A survey by Everyday Health reported that among one-third of the participants have seen a doctor due to issues related to stress. We don’t even blink an eye when we are under pressure but our bodies and minds feel it.

The study also found out that more than 40% of the respondents take the stress out on themselves, which is never healthy. However, thanks to the era of mobile apps, you can find the best relaxation apps on app stores to unwind and destress.

Mobile App Development is not limited to just fast-paced games and social media apps.

List of 15 Best Relaxation Apps:

1. MindMeister

Android, iOS

At any given time, you probably have a lot on your mind with various thoughts running about inside your head. To deal with these negative thoughts, mind mapping as a method can provide some help to you so that you can introspect the thoughts without any form.

For an awesome mind mapping app, look no further than MindMeister. It is available both on desktops and mobile devices.

When you use this app, you can easily and quickly arrange, prioritize, and produce new thoughts. There are a bunch of tools to generate maps including various styles, icons, themes, and colors.

You can also collaborate with other users to make mind maps in real-time. If you subscribe to this app, you can also export PNG and PDF formats of the maps you make, make and edit countless maps, and attach images and files to points.

Price: Free with subscriptions available

2. Ambi Pro


For relaxation and concentration, ambient noise is an excellent way to block the noisy world around us.

Ambi Pro is different from others because instead of using audio recordings that are looped, it makes a combination of transformative noises that have an algorithm that is non-repetitive.

The distinct digital reverb helps this app to provide a feeling of depth. To provide further output personalization, there is a graphic equalizer that is 8-band.

The automatic timer also turns off the sound after a particular time period to relax your mind.

Price: 1.99 USD

3. Calm

Android, iOS

Even though ambient noise can help some people wind down, it can also disturb others. If you are looking for something that is not like other ambient noise apps, you can try out this relaxation app for android and iOS.

While Calm is great for beginners, there are also many options for more experienced users. The supervised meditations sittings are available in various durations, ranging from three to twenty-five minutes.

Some of the diverse topics include forgiveness, self-esteem, stress, happiness, gratitude, and many, many others. You can also pick from an unguided and continuing, clocked meditation. Breathing workouts will help you to also relax.

Program as long as 10 minutes are uploaded to the app daily that is designed to clear your mind and help you unwind.

Price: Free with subscriptions available

4. Headspace

Android, iOS

Headspace is among the more popular best relaxation apps for both mindfulness procedures and supervised meditations. You can take the one which is basic.

It is free and is open to all for use.  And if you wish to know more, a subscription is possible to unlock content on the app including the total meditation library. There is a broad range of various topics to traverse, such as exercise, sleep, and focus.

For a short break, this best free meditation apps in 2020 also provide sessions that are two to three minutes long. There are particular sessions for the moments when you feel panicked, anxious, and stressed.

You can also invite friends to help encourage and join your meditation session. This app contains special animations that show you new skills and aid you in helping answer questions concerning mindfulness.

Price: Free with subscriptions available

5. Day one

Android, iOS

Daily journaling is a good way to arrange your thoughts and clear your mind. Day one shows off its great user interface and other features to assist you in making the everyday diary keeping a great practice you will want to continue.

The interface is devoid of distractions to help you concentrate on particular thoughts. This destress app provides the dynamic language of Markdown.

Entries are simple to arrange and you can peruse through them by photos, calendars, maps, or timeline. iPhone’s metadata can also bring more to every entry with other data like the music that was being played on a specific day, temperature, and weather.

Your thoughts are secure with the support of Touch ID and passcode. You can get subscribed to attain benefits from unlimited photos and journal storage. Information also synchronizes with the Mac and iCloud versions of Day One.

Price: There is no price but there are  subscriptions available

6. Breathe2Relax

Android, iOS

Using your diaphragm to breath has been shown to lessen stress and anxiety while helping you to remain calm. This apps to help you relax and it is for users who want to make deep breathing a habit without any previous experience.

This is not like the normal apps that focused on meditation but Breathe2Relax concentrates on tools as well as the way of breathing to help you in reducing your stress. It helps you to understand how to do the different breathing exercises and also helps you to provide the choice of listening which music you want to listen for every session you spend on the app.

iOS App Development developers must take note of how this app provides support for Apple Watch and the Health app so you can view how a breathing workout affects your heart rate.

Price: Free

7. Colorfy

Android, iOS

Who says coloring books are only for children? The joy of coloring has been shown to calm and relax adults as well. And there are a variety of diverse apps for digital coloring accessible on smartphones and even for bigger screens on tablets.

Among the best relaxation app for coloring is Colorfy. The app contains over 1000 collected pictures to color that includes famous paintings, animals, gardens, cats, and much more.

The process is easy; you only need to choose a color palette and then tap on your screen to color. There are also a variety of types of brush for various effects.

You can even use it without an internet connection; all the drawings can be distributed on social networks. The unique virtual space of augmented reality allows you to imagine the different visualizations in the actual world.

