The main application of Best Mobile App Analytics Tools includes performance, crash, marketing, in-app, and revenue analytics, to name just the popular ones.

These applications have become critical to Mobile App Development Company that use mobile apps to reach out and retain customers and prospects.

According to Stone Temple, mobile app use increased from 57% to 63% in 2018 alone, and this number is expected to increase in the future.

As apps become the standard when it comes to applications that are used by people daily, it more crucial than ever before to estimate the whole spectrum of Mobile App Development with the post-delivery stage of examining performance and ensuring updates or improvements are delivered on time.

Best Mobile App Analytics Tools in 2020:

1. Firebase

Pricing: 3 Plans—Spark (free), Flame (25 USD/month) and Blaze (on request)

Firebase is the google analytics mobile app tracking for producing apps that improve user support on the Web, iOS, or Android.

It was originally obtained in 2014 by Google and it quickly became the flagship mobile platform by Google for developers.

✍ Key Features:

  • Unlimited reporting
  • Intensive audience segmentation
  • Crash reporting
  • Attribution
  • Real-time database
  • In-app purchase information
  • Cloud storage
  • Deep-linking performance
  • Supported by Unity, C++, iOS, and Android

2. Apple Analytics

Pricing: the tool is inclusive of the fees incurred with the Apple Developer Program which costs 299 USD

Apple Analysis is among the Top App Analytics Tools in 2020 specifically for apps issued in the App Store. It gives insights into how users find your app or how they explore the App Store.

This iOS App Development analytics tool monitors app store user engagement, user segmentation, and impressions. Trends and sales division allows you to recognize which of your apps or subscriptions in-app are the most successful.

✍ Key Features:

  • Usage data
  • No software development kit needed
  • Sales data
  • Supports the iOS platform only
  • App store data

3. AppsFlyer

Pricing: Free trial for 30 days; custom plan on request

Among the Most Popular Mobile App Analytics Tool, this analytics tool with knowledge in intensive in-app experiences, omnichannel estimation, return on investment and cost reporting, allowing support for various private company info systems.

AppsFlyer additionally has a committed mobile app for tracking performance in real-time. Since this is additionally a platform for attribution, it can allow more extensive app insights for specific purposes like re-targeting and tv attribution and deep-linking.

✍ Key Features:

  • Mobile attribution
  • Mobile app for monitoring in real-time
  • Marketing analytics
  • TV attribution
  • Deep linking
  • Supported on React Native, iOS, Adobe Air, Android, Cocos2ds, Windows, Marmalade, Xbox, Cordova, Amazon, Unity, and tvOS

4. Game Analytics

Pricing: Free

GameAnalytics is a flexible and free app analytics tool particular for promoting KPIs for the whole portfolio. Over 54,000 game developers utilize this platform to maximize their games.

It has more than 850 million current players and it is applied in over 63,000 titles. This open-player review platform is an excellent option for developers, from large studios to smaller ones.

It encourages them to investigate, monetize, and interpret their players by delivering the top data-based choices.

✍ Key Features:

  • Tracking campaigns
  • Completely free
  • Gather, visualize and monitor track data of players on one platform
  • Incorporated with several platforms
  • Enhancing game by tracking errors
  • Supported on JavaScript, Android, Unreal, Unity, and iOS

5. Adjust

Pricing: 3 plans—Basic (from 110 USD), Business, and Custom (on request)

Adjust is a centralized mobile analytics tool that collects mobile marketing information in one interface. You can detect hourly inclinations, and examine user LTV, and cohorts.

This platform enables you s to monitor all events in-app and synchronizes data back to their BI platform. You can modify track events throughout the user’s lifetime, aggregating all their data on engagement on the mobile app analytics dashboard.

With cohort evaluation, you can divide users by location, creative, install date, and more. The Fraud Prevention Suite on the tool saves you from deceitful and malicious activity.

✍ Key Features:

  • Real-time data
  • Advertising and app platform
  • Access to raw info
  • Fraud Prevention Suite
  • Custom audience segmentation
  • Totally customizable tracking of events
  • Supported on Windows Phone, Android, Windows Store, and iOS

5. Tune

Pricing: 276 USD, 2 plans (Enterprise and Startup)

Tune is a performance and app analytics platform for marketing. It monitors the entire course of the customers by consolidating touchpoints over each channel.

