Yes, it is true. The company ‘Apple‘ has turned huge!

Apart from creating iPhones with one of the best and easiest features, they know that in this fast-paced world, not many people have time to look up at their phone for every single notification.

So what did they do to make their customer’s life easier? Started with Apple Watch. Apple Watch used the whole bunch of apps and showed not just time but they literally the best apple watch apps.

Well, things have just improved since then and it has made people’s lives so technologically efficient and easier. People must have used apple watches before and they know the benefits.

Right from getting the notifications on social media to even finding your heart rate, or even the climate, Apple watch apps are highly used.

Let us look at the list of the best apple watch apps in 2019 and even the upcoming apple watch apps in 2020:

1. Strava

People have become a health freak now. They are constantly running and cycling and they are even keeping track of it.

With Apple Watch apps like Strava in Apple Watch 2 and so on, all you need to do is keep it on and it will record your run using the GPS inserted in it.

It does not give you the exact statistics like the one on the iPhone. But you are running and cycling and all you need is the digits, which are extremely clear on Apple Watch.

Free / In-app purchases | Download Strava

$5.99/£5.99/AU$9.99 per month

$59.99/£54.99/AU$89.99 per year

2. Start With Yoga

Yoga is necessary and looking at your phone while doing yoga is just distracting and it breaks the link.

Why not make an apple watch app? This can be the most used app by the people.

This is very technically built by the iPhone App Developers. They have five pre-defined routines that the watch has built-in itself. Rest everything is customizable.

Right from your breathing limits, to the stretches and the positions that you are able to do. Everything is analyzed by this apple watch app and the rest is taken care of.

$2.99/£2.99/AU$4.49 | Download Start with Yoga

3. Citymapper

You want to go from Destination A to Destination B and you are confused about how to go. Not to worry at all. With Citymapper you have a  whole guide with you.

This apple watch app will guide you to travel in the easiest way. Right from first taking the number of trains to the time the cab will take you, Citymapper will even tell you the time it takes to reach you to the destination.

The best part is that the app starts with the glances. Otherwise, it will shut down saving a hell lot of battery life. When you get down and glance down at your watch, they will show you the updates.

Free | Download Citymapper

4. Shazam

Music lover and keep playing songs most of the time? When you are outside and your list is playing and suddenly a song pops up and you have no idea about, well that is when Shazam helps.

The intricate apple watch designed app here helps you to know the name of the song, and not just that, it even tells you the artist or the movie of which the song is. Sometimes the lyrics may even pop up, helping you out.

Free | Download Shazam

5. Fantastical

You are a planner and constantly working on time limits and reminders, then Fantastical is there for it. It shows up the reminders.

It is considered to be the best iSO calendar app by far and one of the best apps on Apple watches.

£4.99/$4.99 | Download Fantastical

6. Clue

Ladies! Have problems tracked your period date?

Clue handles all your cycles really well. Not just tracking your period cycle but your whole health in a wider sense.

The app will record birth control, changes to your hair and skin, hormones, emotions and much more. They help you to even predict your period cycle for the next three months too.

They have a very creative way of showing your period data with all the colorful circles and lines, fertility windows and even PMS timings.

Free / In-app purchases | Download Clue

7. Cardiogram

There are a lot of cool apps for Apple watch, but Cardiogram is really an important one. It is like having a doctor on your wrist.

You are tensed about somethings and your heart is beating fast, just a look at the Apple watch and you know the ratings. Cardiogram is really helpful as it shows you your heart rate.

It checks your heart rate at every five minutes and all you have to do is wear it on your wrist. It later even helps you to show you what your body is up to so that you can take clear measures.

Free | Download Cardiogram

8. SkyGuide

This is for the people who are interested in astronomy!

Skyguide helps you to inform you of the changes in the sky and accordingly sets a reminder if there are any changes in the sky.

You can just enjoy the look in the sky even when you are busy doing something because you know that already.

Free | Download Skyguide

9. Dark Sky

Well, it is the rainy season and you know how hard it is to travel in this heavy rain. Nobody likes to travel.

If you are not in the urgent need to go out and if the atmosphere looks cloudy, the check this cool app on apple watch.

It may surely help you to make wise decisions and may act as a weather forecast for you. It will give a clear glimpse at 24 hours prior timeline about that particular location.