Price: Free with subscriptions available

8. Smiling Mind

Android, iOS

Smiling Mind is among the most fascinating free apps to relax your mind available. The totally free mobile app is made to help adults and children.

There are particular programs for children of various ages and older users; this app helps with stress, pressure, and various difficulties of daily life. Sessions also encompass workplace and classroom mindfulness.

There are a lot of varieties from where you can choose. You can keep checking in with yourself and at the start, you check once and when the session ends, you check again. Smiling mind is also among the best meditation timer app.

Price: Free

9. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Android, iOS

Having a relaxing and tranquil day usually begins the night before when we go to bed. Having a restful sleep has been shown to have many advantages for our health.

But for several of us, this is easier said than done due to problems like insomnia, which make it more difficult to sleep and wake up feeling tired and too exhausted about tackling the day.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock has a lot of features to give and help to monitor the sleep and wake times.

During the night, the app employs unique sound technology to monitor your various sleep stages. Apple Watch can help to detect the snoring when you are in deep sleep. This can help to sleep in better positions and you can also cut the snoring.

Before you go to bed, you can customize a period of thirty minutes in the morning that ends at an established alarm time.

The app can wake you when there is in a light sleep stage while in the time. You can subscribe to this best free relaxation apps to access features like support Philips smart light, sleep trends, and much more.

Price: Free with subscriptions available

10. Alto’s Odyssey

Android, iOS

You do not require looking for relaxation apps to help you get free of anxiety and stress. Relaxing game apps that are available in the mobile platforms helps to declutter the mind and there are several options which can help you to relax and have some peace.

While the genre of puzzle games is relaxing, Alto’s Odyssey provides a different kind of calm app.

Alto’s Odyssey is the just the sequel kind of game to the Alto’s Adventure on iOS. The new game has the character who plays with his companions and they take off to an infinite sandboarding adventure.

Due to a simple system of one-touch control, almost anyone can learn the fundamentals and begins in no time. There are many secrets to traverse and skills to learn. With the stunning scenery inside this relaxing online game, the original soundtrack for the game is also worth some attention.

You can put on your earphones and just let yourself relax in the gorgeous setting. The special feature for Zen mode has a special soundtrack and enables you to experience the game without power-ups, score, or coins.

Price: 4.99 USD

11. The Mindfulness App

Android, iOS

Newcomers and veterans both to meditation will enjoy this best meditation app.

The introduction and practice are five days long and it is just a way to ease beginners into mindfulness that helps you start, and for your busy lifestyle, they also have a timed model or silent meditations that are three to thirty minutes.

The app also provides options to customize your meditation time, notices to keep you mindful during the day, and statistics to monitor your meditation journal.   

Price: Free with voluntary in-app purchases

12. Insight Timer

Android, iOS

Insight Timer has an immense treasury of content: almost 13,000 conducted meditations from more than 2600 teachers on subjects like creativity, stress, relationships, and more.

From the beginning itself, the app has a community-like feeling with the home screen announcing how many people are meditating around the world as soon as you launch the app. In fact, the app has drawn over 5 million meditators from all across the world.

After you complete your meditation, you will discover precisely how many people were meditating with you throughout the session—and when you set your location, you can also meditators close by and what they are listening to.

Also, when you find a teacher you like, you can follow them to ensure you don’t miss out on any recent content. If you choose a more silent meditation, you can always fix a timer and do the meditation following some periodic bells and calming sounds.

Price: Free with voluntary in-app purchases

13. Buddhify

Android, iOS

With over 200 meditations, the Buddhify app guides you on how to overcome stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and handle complex sensations.

Use mindfulness practices with levels fit for whatever you’re doing – when you’re online, waking up, traveling, at work, or eating. Sittings vary from 3 to 40 minutes, delivering this an excellent choice for novices or seasoned practitioners.

Price: 2.99 USD for Android and 4.99 USD for iOS

14. Stop, Breathe & Think

Android, iOS

If other apps to help you relax assume you to jump right in, this app wants you to build a more conscious, intended experience.

A segment named Learns to Meditate describes mindfulness and why it’s useful, including a bit of the physiology and neuroscience behind it.  Every day just like you open the app, first you need to check in with yourself and examine yourself.

If you have a range of “great” to “rough”, you can have access to five sentiments that you want to experience. After that, Stop, Breathe & Think will suggest yoga videos, acupressure videos, and meditations customized to how you are feeling.

Price: Free or 10 USD per month

15. Rootd


Rootd is among the best relaxation apps for anxiety for improving your mood.

Also, the app has mindfulness workouts and step-by-step models for tactics like deep breathing and an emergency call button that makes it easy for you to call a hotline or a loved one whenever you are in distress.

Another motivation source is the Personal Stats Page as it monitors the number of panic attacks you have mastered and the quantity of in-app lessons you have finished.

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Twenty-first-century life is indeed stressful and we all find our own ways to deal with it.

With these apps listed here, now you have more options to handle your daily stress. Or if you’re involved with iOS or Android App Development, you can take these apps as an example to create your own best meditation app!

Want to develop Meditation Apps?