Android has already been providing a lot of features with the previous Android versions. The new and latest android versions showed a lot of changes and different apps. Now, Google is all set to announce the tenth and the newest version of Android to the world.

The new Android 10 Q beta is going to have a lot of impressive features to look up to. Android Q features are providing a massive amount of comfort to customers with their wide-ranging updates.

Right from the dark theme, to the live captions, to the security process and notification there are a set of features that have been introduced by the New Android Q.

After releasing this new Android Q version, Android App Development Company has to work really hard when developing a new Mobile Applications for providing a compatible version to Customers.

Let us have a look at Android Q Features:

☛ Dark Theme is the most awaited

You may have seen Dark Mode before. Twitter, Youtube everyone started with this dark mode feature, but now is the time for the latest version of Android. It has become a kind of trend with the macOS following Windows 10.

It is very quick as well as easy to activate the Drak Theme in Android Q. All you have to do is pull down the Quick Settings menu, tap a button, and then it will go from white to black. It is the whole black color and not any dark grey which we have previously seen in other dark modes.

The benefit that the users will get here is the long battery life as it works out to be a battery saver in Android 10 Q. When the battery life is low, they will automatically activate Dark Theme. App Builders are crucially working on this feature.

☛ Security Update is a priority

Android App Development Company kept in mind that security is mandatory. Security Update has always been a problem and slow process but Google has been trying to make the changes as fast as they can.

Security patches have already been provided by Android Updates namely Oreo and Pie and they provide monthly updates and security patches.

A new initiative has been started by Google and it is called “Project Mainline” and it will constantly distribute updates using the Google Play Store infrastructure.

The biggest solution for the slow updates has been solved in this new Android Q Feature is that Google has tried to eliminate the middlemen from the process.

A lot of manufacturers have participated in Android 10 Q’s beta program.

☛ Back button and the Gestural Navigation is changed

Android 9 Pie had some good features regarding gestures and even swipes. Android 10 Q feature is going to see drastic changes in the system here.

They are not possibly different as a lot of features are already a part of the iPhone features. Some of the gestures like swipes and even the home button.

Android 10 will have a different screen and bottom. In Android Q, there is going to be a long white bar at the bottom.

A lot of swipes are included here and those gestures work out a lot of different features.

☛ Permissions lead to good privacy

Privacy and update permissions have always been talked about. Google has always been trying hard to manage the privacy of the user, be it with authentication passwords, or even IDs and captchas. The location has also been looked at by Android and Google.

Android is going to give a good option to limit an app’s location access. It will work out only when it is open and active on the screen. It will also put up a little notification in the status bar saying that it is on.

Android Q features are also going to see the new section of Privacy. There will be different settings and dashboards which will display and control what has access to the respective user’s data.

There is a whole hub of app permissions on the phone. It will show the general features like calendar, calls, microphone, and such.

Android 10 Q is going to have 40 different updates where security, permission, and privacy are concerned.

☛ Live Caption is the most interesting one

Well, we are immune to Subtitles now. Whatever we watch, we look down on what is being said. It is general. If you are impressed by Dark Theme, here is a good one for you.

This Android Q Feature, Live Caption allows you to get the real-time transcription of what is being said in any app or audio, or even a video.

The app uses local machine learning so there is no need for any internet connection or any storage in the cloud. It is pretty simple to learn that too.

So to start with the Live Caption, go to the android’s accessibility settings, then a new button appears there. You need to tap it. A black box appears on-screen and it starts providing captions.

It is very flexible, as you can double-tap and enlarge it, adjust the font size and even move it with the settings. The lag is usually less than a couple of seconds.  It is going to be a boon for the deaf.

☛ Handling Notifications is a task

You see a notification, but you do not want to reply back then. Previously, there were options for swiping, but now in this android q feature, we are getting replies where we can choose one and reply immediately. It saves a lot of time.


Mobile App Development Company is constantly working to get the most efficient features available for the users. They are even Hiring the best Android App Developers for the process.

Android 10 Q beta is surely going to see the best of the features and will be released soon. It is the latest Android operating system and is going to be the best.