Fun is spicy of life, pranking your friends and family with funny, creepy or robotic voices by using few Voice Modulator apps.

For people who do not know will have various questions in their mind as, what are Voice Changer Apps? What does Voice Changer Apps do? How are they used? Why do we need the Best Voice Changer Apps 2019? And so on.

Voice Changers are devices that help us modulate our original voices and turn it into different voices, it can be male to female or vice versa, it can be changed into cartoon characters, animals, robots, etc.

Earlier there were huge software and Voice Modulator that used to be installed in the computer devices and it was a long process also a difficult one.

But now as we have digitally evolved and become so advance in the web world and also the advancement of Mobile App Development Company, we have come across Voice Changer Apps and Voice Modulator that help voice modulation and makes it an easy job for everyone to change voices and this process is much advance and fast and super easy.

The research states a few tops and best Voice Changer Apps 2019. These apps help switch voices and swap them making it interesting and helpful.

There are plenty of uses of this app professionally too, as they are used in animated movies, cartoons, movies, television, online videos and much more.

List of Best Voice Changer Apps in 2019 and 2020:

1. Voice Changer With Effects

Get ready for changing your voice with amazing voice effects. This Voice Changing app helps you record your voice and apply crazy music effects like rock, room, hole, pop, android, drum, jazz and much more.

This Voice Modifier App helps you share these modulated voices on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram in seconds.

This app of Voice Changing downloads the modulated voice and helps you set the ringtone too. You just have to apply a few clicks and your Voice Changer App will change the voice in different types of voices.

A research state that there are more than 50 millions android downloads for this Voice Modifier App.

2. Call Voice Changer

This is one of the Voice Changer Apps for phone calls, as soon as you start this app you are going to fall in love with this app.

You can enjoy live voice modulation with this app where you can change the voice on the calls while talking to your friends and family members and its super fun.

This phone call Voice Changer App gives you real-time changing effects over 100+ effects and free credit and much more.

This is an amazing live call Voice Changer for android and IOS app.

3. Voice Changer App Girl Voice

There are surely many girl Voice Changer App in the market but this one is really amazing. This app helps you change your voice into the girl’s voice and modulate it accordingly.

It also gives you the feature of live calling voice change, where during a call you can change your voice into a girl’s voice.

There are around 1 million and more downloads by android and IOS users. This is also one of the Voice Changer Apps for phone calls. It has also been listed as the best pranking app.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most leading and top favorite app of this generation and the developed wed world.

Basically, it is a picture messaging application but it also offers decent disguise my voice feature and is pretty cool, it has around four to five different voice modulation such as alien voice, baby voice, robot voice, etc. and it pretty funny but innovative.

The new feature of Snapchat gives you the facility of saving your snaps as a memory and it gets saved in your phone gallery too, this way you can record your funky, quirky, cute voice and use Snapchat as your Voice Modifier App.

5. Voice Changer by Android Rock

Accent Voice Changer is an awesome work of the developers that they developed this app.

This awesome app gifts us voices such as alien voice, chipmunk voice, robot voice, chorus voice, bee voice, and much more effects just a click away.

This Voice Changing App gives you more than 100+ different voices and an awesome collection to module your voice. It is very much simple and user-friendly interface.

It is loved by many people and is socially viral.

6. Squeak Voice Changer

This Voice Changing app gives you custom options like Bruce the Bot, Patrick the Monster, Julius the Bear and many more from which you can select and transform your voice quickly in one click by previewing it before you start recording to give better experience.

When you start recording it, it acts as a Voice Modulator Device and converts your voice into the desired character and gives clean audible and accurate output.

To use each and every voice on this app you might have to pay as the free version has limited voices and after you record it you can either download or just share it on your chosen social media platform.

7. Voice Changer

This Voice Changing app is designed much more advanced modern and innovative as compared to several apps as its transition and button responses are mind-blowing.

It generally has the same process as any other Voice Modifier App, you record a voice, and chose the filter and either download or share it.

