Do you want to know which are the best Dog Lovers Apps? Well, your search ends here!

Today, there is an app for almost everything. So, why not for your fur babies? We are pretty sure you would want your pets to be healthy and have fun at the same time! Here we’ve identified 15 apps for dog lovers.

These apps have got you covered right from health tracking of pets to the list of pet-friendly travel places. You may also have a unique app idea to make the life of pet parents easier.

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15 Best Apps for Dog Lovers:

Here is the list of best apps for pet owners to inspire you!

1. FitBark

It is like a Fitbit for dogs. This application will require you to have FitBark dog activity monitors. The cute bone-shaped monitors go around your dog’s collar.

With the help of this dog lovers app, you can monitor and track their health just like you do yours with a FitBit.

FitBark is proven to be safe and accurate. It is one of the best apps for dog owners who want to stay fit with their pets.

What’s more? The app allows you to monitor a dog’s daily activity and health and compare it to other dogs of the same breed and age using FitBark. However, the unique thing about FitBark is that you can measure sleep, stress, anxiety and skin conditions too.

Additionally, FitBark enables you to link your FitBit or any other health monitoring device with your dog’s health stats.

2. Wag!

Wag! It is like a necessity for dog owners with long working hours. Your pup can get some exercise while you’re away and dog lovers can earn cash by walking dogs.

You might be thinking, what about the safety of my pet? All the dog walkers undergo Wag safety tests to make sure they are perfect to be a certified Wag walker!

This dog lovers app gives you the option to track your walker via GPS. All these features make Wag! Trusted, secure and the best dog walking app.

3. Chewy

Chewy is a one-stop solution app for all your pet supplies needs. You get to choose your pet’s food and supplies from over 1000 brands listed on the app.

All you have to do is make a profile of your dog and get food and supplies recommendation as per their breed.

Moreover, you have the option to get your pet food on a subscription basis. If not, you can always go to a local store, use the barcode scanner and order your favorites on Chewy!

4. BarkHappy

BarkHappy is an app for new dog owners to discover other dog owners near them. The best thing is that it is a dog friendly places app which shows local places to bring your dog. The places include everything right from parks to restaurants and hotels with dog friendly policies.

It is one of the best apps for dogs as you can:

  • Set up group meetups in your community
  • Create alerts for lost dogs
  • Set rewards for finding a lost dog

Thus, BarkHappy made it to the list of top dog lovers apps as pet owners can take their dogs wherever they go!

5. Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid from the American Red Cross is the best app for overly worried dog owners. This app will tell you what to treat at home and when to visit the vet.

It gives you all options to check your pet’s health – right from investigating wounds to something hazardous your dog ate. Pet First Aid acts as the ultimate guide for your pet’s health. Also, you can find nearby vets or hospitals with in-built emergency tools.

6. Puppr

Puppr is one of the most impressive dogs training apps as it contains basic obedience training to advanced moves. Each trick will come with a step by step guide along with images. You can track your dog’s overall progress by entering progress after each session.

Need more reasons to use this app? Puppr includes more than 50 tricks by America’s Got Talent finalists, Sara Carson & The Super Collies. The premium subscribers get an advantage of additional lesson packs and live chat with Sara.

The app has an in-built store for you to buy treats, equipment, and other training accessories. Thus, making your life easier!

7. Rover

The functionality of Rover is similar to Wag! In this list, Rover has been included as the app for hiring dog sitters. Wag! also includes the option to hire dog sitters, but  Rover is an old player. There are higher chances of finding long term dog sitters on Rover.

Wag! is one of the best dog walking apps but Rover is the perfect choice for dog sitters app.

Rover gives you a wide variety of options for sitters and also it is easier to directly communicate with them. It is crucial to make sure that your dog is happy and healthy in your absence.

Rover is definitely one of the most reliable dog lovers apps for hiring long term sitters/one-night dog sitters.

8. Dog Monitor & Pet Cam by Annie

It is one of the preferred choices for pet owners who don’t want an expensive pet camera setup. Dog Monitor & Pet Cam by Annie is free to try and connects any two devices.

You can listen or talk to your dog from anywhere regardless of whether you have a Wifi connection or not. It is one of the dog monitor apps that will inform you when the device at home has low battery levels.

As your pet audio stream is encrypted, your information is safe too!

9. DogVacay

Are there times when you just can’t take your dog on a trip with you or on an afternoon away? Well, DogVacay has got your back! It will let you book a local dog sitter or even a dog walker while you are away.

Your dog sitter can take care of the dog at your or their home and complete the vet visits. The app contains details about the dog sitter so you can meet them before you hand over your fur baby.

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This dog lovers app will help the pet parents to discover parks in the NYC area and which pups are playing in the nearby parks. Just by creating a profile, pet parents can connect with fellow pet parents at their convenient place. has some innovative features such as making “PawPals” and scheduling “PawDates” with other pets in the community.

If you are planning to hire an iOS app developer, then a similar app is recommit ended! The only drawback is that this app currently caters to only New York City.

11. ResQWalk

You are going to take your dog for a walk, why not achieve something good out of that? ResQWalk is a mobile app for a good cause. It allows you to raise money for homeless animals as well as earn prizes every time you go for a walk.

Every week ResQWalk announces a donation pool. If a rescue animal has to receive donations from the pool, its supporters just need to check in the app and go for a walk. The application is currently operational in the United States and Canada.

12. iKibble

Are you not sure about what to feed your dog? iKibble can be considered one of the safest and healthiest dog lovers apps. It lists food items by health rating and category. Furthermore, it provides health benefits, feeding instructions and preparation info too.

Pet parents can easily search hundreds of food items including meat, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables. iKibble has got you covered when it comes to feeding your pup.

13. Tractive Dog Walk

Tractive Dog Walk app allows you to track your walks with Fido. It will display the precise distance, duration, and route on the map. The app will also let you mark the spot where your dog does its business.

The Tractive Dog Walk app will keep a record of your dog’s statistics and history. It is one of the dog lovers’ apps that lets you stay fit and set walking goals with your pet!

14. All Trails

Do you need some fun activities for your hyperactive dog? All Trails has got your back with the largest collection of trail maps. It has over 50,000 trails listed! You can browse photos, reviews and filter your search to find dog friendly trails.

Not only will the application give you directions, but it will also let you save your favorite trails.

15. Animal Poison by ASPCA

This mobile app will help you identify over 300 possible everyday hazards. As the app is created using information from veterinary staff at the Animal Poison Control Center, it provides essential information about the seriousness of the problem and important steps to take.

It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


No matter what kind of challenges you are facing with your pet, these apps are sure to help you out. All the dog lovers apps that we have discussed in the blog will come to your rescue for everything.

Starting right from the health of your dog to fun activities for them, all you need to do is tap on your mobile screens.

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