WordPress is software which is an open source management system for text-based content. It is very text-oriented CMS system which mostly supports blogs and text content through custom WordPress development services.

Some custom WordPress development company even use this CMS for building a basic corporate website for presenting their products and services. WordPress Services are sought after by many start-ups and enterprises, as per research. As per statistics, approximately 60% of websites use WordPress for managing content-related services.

On the other hand, PSD is software which supports images only. PSD stands for Photoshop Design. This application is developed by Adobe. This mobile-based application enables image editing. A WordPress Development Company is more sought after than a Photoshop document. There are very few PSD to WordPress service provider available in the market and hence WordPress Development Website is sought after, as read by a survey.

There are many benefits to convert PSD to WordPress. Some of these are listed below:

1. Pixy the Pixel!

WordPress consists of a feature which enhances the pixel quality of an image when it is converted from PSD to WordPress. The image is then transferred from PSD to WordPress theme through the help of a web page developed through HTML. WordPress has free themes as well as those, for which the user needs to pay.

The pixel qualities of these themes are efficient in the quality of the display. This makes every user convert PSD to WordPress theme. This tool is known as ‘pixel perfect’, which is also used by various websites to optimize their images.

2. User-friendly design and compatibility with browsers

The design of the software is user-friendly and is easy for users. The software is coded in such a manner that it is compatible with all browsers. This also encourages PSD to WordPress conversion and the content can fit all sizes of screens. This particular software is just not compatible with search engines or browsers, but also with operating software like Android and IOS.

3. A celebrity among all SQL and HTML with a unique proposition of being reasonable

This is the only piece of CMS that concentrates upon text-based content or words, hence the name WordPress. It makes the hassle of modifying, management and upgrading text. This feature enables the conversion of PSD to WordPress services as it does the same justice to images like that to text.

This is also the most reasonable option for a start-up business or enterprise, considering the service to convert PSD to WordPress. WordPress is the most reasonable software available in the market that even teenagers of high schools own their WordPress accounts, as read by a journalist.

This software is optimized by a search engine and is also linked and integrated with social media applications. PSD to WordPress service is demanded more by existing as well as new businesses. If a business demand editing their images related to their products and services, then PSD to WordPress responsive is experienced in a better way. The particular website or webpage is optimized in such a way that the search engine’s top searches capture its visibility. The similar treatment is given to the website on social media as well.

5. Authorized by W3C

WordPress adheres to the guidelines drawn by the W3C regulations. The W3C basically stands for the World Wide Web or the famous ‘WWW’. This is also because of the fact that WordPress is perfectly optimized by the search engine and is a valid management system for content or text. PSD to WordPress conversion facility acts as a seamless experience, hence qualifying for W3C. This body is the only legal source that approves software and applications to be run across all platforms including that of Linux, Microsoft, Android, and IOS.

6. The only CMS which enables blogging and content scalability with any additional plug-in

WordPress is the only CMS that enables blogging and content scalability with just a click. This feature encourages PSD to WordPress conversion for better image and content scalability and visibility. Most bloggers prefer WordPress as their first CMS application rather than investing in a website.

WordPress is read-only software to which the reader or viewer cannot make any changes to.

7. Easy handling without any rocket sciences

Conversion of Photoshop Documents to WordPress is easy to handle and does not require much research in handling such files. This process is not complex but still demands precision for doing so. It is an easy task to convert PSD to Bootstrap WordPress.

Conversion of Photoshop to WordPress involves a certain procedure or set of tasks for achieving it successfully. These are:

  • Analyzing the PSD File so that the file is understood in the correct manner with regard to its complexity. This also helps in taking the next step.
  • Cutting or slicing the particular image files in such a way that the images can be later used for the final creation of the website. This step is achieved majorly through Adobe PhotoShop such that pixels of certain images remain intact.
  • Transformation of PSD to HTML and CSS with regard to approval by the World Wide Web and compatibility with multiple web browsers.
  • The final step is to get all the previous steps integrated into a WordPress file such that directories and subdirectories are made.
  • This step involves the elimination of runtime errors and checking of quality of a particular website. It also involves checking the level of optimization in the search engines of multiple browsers.

