The Google UI toolkit, Flutter, is quite popular for its endless advantages over other cross-platform technologies. If you want to build the perfect business app then flutter app development is a promising cross-platform technology.

Cross-platform technologies have cost-saving and time efficiency properties. So it is most in use by developers. Everyone in recent times wishes to save time and money.

Most hybrid app development companies are in favour of native apps due to their superior performance. Not any more cross-platform technologies are being witnessed to get more power to the developers.

You would also be excited to know if flutter pricing would reduce the app development cost? How much does flutter app development cost in India? So let us get more insights about factors that affect the flutter app development cost.

What is Flutter App Development?

Google launched a new Flutter SDK for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development. Flutter is a whole smartphone app framework of the SDK open-source.

Most significantly, Flutter can develop applications from a single database for two of the major operating systems in the market, i.e., iOS and Android.

Flutter has heavily attacked the society of app developers. There are several benefits of Flutter. Let’s focus on a few of them in more detail:

  • Free and open-source
  • Multi-purposeful
  • Faster design and development
  • Better resource utilization and management
  • Quick testing and quality assurance
  • Less maintenance complexity

Flutter has the best future for cross-platform app development as flutter has advanced features.

Benefits of Flutter App Development

There are various factors of Flutter that play a vital role when used for cross-platform apps. We’ve listed a few of them below.

First, Flutter allows flutter app developers to write the code just once for app development like a single codebase. These written codes can then be used for both Android and iOS platforms.

It lessens the time to write code for different platforms, reduces the time for testing the app on these platforms, and thus reduces costs.

1. Free and Open Source

The open-source character of Flutter makes it simple to post and view documentation. It also makes it easy to view issues that would provoke expert flutter app developers to develop efficient responses.

Furthermore, this platform also allows developers to access various third-party packages for videos, ads, databases, the cloud, and many more for free.

These third-party options right away provide a boost in developer’s productivity and efficiency. Moreover, it results in reduced development time and cost-saving.

Thus by using Flutter, you can experience low-cost scalability that would benefit the business in an ideal scenario.

2. Flutter for the Web and Mobile

With the Flutter 1.0 launch, Google has broadened the skills of Flutter beyond mobile development. Like any other early-stage project, desktop embedding fetches Flutter to desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The web support provided by Flutter delivers the like experience on the web as on the mobile. So now, you can easily develop apps from the same codebase for your browser as well.

3. Faster Design and Development

Your judgment to develop a business app is entirely based on market needs. You would also be concerned about how fast your app reaches the audience, as the faster it reaches deeper is its impact on the market.

The primary customer response aids you to understand their expectations and experience with your app. Flutter 1.0, an expansion of reusable components, makes it a lot more flexible and expressive. It is said that almost 95% of the flutter codes are reused.

The Flutter’s widget library makes code reusability much easier and convenient. It only takes 25 seconds for the entire compilation and the hot reloading options.

These updates make immediate changes on the app screen. It is one of the amazing time-saving features provided by Flutter.

4. Better Management and Resource Utilization

A single flutter app developer can easily do the job of an iOS and Android developer. This exempts the project manager from managing a big team for a single product from some of the flutter app development costs.

By practising Flutter, you will experience better collaboration among designers and developers. Both the designers and flutter app developers can work simultaneously to develop beautiful native apps. There is no additional need for tools for design and development.

5. Quick Testing And Quality Assurance

Lessened time used for quality assurance is one of the major advantages for development and quality assurance teams.

These tests carried out on a single platform are quite sufficient to run efficiently on other platforms. Therefore the time required for an app test and quality assurance can be decreased substantially.

6. Less Maintenance Complexity

The straightforward code structure of Flutter eases the debugging process. Anytime an issue is spotted, the QA team is required to find the source at the time.

Once the issue gets resolved, the hot reloading feature shows the immediate change on the application. Thus you can keep your users ignorant about the crisis by presenting them with a flawless functioning app.

The benefits are much more while we discuss scalability. The layered architecture of Flutter makes it much easier to broaden without having additional cost overheads.

How Much does Flutter App Development Cost in India?

Nowadays, mobile app development with a flutter framework is highly advisable. It provides additional features and perks.

The most valued amongst other features is its compatibility to run on different platforms like iOS and Android.

However, it ends up with the requirement of developing a specific application that would help in cost reduction. The Flutter app development cost in India depends on various factors.

Here we have some of the factors that majorly affect the flutter developer cost and further flutter pricing. So let’s look into detail about these factors affecting flutter license cost to get an improved understanding.

☛ Designing

App designing is one of the first and foremost things that capture the attention of any visitor. Thus, the design must be very alluring as we already know “first impression is the last impression”.