10. iTranslate Translator

When you are in some foreign location and you don’t know the native language, do you just sit there?

No, you open up iTranslate Translator and you can dictate what is said or written there and they will help you translate them out in your local language or the language you know.

Apple watch apps have surely made our life so easier.

Free | Download iTranslate Translator

11. Sleep Tracking and Monitoring

Well, those were the apple watch apps that came up in 2019. 2020 is going to have a whole new launch of a brand new app.

iOS 10 had a Bedtime feature that tracked your sleep. But this new app is going to not only going to keep a track but also help you to protect your battery life.

It is also going to monitor your sleep routines telling you what time to go to bed and wake up. If you want a good hour of sleep, it will monitor that for you.

Your battery life is also saved as it uses faster Qi-related charging. 2020 apps of apple watches are going to be legendary.

12. Calcbot

iPhone App Development Services thought that Apple watches should not consider having a calculator as an app. But Calcbot proved them wrong.

This calculator not only provided fast calculations but the myth that the fingers would be too huge for the watch is also tackled.

This is also one of the major reasons that Apple watches are not allowed in the examination hall.

Free | Download Calcbot

13. Camera Plus

Photographers do not get tired of clicking millions of pictures. But they do get tired of previewing them again and again.

Well, Camera Plus is one of them the very important apps of iOS. Here the app allows previewing the photo or video immediately after they are clicked or recorded, helping to save the camera or rather phone battery.

Immediate decisions are also made here. So no more swapping back and forth on the phone.

£0.99 | Download Camera Plus

14. Green Kitchen

You love to cook, but also want to have a healthy diet. This app on the Apple watch allows you to have healthy, organic or in the new trend ‘Vegan’ recipes right on your watch.

You can scroll down the recipes and select anyone for your meal. Also if your recipe requires a certain amount of timer, you can set the timer on your iPhone and all it will do it ping you at your watch.

That’s when you will know that your food is ready.

£3.99/$3.99 | Download Green Kitchen

15. Instagram

Of course, who all are not addicted to Instagram? One ping or a notification, and you search for your phone.

But with this app installed in your watch, there is a whole lot of notifications that you can catch up through your watch.

No more missing out on anything now!

Free | Download Instagram

16. PayByPhone Parking

Always scared of parking somewhere and getting a fine? This app is everything that you need now.

With PayByPhone Parking you can pay for your tickets anywhere and even keep a check on the timings.

So you can chill around and the best part is that the app will even remind you about the expiration of the ticket. You will get a ping on your watch before 10 minutes of it.

Free | Download PayByPhone Parking

17. Headspace

Do you need a coach in your life?

Well, Headspace is the one! In your hard and fast-paced life, you do need some mindful activities to help you out.

With this Apple watch app, you can carry out all the activities. All you need to do is set the timers and allow the exercises.

Headspace will remind you of the exercises and even help you out for the timings that you have set for yourself.

Free / In app purchases | Download Headspace

$12.99/£9.99/AU$19.99 per month

$94.99/£74.99/AU$149.99 per year

18. One Drop Diabetes Management

Apple watch has a lot of healthcare apps and one such is One Drop Diabetes Management app.

Here One Drop makes Chrome a Bluetooth blood glucose meter and you can examine it as like the stip test. You can easily monitor your diabetes with this app.

This app further talks about the body activities that you can do and even the food intake and medication that is required.

Free | Download One Drop Diabetes Management

19. Peak

Free | Download Peak

Yes, games are required but mind refreshing games are more important. We often get bored by working throughout the day. We find ways to refresh ourselves.

The peak is created by leading psychologists and neurologists. They have created three brain training games and they are here to increase our memory and concentration power. They are for fun, true. But, mostly as a mental exercise.


Yes, this apple watch best apps have turned the world way ahead of its time.

Right from the time when best apple watch apps 2017 happened, people got inclined towards purchasing a lot of Apple watches.

Later in 2018, there were best free apple watch apps to the time when there are best apple watch apps in 2019 and people are even looking forward to 2020.

There are a lot of related apps to similar subjects and they are using very high technology. iPhone App Development Companies are really working hard to carry it the tasks and constantly make a better life of the people.