This app analytics tool is a singular combined solution for analysis and engagement over the whole customer journey.

✍ Key Features:

  • Unifying touchpoints
  • Return on investment/cost ingestion
  • Attribute engine based on people
  • Fraud detection
  • Cohort evaluation
  • Supported on Windows, Android, Javascript, iOS, and tvOS

6. Kochava

Pricing: Free but for more advanced features, prices start at 100 USD

Kochava is a mobile app analytics tool and attribution platform for tracing user procurement, engagement and long term value for mobile apps.

With the Kochawa app analytics platform, you’ll be equipped to view and obtain all the relevant data points, build groups of users.

✍ Key Features:

  • Fraud prevention
  • Funnel view
  • Real-time information
  • The true long term value
  • Supported on Android, Adobe Analytics, iOS, Adobe DPS, tvOS, Corona Labs, Windows, Web SDK, Xbox One, Xamarin, Unity, Adobe Air, ReactNative, and Cordova

7. MixPanel

Pricing: based on data points

MixPanel is a Best Mobile App Analytics Tools with almost 3000 clients including, WordPress, Miniclip, and Airbnb, and downloaded under 10 minutes.

It has plenty of analytical tools such as marketing automation, cohort analysis, funnel analysis, and much more.

✍ Key Features:

  • Multiple tools
  • Charges after 5 million data points
  • Addiction report
  • Live view
  • Supported on Android and iOS

8. Appsee

Pricing: Free for one app with monthly sessions of 2500, Premium Plan, and Enterprise plan

Appsee is a mobile app analytics metrics for measuring user experience on native apps on two platforms—iOS and Android. With Appsee you get clear insights on how users interact with your app.

Results are displayed in real-time after the video recording or session has finished. You can gather users, gain heatmaps or apply in-app analytics.

✍ Key Features:

  • Visual reports
  • Free trial
  • Supported on iOS and Android

9. Flurry

Pricing: Free

Flurry Analytics is incorporated into the app under five minutes, and they include support for both iOS and Android platforms. Flurry belongs to the Developer Network of Yahoo.

This simple to utilize platform enables you to monitor new users, present users, sessions and so on. You can track app performance and check the metrics.

In a single dashboard, you can get comprehensive insights into session and user activity.

✍ Key Features:

  • Event tracking
  • Funnel tracking
  • Crash reporting
  • The download of raw data
  • Supported on ReactNative, Unity, Android, iOS, and watchOS

10. Facebook Analytics

Pricing: Free

Facebook Analytics is a Best Mobile App Analytics Tools that allows you to visualize conversion progressions via their actions on your website and Page, desktop and mobile. You will be capable to correctly measure retention for longer time periods.

It also allows you to obtain a total view of how users interact with you over apps, Facebook pages, bots, and websites in a single report. With the application of machine learning to monitor and analyze the data, you can fix issues faster.

✍ Key Features:

  • Revenue tracking
  • Custom Audiences
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Automated Insights
  • Supported on iOS, Android, and Web

11. App Annie

Pricing: Free and custom plans available

App Annie is among the most popular depositories of statistics and news in the mobile world. Even Apple Inc. quotes them often during its WWDC yearly events.

It essentially sets the basis for analytics and datasets in the app industry. It is also among the Best Mobile App Analytics Tools.

✍ Key Features:

  • Monitor app downloads
  • Track revenue
  • Track usage
  • User demographics
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Supported on Amazon, Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and TvOS

12. Apptopia

Pricing: Free for the basic plan, 15 USD every month for tracked apps

Apptopia is a mobile app market competitor and intelligence monitoring service that manages a database of app performance information from all popular app stores.

It also tracks the market of mobile ads to report ad performance, with data divided by the app store, category, and location.

✍ Key Features:

  • SDK data
  • Audience analytics
  • Advertising data
  • Performance data
  • Data tracking and intake
  • Market reports
  • Integration
  • Supported on Android and iOS

13. Kumulos

Pricing: Price on request; 3 plans (Startup, Enterprise, and Agency)

Kumulos is a company for the management of mobile app performance. It handles in-app analytics, marketing analytics, and app performance analytics.

