Are you looking for some of the best prank apps in 2020? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

The mobile applications we use help us to communicate with our friends and family. Other than that, when you use these prank apps, they are entertaining and fun which is why we brought to you the Top 20 Best Prank Apps in 2020.

You can use these prank apps anywhere be it in a party or a small get together. We guarantee you that you are going to become the star of that party.

People who have learned android application development company and the ios app development company know that creating prank apps can be of a great sense of entertainment for the users who download them from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Thus, over here we have brought to you some of the top 20 best pranking apps that can make you a pro in pranking.

Best Prank Apps for Android:

1. Scary Prank

Scary Prank is a great prank app. You can capture all the funny reactions of your friends and have a camera capture all of this for you.

So this is how it is going to work: you bait them into saying that you want to play a game with them. Maybe a small game like 2048.

When they agree, you can open the prank app and then the game appears to go on when a scary picture will appear on the screen and scare them out of nowhere.

The best part about the whole thing is that your front camera is recording their reaction all the time. You can make funny prank videos and share it with your other friends.

2. Crack and Break it Up

Crack and break it up app is sure to crack you up. So this app is all about that seeing that gut-wrenching guilt of a friend who thinks they have broken their phone screen.

Use the crack and break it up to app where you can add cracks and scratches to the photo to make them believe that their screen is trashed. You need to record it and make them shell shocked.

3. Prank Stun Gun

Stun Gun is where you can grip your phone like you would grip a taser and then they when someone unexpectedly touches it, it will vibrate and make a sound.

For a split second, it is as if they will think as if they got tased. You can definitely give a try and report back.

4. Dude, Your Car

This is a perfect way to scare your friend by taking a picture of his car and then adding dents and scratches to that picture and send it to him or her. This a quick prank and it is actually in one of the best prank videos in the USA.

Photoshop can be of great use when you want to prank someone! 

5. Frank Sounds Prank App

Frank Sounds Prank App has an amazing collection of prank sounds for any joke prank.

If you are a trickster at heart and you love to prank then, you can use these sounds: they are terrifying and annoying sounds mostly. You can trick someone by playing the doorbell sounds or a car crashing or glass breaking sounds.

You can also fool them playing a fake police siren and really scare them up!

6. Lie Detector Test Prank

Lie detector test is funny prank app where it will tell you if you are telling the truth or lying. You can set the result previously only to prank your friends.

You have to press the volume key when you scan the finger and there is the preset you have. When you increase the volume it means truth and when you decrease the volume it is lying.

It is an interesting app and you can have it for people to prank your friends.

7. Fake Call – Prank

This is a simple and basic prank call app where you can simulate an incoming call and schedule a time to activate call prank.

You can set a caller name or a caller picture and it can set a ringtone for it specially.

8. Razor Prank (Hair Trimmer)

DO you get a friend who loves their hair so much? Then this app is a perfect prank app for you to prank them.

This razor prank app is easy to use and all you have to do is to turn on the razor by tapping on it and it will slowly start to vibrate.

Then, it will start making real razor noise and the will be under the illusion that the hair is being cut. Then once it is done, the image of the clipper will change and now your friend thinks he/she is bald! How funny is that?

9. Scary Pranks: Scare your friends

Well, you can do different things on here and is better than the ideas that are given on the pranking websites.

You can do things like asking someone to take a call for you and instead of expecting a hello from the other side, they will get a scream. Perfect scary prank!

You can also ask your victim friend to check on the phone when you leave it on the table and then when they do a scary ghost will jump on them with a scream. Way to go, right?

10. Add Ghost to Photo Prank

In this app, you can easily smuggle a ghost picture to your private photo. This app makes the most reliable photos and you have some of the most advanced graphic features that you can change the position of the ghost and you can even alter its size.

Once, you are done, share it on social media websites. This can be a perfect pranking on Halloween or on April Fool’s Day!

Best Prank Apps for iOS:

1. Voice Changer, Sound Recorder

Voice changer app is another great app. Instead, it is a marvel of Prank Mobile App development. You can record your voice and add some effects to it.

You can either sound like a ghost, or an alien or a monster – the choice is yours.

After recording the voice, you can use the sound recorder and send the altered voice messages on social networking apps like WhatsApp. You can even add the voice of a grandpa! Great, right?

2. Prank- Prank Just For Laughs

This prank apps has the biggest collection of prank ideas. You have pranks for school, birthdays, April fool’s day, computers, cars, the office, etc.

You can try a trial version of the app and then if you like it you can have to use the ideas for pranks on your friends or office colleagues.

3. iFart

This was released way back in 2008 and it is one of the most popular apps even now. You can keep a list of scheduled farts and hide your mobile under the person you want to prank.

It will keep farting in periods and you can have some fun while the person whom you are pranking has no clue.

It is now available in the Android Google Play Store also where people with Samsung, Nokia or Huawei can also enjoy this app.

You can also record their reaction and make funny prank videos.

4. Prank Dial- #1Prank Call App

Prank Dial is the real deal these days. Now you need to manually call someone up and play a prank every time you want to prank. But now, you have apps for that. Prank Dial is the numero uno app where you can select a funny scenario and select which person you would like to give a call and then sit back and watch the prank In action. It is this classic prank call app that you can definitely add some flare to the prank.

5. Fake Call Plus- Prank Dial App

You can use this app where you can prank your friends or if you want to get out of a bad date. Record your voice and fake call yourself whenever you want.

You can actually make a fake incoming call from anyone you want and prank your enemies, bad dates or any impress your friends.

6. Fake Chat and Prank-Joker

Another prank app, it is actually realistic and has a great user interface.

You can make fake chats where you can have unlimited chats and also prank your jealous lovers too.

You can create fake WhatsApp chats and also create fake WhatsApp conversations.

7. Celebrity Voice Changer-Sound

Celebrity Voice Changer lets you change into the voice of any celebrity voice you want and it is not a cheap voice effect you find in the market. You need to have an internet connection while using this app and then you can count on them for their app. Great way to fool someone!

8. Pranks Channel

Pranks channel is the official app to see a collection of prank videos.

You will have the best mix of original pranks and there are updates of weekly pranks and vlogs from Jay and Kim too.

It was made by Beachfront Media LLC, a Mobile App Development Company and it is one the most successful apps of theirs.

9. Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location is the best location prank you can ever play. You can simply change your location and do it in a single click.

You can set your location with a single touch and you can add a picture to make it seem real.

Thus, if you want to prank your friends that you are in another location, this is the best location pranking app.

10. Scary Ghost Prank

Jantajorn Teepakdee provided mobile app services to this app and it is only intended for entertainment and prank purposes.

It is a game or in fact, a funny prank app where you can make it look like as if you are calling them.

It is not a real calling app but instead it is a simulated one where you are just joking with them.


These collection of apps that are available in both the Google Play Store and App Store are only for entertainment purposes.

Do not prank people who have a weak heart or pregnant women as you do not want to take risks.

Apart from that, you have free trial versions and paid versions and it completely depends on you if you want to purchase and get access to premium features of the app.

In addition to that, these are the top prank apps you can ever get and they are completely secure and safe to use.

You will not have any problem using them at all as they are not spam or have any virus files in them.

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