in the rise in effort being invest in offering a great user experience to the consumer through apps. When people point out smartphones, Android is, on the whole, the one unified system they are mentioning too. With more than 80% of the globe’s market share, Android is the only reason why smartphones have become as omnipresent as we know them to be.

The Android Apps developers have always been seeking to find new and state-of-the-art ways to develop superior products for their clients. There are many challenges confronted during the development stage which need to be talking so that the end-customer is able to have an amazing experience while using the app. Here we at Android App development company India USA have provided some of the top android app development tips people must contemplate while building their own Android app.

They are usually available through app stores which are functioned by the owners of the mobile operating system. By 2020, mobile apps are estimated to produce about 189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues through app stores and in-app advertising. Some of the most widespread or popular operating system-native stores are Apple’s App Store, Google Play, as well as Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World. As of March 2017, there were 2.8 million available apps at Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps available in the Apple’s App Store, the two prominent app stores in the world.

7 Tips for Android App Development:

Every Android App Development Company has dreamed of building an app which will assist in resolving a common problem, addressing a concern tackled by the general public, or provide them the next Angry Birds. Behind the parts, every Android developer at Android App Development Services goes through various challenges while integrating features which would advantage the customer. Here are some android development tips which a developer of Android App Development platform can mention too for an immaculate development process:

1. Book Your Name Space:

It is quite small, but most imperative that the term of the app is decided well beforehand and reserved to evade any replication. Google’s Android market utilizes an exclusive package term that is used in your clear to recognize your app among the millions of other apps in the play store. If you have a plan to release an app in the future it is always better to find a name for your app, as that is what your consumers will recognize with most importantly.

2. Scrutinize the Android Design Guidelines:

Google has arranged a set of Android design strategies to assist new Best Android App Development Company. Widely known as Material Design, these strategies were placed down so that all android apps behave and feel the similar way while offering a constant UI/UX. By following these guidelines, end-users will be able to instinctively know the working and like the app also.

3. Investigation well and Listen to Your Users:

Investigating well before initiating the development process is always a right option. It is vital that the Top Mobile App Development Companies in India understand what the user needs and builds a product on those lines. Users like it when the developers of Software, Mobile App Development Company listen to them and take their response completely. When their speeches are heard there are greater possibilities that they will continue using the app. Play store reviews, although the release of an app, is a perfect metric to comprehend what features you should drive out in the upcoming updates.

4. Be Aware of Fragmentation:

Are you now looking for Android App Developer? Then Hire Android App Developer India and every Mobile App Development USA need to understand the android market demographics perfectly and how the market is outlined. Google has materialized with diverse versions of Android and the related know-how has just obtained better. The android app is developed has to be well-matched with the up-to-date Android versions then hire always Hire Dedicated Android App Developer, and if possible, yet support some of the older ones. Likewise, Android devices are available in different sizes and screen resolutions which need to be taken into account while designing app layouts, fonts, assets, and many more.

5. Optimize Your Apps:

Mobile users unconditionally dislike apps which take a long time to open or even processor which start redundant space on the phone. The speed of flow and the total size of the app are one of the most significant factors which will decide if it will be up-and-coming or not. Using redundant objects and variables in the app is one common flaw done by new developers at Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies which can consequence in decreasing the speed of your app considerably.

6. Develop for Multiple Devices:

Android enables the flexibility of making use of the similar app on various devices. But, for when it comes to App Developer Hire then Android app developer it is almost impossible to check the product on every device. Thus, in order to maintain constancy among the various devices with different sizes, it is best to use density-independent pixels (dip or do) in spite of pixels. Android then automatically computes the correct amount of pixels depending upon the screen size.

7. Test Your App Thoroughly:

Never release your app before analysis it! Not analysis the app methodically before it is hurled is one flaw many developers at Custom Android App Development USA make. Having a bug-free mobile app is a resource and certain actions need to be taken to obtain that. The app should be checked by alpha testers and then experience beta testing in the second stage. The errors and discrepancies shown during the testing phase must then be fixed before the ultimate release.

☛ Things to Consider During Android Application Development

All successful apps are those which are used by people frequently and which keeps them coming back. Besides, the tips mentioned above, some of the other things to deliberate for developing an android app comprise:

☛ Engage Users

Advertising your app to shove for more Play Store downloads is most crucial but all at once it is essential that you keep your users engaged with using the app frequently. Engaged customers are more likely to provide positive reviews, make in-app purchases, etc. This can be done with the help of campaigns targeted through e-mail, SMS, or push notifications, as well as by being practical and pushing out day to day updates which resolve the concerns being faced by people

☛ Optimize Apps to Provide More Value

After launching an app, it is significant that a thorough data investigation is done. By studying app usage patterns and learning how consumers communicate with the app you can get an essential knowledge and make further variations to the app. As a Cheap App Developers India, your eventual goal should be to optimize the app well to in order to obtain higher customer lifetime value.

☛ Measure Success

Once the app is introduced and is being widely used by the public it is imperative that you measure how successful your app has been. The many factors need to be considered consist of a number of downloads, number of active users, most widespread features, least popular features that can be enhanced, etc. This, in turn, provides you a great idea about the apps’ market reception, generally, demand, and in several cases, plan for a follow-up app which can either be a consequence to a game or an acquaintance productivity app


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