Having a website of their own has been significant for any business in recent times. Suppose you are planning to build a website for your business. Opting for the best website builders is one of the most significant decisions you’ll need to take.

Choosing the best website builder software for your business will also assure you to hike your online presence, which most businesses strive for. We have gone through many website builders services to make a comprehensive shortlist of the best website builders in the market.

To build your dream website, opting for the best free website builders is one of the significant steps that you need to take. The initial step is to choose the appropriate website builder for your business in this process. You might have a plan about what your business looks like, how it works, web pages to be added and many more. Whatever your strategy or budget looks like, we have mentioned some of the best website builders in the market.

What Does a Website Builder Mean?

You must be wondering what the best website builders are. Here is the answer. 

A website builder is a program or a platform that enables you to quickly and effortlessly develop a website for your business. These best website builders help you get your area of internet space to build to make your online presence. You can build a unique .com or any other outfit paired with your business content, products, services and all the other offerings you need to make tailor-made to your specified business goals.

Some of the best website builders have both online and offline existence. The major difference is the presence of an internet connection. An online website builder would not require any software downloads; it will work effortlessly through your internet browser. Most website builders include a feature of drag and drop that allows users to customize the elements on the page from the multiple layouts of web page templates being offered to them.

The best thing about online website builders is that you can work with your page anytime and anywhere you want with a stable internet connection. Best website builders with an online presence accompany web hosting services so that businesses do not have to worry about the extra technical base. It is one of the most recommended options for newcomers in the market.

On the other hand, website builders having an offline presence are operated as downloadable software programs. Here your PC hosts your files until you are all prepared to publish them to your web host. With offline website builders, you can work effortlessly with your website offline, but it will require a higher level of technical expertise. In addition to that, you are required to have a platform for web hosting services that must be bought separately.

This is what the best website builder software looks like:

  • You are required to pick a template from the website builder’s library that suits your requirement.
  • Furthermore, you are required to edit the template as per your build in elements with a single click and add your content like videos, images, text, social buttons, and many more to personalize your website.
  • Once you are done, check the entire thing if you are satisfied, then publish.

1. Google Website Builder

Starting price: Free
Drag-and-drop editor: No

Google has officially launched its single-page website builder specifically designed for small businesses. This new tool of Google, known as “website,” is free and promises to enable small business owners to develop and customize their website in minutes on mobile or desktop. As per Google, 60% of small businesses do not have their online presence. Google’s main motive is to boost that number by launching its new website builder. Google Website Builder is an extension of Google My Business, which means that you would be required to have filled out the GMB listing to use Google website builder.

Google will automatically fill out all the information from your GMB listing into your website, further customized with photos, text, and themes. If you are a newbie to GMB listing, Google will automatically invite you to develop your website. If you already have listed your business with GMB, you need to sign in with Google My Business and manage the location, and further, you need to select the website from the option. Parallelly, you can develop your website starting from the landing page.

Google’s website builder is limited by design, lacking several essential features that you would get in a much more robust content management system. However, it’s all a trade-off by getting to use Google My Business for free. It is a user-friendly tool that is paired with free hosting. It is not a perfect solution, but it’s much better than having no website presence for your business.

✍ Who Should Use Google Website Builder?

Google website builder is one of the best free website builders. It can be an excellent option for those who have their business registered with Google My Business, as Google automatically will channel all the information to your website. It can also be an excellent option for newcomers in the market who have a limited budget as this is free to use tool. 

So businesses having a limited budget can develop a website at no cost. It is easy to use the device but lacks CMS features, so for professional assistance, businesses can reach out to top CMS development companies as they can guide you with better and professional website development advice.

✍ Pros

  • Google website builder provides its users with more comprehensive customization options. It is free to use a website builder.
  • It is well integrated with other Google products.
  • It is easy to learn and use.
  • It is fast and convenient.
  • It has enhanced media embed support.

✍ Cons

  • The design features provided by Google website builders are limited.
  • It is a bit hard to do marketing with Google website builders.

2. GoDaddy

Starting price: $6.99 per month
Drag-and-drop editor: Yes

Building a website with GoDaddy’s website builder requires zero experience and technical skills. All you are required to do is answer some of the questions about the purpose type of your website. As per your answer and specification, you will be provided with a pre-built website set for customization. Furthermore, you can choose from a template you like and begin with adding your content through drag and drop functionality. GoDaddy does not provide you with several design options as some of GoDaddy’s competitors. All the templates provided are clean and professional.

GoDaddy is an all-in-one domain registrar, website builder, and web host that incorporates features and functionalities to help you with SEO and marketing. One of the unique features of GoDaddy is that it uses artificial design intelligence to build a website for you, depending on your needs. It will also add stock images that connect with your website or business theme. Upgrading your eCommerce website is an easy task, and it all begins at $14.99 per month with a long-term bond.

✍ Who Should Use GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is one of the best website builders that provide features and functionality for online stores and small businesses. Most SEO tools and marketing are developed into a dashboard or editor, but they do not have a monthly plan.

