Music holds a different meaning for everyone. For some, it is motivation while for others it is a means to relax. The increasing number of free music streaming app for Android has made music accessible to everyone and anyone.

As there are already several best music download apps available in the market, make sure that your music mobile app development project has something unique to offer to the audience.

Best Free Music Streaming App for Android in 2020:

1. SoundCloud

Currently, SoundCloud is one of the best music apps for Android 2020. Why is that? Well, because it gives you options from thousands of artists – both independent and professional to stream/download music.

All Android users can download music for free on SoundCloud. If you see a download button next to audio then it can be downloaded immediately even if you don’t have an account on SoundCloud.

Due to all these reasons, SoundCloud falls under the category of best free music apps 2020.

2. Music Maniac

This free music streaming app for Android has some of the highest ratings on the Google Play Store. Music Maniac gives you a range of free and high-quality tracks to choose from. As you can download the tracks directly on your Android device, you can listen to them offline also.

The only disadvantage of this music download app is that its database includes only those tracks that are “free to use” licensed. So, there are chances that you may not find some of your favorite tracks.

3. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is again one of the best online music app for Android. You get access to various soundtracks that are selected by some of the best names in the industry. These soundtracks can also be categorized as per your mood, genre, etc.

Apart from all this, you have an option to upload your songs and create a customized playlist. Up to 50,000 songs can be added to this playlist. This custom playlist once ready can be accessed from other platforms too such as iOS, Windows, and Android.

All of these things combined make Google Play Music a free music streaming app for Android worth mentioning in this list!

4. MixerBox Lite

MixerBox Lite is one of the best music streaming app for Android. You might be thinking how are we so sure about that? This music app has 5-star ratings by more than 300K worldwide users. The application doesn’t support downloads, but we guess it’s better off that way. Why download songs when you can take advantage of live streaming from anywhere at any time!

5. Spotify

We are sure you have heard of Spotify. It is the best music app USA. Spotify apps are the best free music downloader that is available for a variety of devices, right from smartphones to tablets. Spotify free music streaming app allows you to listen to unlimited music from artists across the globe.

You can discover new music by applying various filters. The free version of this application shows advertisements but if you want ad-free streaming then you need to have a premium version. In spite of this, Spotify is a popular free music streaming app for Android.

If you’re planning to go for Android app development, then Spotify is the right inspiration!

6. Music Download Paradise

Music Download Paradise is the best free music app for Android if you want to download copyleft MP3 soundtracks. This Android music downloader has a lot of other options apart from music such as sound effects and ringtones.

This mobile app has a very simple UI with basic search functionality and a library to store your downloaded music. Hence, if you want a one-stop solution, then Music Download Paradise is rightly the best music streaming app for Android.

7. iTube

iTube can be considered a less fancy version of the Spotify free music apps. Although you need the internet to download songs, downloaded songs can be heard offline. iTube is a free music download for Android app that has no hidden charges.

Just like the iTunes application, you can see the top 100 songs in all genres. There’s nothing major right now that can stop it from becoming a top-rated music download app.

8. Wynk Music

Wync Music is among the top free music streaming app for Android. It has 12 million+ users and you can stream unlimited songs without any ads in between. Also, this app allows you to tune in the internet radio for direct music streaming.

What is the one feature that makes it one of the best music apps 2019? Users get a range of music quality to choose from.

9. 4 Shared

4 shared was originally designed as a file sharing and backup service application. This unique app allows users to search for files uploaded by other users. These files include thousands of songs uploaded by the users.

Downloading music is quite simple from this application. All you have to do is search for your favorite song and click on the download button next to the song version you want to download.

Thus, it’s simple to download process makes 4 shared a preferred app for free music download for Android.

10. MI Music Player

MI Music Player is Xiaomi’s official music player. It is considered to be the best free music streaming app for Android to date. You can stream free music as well as listen to songs that you have on your phone.

Furthermore, this free music streaming cell phone app also has an in-built radio that works 24/7. Just browse the FM tabs and listen to your favorite radio station.

11. Napster

Napster is one of the best apps to download free music as it gives you access to 15 million+ songs with a huge range of soundtracks. Its amazing UI brings desktop-like efficiency to the mobile app.

Napster has a freemium approach. It has a one month free trial period with a huge number of online downloads. Napster’s seamless performance has earned it a place in the category of best music download app for Android.

12. RockMyRun

RockMyRun is one more brilliant example of a free music streaming app for Android. It has been featured in some of the popular publications such as ‘The New York Times’, ‘Time Magazine’ and the ‘LA Times’. It is not only a music app but also a fitness app.

The mixes available in this application are created on the basis of beats per minute (BPM) to match the users’ steps and fitness goals. RockMyRun gives a one-month free trial and after that limited access for 45 minutes.

13. Pandora

Pandora free music streaming app is supported by the Music Genome Project. This best music downloader for Android is actually an internet radio where you can browse through multiple music stations. Pandora will enable you to listen to music as per your mood.

You get access to a huge collection of MP3 files from multiple devices with this clear music downloader app. You just need to sign up for a free account or if you want an ad-free experience then subscribe to Pandora Plus.

14. RDIO Music

It is one of the best free ways to find, play and share millions of songs on the go. RDIO allows you to play more than 18 million songs as per your wish and you can subscribe to various lists made by friends or other influential people.

RDIO Music ultimately brings thousands of new songs every week at your disposal.

15. YouTube Music

Just like Spotify, everyone knows about YouTube. It has got almost every song that was ever made. YouTube is unarguably the best free music streaming app for Android.

The free version comes with ads, but there is also a paid subscription called “YouTube Red” which is ad-free. The paid version will not only remove the ads but also saves music offline so you can enjoy it whenever you want.

New users get a free 14-days trial period of YouTube Red.

16. Slacker

Slacker Radio is for the U.S and Canadian users. You can create and share customized playlists with your friends via web or mobile apps. This application is one of a kind due to its design and content personalization features.

Apart from all this, you can create a list of programs/stations to access them quickly later on.

17. MOG Mobile Music

MOG is one of the popular free music apps without wifi with a library of 15 million+ songs. You just need to register on the app to listen and download your favorite music. MOB practically has all kinds of music and albums to cater to your various moods.

18. Deezer

Deezer has been in the market for some time now and is one of the good free apps. It has free and paid versions. The Deezer’s FLOW feature in the free version allows you to discover and listen to songs as per your preferences.

Some other features in the free version are lyric fetching, mixes of individual artists and unlimited creation of playlists.


The list of free music streaming app for Android discussed in this blog is an extensive one but not exclusive. There may be other applications in the market that we may have missed out on but these are definitely the best ones. All of these music applications are here to cater to all kinds of Android users for all their moods.

If you are planning to hire app development services, we recommend you to understand and analyze the needs of your target audience. If you launch an application that fulfills all the requirements of your target audience then it is bound to be successful in the market.

However, your job is not over there. You need to keep updating the application with improved features to sustain in the competitive market.

Do you want to get your own music application developed for Android devices? Tell us your requirements on [email protected] and we will make sure that your dream app is launched!

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