But this app is one the best Voice Changer App as it gives you the freedom of customizing the filter by tweaking the elements like their pitch and tempo.

It also has options like cut and cropping the recording, sharing on social media and also setting it as the phone ringtone.

8. Narrator’s Voice

This is primarily a text-to-speech application having voice modulation. You have to just type the text or copy-paste the script chose your language and character and filter and it gives you the output either download it or share it.

This Accent Voice Changer not only helps you chose the language that you want to translate the speech too but also it gives you the option of choosing different voices for the same.

It gives you wide range of languages such as German, Korean, Polish, Spanish and much more just like it gives you choices of different characters such as Barak Obama, Chipmunks, Cortana and much more.

This Voice Changing App comes with facebook integration that makes it easy to use and share on your timeline.

9. Voice FX

Voice FX is the topmost interesting disguise your Voice App that is available in the market as it offers us unique tools to operate rather than just usual Voice Changing apps.

It has an amazing feature that gives you live feedback mode that converts your voice as soon as you speak to the app. It also has a live streaming feature, which helps your stream, your changed voice live on the media player and web platforms.

This application gives one unique feature that is rarely given by any other application, where you can import voice files if you do not want to record it or if you want to change a voice, which you have to import.

10. Handy Tools Studio Voice Changer

Handy tools studio Voice Changer is a Voice Changer App that is similar to voice FX but having a stand out feature too.

Of course, it serves your standard features, catalog to several voices and the ability to save it to your phone or sharing it. This is one of those amazing apps that is developed especially for singer and has special effects for them.

It takes your voice recording and changes it as if it is recorded in a studio with the chorus, theater and much more, it also has a famous voice like the minions from despicable me.

11. Best Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer Application justifies its name and proves to be the best Voice Changing app by providing a clear user interface and easy user experience.

Just like other apps, it helps you record the voice and convert it into different voices such as robot, alien, bee and many more.

It includes a good choice of features is free to download but the ads keep popping, but of course, you always have an option of skipping the ad.

12. Funny Call

The main features of all Voice Changing apps are going to stay the same, where you can record the voice choose a character and apply a filter and take and output and share it.

But this application is exclusively available only for IOS, which is well designed stable and easy user interface.

However, it also gives you the feature of live call voice changing, while you are on the call you can easily switch between different voices that are available on the application.

The only annoying thing if this app would again be the pop-up ads.

13. RoboVox

RoboVox is one of the decent Voice Changing app that gives us around 32 Voice Changers, which does everything from changing the voice from male to female, vice versa, changing the characters, changing the pitch, tone, tempo by adding various different filters.

It again gives you the feature of recording it, saving it, sharing it, setting it as a ringtone in parrot voice and many more.

It has started with fewer amounts of bugs but hoping to grow stronger.

14. Darth Vader Voice Changer

This is also used as Voice Changer for Xbox app as it gives you crazy features like recording the voice and changing it into sounds like Sith Lord, Drath Vader and much more.

Recording and playing with these different Voice Modifier App is a heavenly experience and using it in quite easy once you get in the rap of using it.

Just like another app here also you can download the file and also share it on social media platforms without a glitch.

15. AV Voice Changer

This Voice Changer App software is usually device software that helps you modulate and modify your voices.

The users of this application have the freedom of recording their own voices and changing it in other voices by applying filters and also it has a feature of modifying and modulating other recorded voices.

This application gives the freedom to morphing the voices, recording voices, cutting the voices, mixing the voices and modifies the voice. Voice changing downloads a very clear output and gives the best results.


Here are the top 15 Voice Changer Apps that we have come across, which will beat the market on top and give the users amazing experience by becoming Best Voice Changer Apps 2019 and giving Mobile App Developers a chance to work more and make it a better web world.

These applications will include real-time Voice Changer App, voice modulation app, best free Voice Changer and much more.

Hoping for the advancement of Best Voice Changer Apps in 2020.

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