✍ Pros

  • It makes use of artificial intelligence for quick design.
  • GoDaddy offers users 24/7 customer support.
  • It has unmetered bandwidth.
  • It provides good value for preliminary plans for its users.

✍ Cons

  • The add ons provided were expensive.
  • It limits the customization process. 
  • It has a limited app market for its users.

3. Squarespace

Starting price: $12 per month
Drag-and-drop editor: Yes

Squarespace is one of the best and most well-known website builder software in the market. It is all packed with significant and useful features and functionalities. You can develop an online platform, portfolio site, blog, small business website, or membership site. The editor provided by Squarespace is user-friendly, but it might take some time to learn the location of all the features and menu provided. It crosses between a point-and-click editor and a drag-and-drop editor.

Squarespace is an easy webpage builder known for its templates. These website builders are the ones that are recommended by top CMS development company for beautiful design. Most of the templates offered are bold, modern, and minimalistic. Professional, skilled and experienced designers are designing those templates. All of the designs offered are mobile-responsive. Therefore you do not have to stress about designing a website for mobile users.

One of the unique features of Squarespace is that it allows accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that brightens the load of the blog pages. Diminishing the size of images by using a specific font and removing custom code to speed up the loading time over mobile phones.

✍ Who Should Use Squarespace?

Squarespace is one of the best website builders for designers, creative photographers, and people with artistic backgrounds. All businesses having a creative background and idea can do well with Squarespace design. It can be a great choice for the one looking for an online store, especially for those looking for special features like the one having limited availability labels.

✍ Pros

  • It provides modern, bold and stunning designs.
  • It is a user-friendly editor.
  • Squarespace provides AMP formatting.
  • It has limited availability labels for the e-commerce space.

✍ Cons

  • It provides limited customer support.
  • It limits customizations and design freedom.
  • It is much more expensive compared to other website builders.

4. WordPress.com

Starting price: $4 per month
Drag-and-drop editor: Yes

Anyone planning to launch their website would have heard of WordPress.com, but only skilled and experienced developers would know that there are two ways of setting up a WordPress website. One of these ways requires the business to find a web host and install WordPress through cPanel. While the other way makes use of WordPress’s hosting and their website builder to style, design, customize and launch your blog or online stores.

The WordPress hosted version might go less on some features and functionalities. Still, you would get access to the Jetpack plugin to handle your website’s security, SEO, marketing features, and analytics. It is pretty easy to launch a brand-new website using WordPress. Here you are not required to manage or install anything as you can install your third-party plugins to add many more features to your website.

✍ Who Should Use WordPress?

WordPress.com is one of the best free website builders in the market. It is a user-friendly platform, and developers with basic technical knowledge and skill can develop a website from WordPress.com. WordPress provides various unique and interactive themes to help you make an intuitive and attractive website. It is one of the best website builders for small businesses.

Furthermore, with the advanced plan, complicated features require the guidance of a top WordPress development agency. Thus as soon as you plan to build your website using WordPress website builder, then it is advised for you to reach out to a top WordPress development agency as they can guide you best through the process.

✍ Pros

  • It is an excellent choice for eCommerce websites.
  • It provides users with a free plan. It comes with solid customer support. 
  • Businesses are not required to maintain or install anything further.

✍ Cons

  • It is not hyper-intuitive.
  • It does not serve a wide range of features and functionalities.
  • Businesses cannot use eCommerce features by making use of the free version.


In this article, you would have gone through the 4 best website builders in the market, and hopefully, you might have got a better idea of which type of website builder would be best suited for your requirements. As you can witness from our list, each website builder has its strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are looking for a stylist or a cutting-edge website that has great value for money and serves as a great helping hand, a website builder will suit your needs.

Suppose you are confused about where to start, either choose GoDaddy, Square space, WordPress, Google Website Builder or any other to build your website, or might step back to choose which of the best website builders is not right for you. Reach out to your WordPress development agency as they can help you to decide which WordPress builders are the best suited for your business requirements.

Best Website Builders


A mobile responsive website is one that immediately adjusts the text, design, images, and other elements to show up promptly and appropriately over a mobile phone. As per Google Analytics stats, more than 60% of the web traffic is driven by mobile phones in the United States. So it is very significant for you to make your site mobile responsive.

AMP is accelerated mobile pages. It is an effort by Google and other collaborators to speed up the mobile traffic to your website to enhance the user experiences. To make sure that the blog loads up quickly on your mobile phone, it is required to be AMP optimized. If your website builder provides you with AMP functionality, you should use it as it would help you scale up your rank in search engines and most importantly, it will boost your website’s visitor’s experience.

Both the terms and templates are generally used interchangeably. These pre-build designs incorporate menu navigation with common pages like home, contact us, blog, about and other, a header and a footer. WordPress usually calls it a pre-designed theme, while Wix calls them templates. It makes no difference.