For further categorization, app designing comprises UI and UX. Here UX stands for user experience, and UI explains the user interface. Thus we can say that app designing is basically of two parts:

  • It builds a seamless user experience.
  • It adds creativity and colours to the application outlook.

The improvised integration of UX and UI provides users with an enhanced user experience. The UI design builds the outer look and feel of the application.

A free and intuitive app design grabs users and their interest and attention for the mobile app features. Thus, UX/UI plays a vital role in developing and estimating flutter’s app development costs.

Here are some more features of design that can help you get a relative estimated design cost. These are:

  • Animations
  • Design Complexity
  • Animations
  • Interactivity and many more.

How much does Flutter cost? It is a complex mobile app with various colors, images, and animations. It would always be more than a single application with fewer images.

The factors with representation, live images, dynamics, representation, number of displays build the complexity of a flutter app designing.

☛ Backend

In a mobile app backend development, it is more like a back similar to a human body that supports a person to walk.

The users only get access to visit the outer periphery of a mobile app. On the other hand, the inner back end is tricky but performs all the required operations.

The backend is like a brain. That manages several aspects like the app data, real-time chatbots, apps security, and data backups like for a mobile app.

The backend of a mobile app plays a crucial part in deciding the flutter app development cost.

  • The database in the system remembers all the user data. It is providing customers with a personalized user experience.
  • The server of the app helps in the swift management of multiple client requests and other operations.
  • The real-time push message in the app provides users with on-spot assistance.
  • The backends also manage all the security codes and data encryption in an application.

Apart from all the above, the backends also help to backup all the data.

☛ Functionalities and Integrations

Modern-day app development is mainly focused on building a feature-rich app. The app requires to be capable enough of fulfilling all the desires and needs.

The flutter app development for customer-oriented apps provides vast opportunities. Be it a game app or an online store.

A custom-made app with a customer-centric approach is required at any hour of any industry. Because it can perform virtually everything.

Thus the flutter app development cost increases based on incorporated advancement from various hundreds to thousands.

☛ There are three types of apps in the market

1. List View Application:

The modified version of a company’s website has a host of basic features in the application menu.

2. Dynamic Application:

Mobile apps that are based on real-time access and server-side added for improved user experience. These mobile apps are versatile. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are examples.

3. Gaming Application:

You can think of building simple gaming or one with complex features. The complex features include high-resolution animations, AI-enabled features, 3D graphics, and many more.

The mobile app development of these apps provides user requirements. It mainly comprises basic features that add on to integration to make it a perfect custom-made solution.

Furthermore, you can also integrate the following features and functionalities in your mobile and flutter app development:

  • SMS gateways
  • Payment gateways
  • AR/VR based applications
  • Ar navigations and Geopositioning
  • 3D modeling
  • AI chatbots
  • Social integration
  • Push message
  • Healthcare app with body sensor

☛ Maintenance and Support

Users can only use the application to its fullest only when they receive proper and timely maintenance at regular intervals.

As every application has its advantages and disadvantages, users can analyze these before launching the app. It is not done with the application deployment on the app store or play store.

Flutter app developers have to make various updates and improvisations. You can update as per the user review and feedback. Also depending on the latest trends.

It becomes very significant to consider maintenance costs in flutter app development costs to eliminate future blunders.

Once the application is launched, you will always look at the flow of excessive user feedback. This feedback can be both positive as well as negative.

The user can only decide the success and failure of an application. Thus it is always required to always make small changes and updates to an application depending on their feedback.

Apart from this, an application’s support and maintenance cost also comprise backups of the application data, system uptime, and server scaling.

Timely updates depending on the user feedback allow users to explore the app to the next level. It also helps remove basic errors and fix bugs that were left at the time of application development.

Additional updates broaden the application with new features and updates. Thus appropriate and timely maintenance is required to maintain the overall success of the application.


Flutter app development makes mobile development economical and convenient if you are looking forward to building apps for various platforms via Flutter.

Then it is already half the price or maybe less for development. Still, it would be required for you to have alertness. So that the budget gets utilized optimally. One of the significant ways to reduce flutter app development costs on your next project.

Hire top mobile application development services. They will provide you with an estimate of how much flutter app development costs.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to mobile application development services. Share your ideas and know how much flutter app development costs.

flutter app development cost


In the ordinary scenario, developing a small app with essential features and functionalities would cost between $2,000 to $10,000. Nevertheless, developing like Flutter would cost half the price.

Suppose the development cost is $50 per hour. You can get an estimated cost of an app when these features are added. Like in the USA, you get charged approximately $200/hour to the developer. Nevertheless, in India, Flutter developers charge a cost of $40/hour.

Significant factors that affect the cost to develop Futter app:
  • Development time
  • Complexity of features
  • Development cost geographically
  • Design and development