As you know, the field of digital technology is growing so fast, and the world is appreciating it due to the facilities it is providing to society. Same, as it is also doing a great job in making the students’ lives and their studies easier.

You have seen that there is a separate app available for everything. So, they can make students’ lives full of joy and get their doubts clear in just a few seconds. If you want your educational idea to be among the best, you can easily build one with the assistance of a mobile app development company.

But usually, when it comes to college study, you see students always lost in their complicated notes, paper, books, and so much more. And, to release them from all these, there are lots of apps and websites, from a citing app to a rewrite my essay by EssayService website, that have been specially developed for the students.

And, if you are interested to know about the best apps, you are at the right place. So, here we are going to share the top best apps that will make your college easier.

11 Best Apps That Will Make College Easier:

1. Mint App

If you have experienced college life or are still in college, you must know that saving and managing are difficult for students.

This useful app takes complete care of your spending on different things and shows you the analytics of your money. It prepares you mentally to manage money while you are in college.

2. MyWriter

This is the most reliable essay writing app you will ever use. If you are overwhelmed with your assignments, you can simply delegate them to the professionals from EssayShark.

The service has been working for 10 years already, and you can be absolutely sure that they will fulfill your needs. Quality, guarantees, loyalty, safety — all these words come up in our mind when we talk about the MyWriter application.

3. Pocket

This app is for everyone who loves to read interesting articles on the internet, not just college students.

This app makes you able to save any article that you like on this app. And when you make a good collection of articles. Then the loveliest thing it will do is show you the recommended tab, which is so amazing for everyone.

4. Wolfram Alpha

Maybe, you would not believe it, but the Wolfram Alpha comes with the answers to all your questions. All you have to do is write any question about which you want to get an answer or the math problem. Then, it can answer it also to tell you how it comes.

5. MyFitnessPal App

Most of the students do not take care of their diet and fitness while they are in college. But this MyFitnessPal is made up to maintain your fitness by telling you different ways.

For example, what to cook for nutrition, working out in your dorm room, and many other interesting ways.

6. Sleep Cycle

Every one of you knows very well how difficult it is to wake up at the proper time during the study age. So, when you have this Sleep Cycle app on your phone, it can track your movements and sleep. Then set up a suitable time to wake you up and learn.

7. GroupMe

Usually, connecting with more than one person at the same time is never so easy. And especially when you are discussing something important about your studies.

Therefore, many of the students are relying on the GroupMe app. That allows you to create private chat groups with your classmates.

8. theSkimm App

By using this app, you will read all the news related to different topics in an epic and friendly way. Indeed, this one will save you a lot of time, also having access to all the top news worldwide, like culture, politics, studies, etc.

9. Anki

Managing and storing the flashcard that contains important information related to your studies is not a technique.

They are easy to lose and so difficult to manage. But, this Anki helps you out in storing all your data in a digital flashcard. The great thing about this app is that it can remind you of some important information automatically.

10. Scanner Pro

When you have a Scanner Pro app on your iPhone, you have to consider it as a portable scanner for yourself. This makes you tension-free by scanning your notes to prepare for tests. Because it provides you high-quality scanning, and after that easily save it to any cloud T.

11. Trello

Trello is a great app to participate in the different projects of students related to their studies for other purposes. They can easily manage their tasks and then can share with all members of the group very efficiently.


These are just a few ones that are defined here and can make your student life easier. Many more such apps are available that were mainly developed on the concept of making study more comfortable. Hence, you can easily search them out and start doing better from now.