A school magazine read that one in every five students was found researching the CMS software related to content. The students majorly got keen on learning about PSD and WordPress for the same.

The conversion of PSD based files has fascinated many such students and has encouraged WordPress to be included in their syllabus along with that of basic HTML.

All of these benefits help in stating that converting PSD to WordPress website to improve business shall be more profitable rather than mobile-based application or any other expensive medium.

WordPress CMS thus is a very cost effective application which works on the text as well as the image at the same time.

WordPress is the most versatile application which can help in editing, maintaining and updating image, videos, hyperlinks, and text-based content. Also, text-based content had never been in demand as much as that of digital.

Businesses and entrepreneurs craving for a text-oriented application for promoting their businesses is something that new age software has achieved. This is done by surpassing the traditional Oracle, SQL, and basic visual basic elements.

Advanced features are used even with the basic version of this content-oriented website.

However, there are some companies which have enabled the conversion of PSD to WordPress, 2019.

These companies mostly concentrate on HTML and WordPress CMS to cater to the dynamic needs of their clients.

Also, these companies cater to uses from all over the globe. To facilitate this, many financial gateway companies have come forward to promote payment services through their portals.

As per research, four out of five entrepreneurs get their first WordPress website just by a click and not even meeting the coder or software developer in person.

There were some insights provided by different entrepreneurs. It read that approximately six out of ten businesses had scaled to a level which they had not even budgeted at their early stage. Further, it read that they had got sold out on the first day of their harvest. And thus, WordPress has been found to be more effective than Photoshop for developing start-ups into large scale businesses.

Software developers or coders may have developed Photoshop, but they shall not use it for developing websites.

Websites require a particular business to be registered, whereas WordPress does not require copyrights, patents or any other form of registration to administer businesses. Hence, the website building is a costlier venture as compared to WordPress.

According to another source, approximately five out of eight fashion companies also have claimed that they had gained popularity or traffic for their projects through WordPress in their initial stage.

They recall that they had their initial portfolio developed out of Photoshop which did not receive any audience due to limited scope for editing and presentation of their skill. And this drove them to shift immediately to WordPress.

Such is the success story which relates to the usage of WordPress.

A survey conducted by a journalist in his neighborhood indicated that was using WordPress for selling homemade food to his clients. It was further learned that WordPress also enabled him to include the handwritten reviews of his clients for the references of others.

He disclosed that his daughter had helped him develop his WordPress Website and it is she who edits, modifies and upgrades relative content onto his site. This uncle also disclosed the fact that using PhotoShop for editing images was difficult for him as he did not know how to use so much technology for his work.

This is also the reason why he is dependent on his daughter for using WordPress and its features.

It can closely be observed that WordPress can help in building robust websites which actually work across all kinds of browsers and is user-friendly for users belonging to all age groups.

PSD to WordPress services are provided by many software developers and choosing or hiring them for creating a robust and efficient website which functions on all website browsers and gives the least runtime errors is a tedious task. This is because of the fact that with the growing and developing of technology, there are also software developers who are growing in numbers. One might check there credibility by knowing their clientele and client reviews on their website.


Hence, it can be summarized that the conversion of PSD to WordPress is the most sought after facility for customizing themes, multi-browser compatibility, optimization into a search engine and many other basic features which are required for having a custom WordPress development services for a new or existing business.

This shall enable the optimization of costs involved in setting up a new business or developing the WordPress Development website for an existing business. The cost, however, is comparatively cheaper to that of a full grown website as WordPress does not acquire the amount of maintenance as that of the former.

As per research, an average teenager develops an interest in text-based content and hence ends up gaining a WordPress account at a very young age. Food bloggers also have found out that approximately three in every five cafeterias and restaurants prefer WordPress software for developing their website over android and IOS apps platforms for faster services for their esteemed clients.