With the Kumulos app, brands and developers can select from three solutions – Unified Mobile App Performance Management, Mobile App Business Grow, and Mobile Marketing Automation Platform.

✍ Key Features:

  • Push notifications
  • Crash reporting
  • Diagnostics
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Supported on Windows, iOS, and Android

14. Apptica

Pricing: N/A

Apptica is a Best Mobile App Analytics Tools for app advertising analytics that offers comprehensive information for advertising campaigns in-app.

Apptica gathers data from advertisers in thirty-five countries and twenty-five famous Ad Networks to retain its advertisers updated with the greatest and latest on the market of in-app advertising, encourage efficient outcomes, and always remain ahead of your competitors.

✍ Key Features:

  • Analyze top mobile ad networks
  • Track active advertisers
  • Discover and track rivals by GEO, segment, and platform
  • Brand saving
  • Supported on Android and iOS

15. Trafficguard

Pricing: Protect plan (460 USD per month), ProtectPro Plan (2292 USD per month), and Enterprise plan (custom pricing)

TrafficGuard is an online ad fraud safety tool for agencies, brands, and networks. The platform applies algorithms of Machine Learning to recognize rising trends, patterns, and determinants of fraudulent activity.

✍ Key Features:

  • Triple-layered fraud safety
  • Restricting invalid and fraud traffic at the event, click, and impression levels
  • Granular transaction and reporting-level exports
  • Committed reporting for traffic providers to encourage optimization
  • Machine learning equipped to discover and validate the latest fraud trends as they appear
  • Supported on Android and iOS

16. Smartlook

Pricing: 30-day trial period

Smartlook is a company that analyzes app performance that reports how mobile users interact with a mobile app to identify their communication on many app aspects.

The Best Mobile App Analytics Tools offers a look into the mobile user’s behavior to enhance their user app experience.

✍ Key Features:

  • Analytics
  • Tools for conversion optimization
  • Recording website visitor
  • Visitor journey
  • Tags and keywords
  • API availability
  • Activity tracking
  • Conversion tracking
  • Supported on ReactNative, Android, and iOS

17. Localytics

Pricing: N/A

Localytics is software for application analytics that enables the app marketer to find app users’ behavior, interact with them and maximize the app’s performance.

With Localytics, users can adapt to record to 100,000 monthly present users and 12 million data points.

Localytics keep records of funnels, user flows, and granular analytics. Localytics also provides A/B testing and your own committed account manager along with marketing automation.

✍ Key Features:

  • Records of funnels, user flows, and granular analytics
  • A/B testing
  • An account manager
  • Marketing automation
  • Supported on Android, HTML5, Windows, iOS, and Windows

18. Singular

Pricing: N/A

Singular is a Best Mobile App Analytics Tools for end-to-end marketing analytics created to increase ROI with what it states as “1600+ preconfigured marketing solutions”, which is to say algorithms and combinations applying various data silos to obtain important insights.

✍ Key Features:

  • Campaign analytics
  • Tracking links
  • Attribution reporting
  • Uninstall insights
  • Fraud prevention and protection
  • Custom analytics
  • Audience management
  • Alerts
  • Supported on Android, iOS, and Web

19. Prioridata

Pricing: 3 plans—Basic (250 USD/month), Pro (750/month), and Enterprise (price upon request)

Prioridata is a company of Best Mobile App Analytics Tools that offers app developers with a set of tools for app store intelligence and analytics.

✍ Key Features:

  • Measure APRDAU, MAU, and DAU
  • Ranks of tool charts
  • Retention rates
  • Keyword ranks
  • Supported on Android and iOS

20. Countly

Pricing: Free and Enterprise Plans

Countly is android app analytics that encompasses everything from user profiles to push notifications, division or attribution with current analytics of 10 million distinct identities.

It has a specifically responsive user interface, real-time analytics and all of this is open-source.

✍ Key Features:

  • General dashboard displaying users, carrier, and top platform
  • Assistant for critical notifications
  • Retention cohorts and calculations
  • Revenue analytics
  • Supported on Android and iOS


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