The global pandemic COVID 19 changed many things, especially in the marketing sector. 2020 has made major changes in the digital marketing industry, and 2021 is expected to evolve even more. As an experienced and skilled digital marketer, it is significant for you to have insights into what is new is coming to the market. 

In addition, it would help you stay alert about the modifying best practices without modifying the entire digital marketing strategy. Here in this article, we have stated the top email marketing trends in 2022. These marketing trends and predictions will provide insights about the tools you would require to get an edge over your competitors.

Email marketing would be one of the oldest marketing strategies, but it is strong as ever. Probably it has grown stronger as brands have made a significant shift to top digital marketing channels as we guide to the evolving marketing scene carried by COVID-19 pandemic. You can do wonders with a proper email marketing tips.

If you are still dicey about email marketing trends, this is a great time, to begin with. This article will guide you about the email trends meaning, top email marketing trends, and best practices you need to know for marketing strategy.

What is Email Marketing And State Its Benefits?

Email marketing is a type of marketing where a company sends commercial messages to a community through email. While talking from a broader perspective every email that is being sent to current, potential, or targeted customers is considered email marketing.

These advanced email marketing trends aid small businesses in reaching out to new targeted customers and building their revenue on the lowest budget. Here are some of the reasons why email marketing is one of the strategies included by every online marketing company:

☛ Matchless Return on Investment

In the current business environment, results are something that matters a lot. With this in mind, the significant reason that most businesses invest in email marketing trends is to witness a fantastic return on investment.

☛ Prompt Impact

Due to the immediate delivery of email, a business can receive results within minutes of its emails being delivered. A 24-hour sale is one of the amazing marketing trends that email can utilize, as it develops a sense of the immediate situation and certainly makes subscribers take immediate action.

☛ Reach a Global Audience

Email marketing can help businesses to spread their word to a global audience at the same time.

☛ Easy to Share

Most of your subscribers can forward amazing deals and offers to their friends and family at the click of a button. But unfortunately, there are not many marketing strategies that allow you to share this easily.

☛ Easy to Measure

Another significant benefit of email marketing is that it effortlessly analyzes were your marketing strategies are going wrong. For example, most email marketing software enables you to track click-through and conversion rates. This makes it simple to detect the problem and improvise a campaign.

Here are Top Email Marketing Trends to Follow in 2022

1. Hyper-Personalization

If you have ever learned about email marketing, you would know the significance of personalization. According to the Campaign Monitor ,emails sent from personalized subject lines are noticed 26% more than company emails. Experian has also witnessed that emails sent from personal names get 6 times more transaction rates. Isn’t this huge? Adding the recipient name and subject line won’t influence targeted customers in 2022. 

These days customers are looking forward to hyper-personalized content that provides relevant information. It would be best to make them feel like this is meant for them. As per lucid, around 20% of people will unsubscribe from the newsletter if the promotions or content does not match the requirements.

Is it ok for you to lose 20% of your email marketing customer list? With hyper-personalized content making use of dynamic content and segmentation won’t let you lose your email marketing customer list. However, email segmentation can only be effective if your email list is clean and up-to-date. Email list scrubbing involves removing invalid, inactive, and unengaged email addresses from your list to improve deliverability and avoid bouncing or spam complaints.

This segmentation can be based on interests, purchase history, location, behavior, and many more factors. With these segments, an online marketing company can develop content specifically designed for each segment instead of sending everyone the same message.

It is a tiresome process but has made it a lot easier as top email marketing trends allow you to use dynamic content. Dynamic email content is a personalized email marketing section that is modified based on your marketing list. You can build hyper-personalized emails by adding additional variables to your segmented mailing list.

2. Visual Mails

It is one of the trending email marketing trends and strategies for 2022, as this marketing trend promotes a lot more visual emails. It does not intend to send emails that include eye-catching images, GIFs, and actionable videos.

It just states that you don’t have to. You can continue with the hyper-personalized trend in that place. The attraction for visual emails may be hyped because they make you feel more personal.

It more likely looks like an email sent to a friend. Most people don’t send image-heavy emails to their families and loved ones.

Delivering users a visual email can be great email marketing news as it will modify the pace for your subscribers. Furthermore, blend your visual emails with your other planned emails to maximize the effect.

To get much more from the less popping emails, you can use them when you are looking forward to getting personal or trying hard to connect with your subscribers on a deeper and personal level.

3. Interactive Emails

An interactive email is basically an email sent to customers in order to draw their attention to your product page, service page, feedback, new product launch, reviews pages, and many more. Interactive emails are one of the amazing email marketing trends that help you to boost user engagement.

✍ Most online marketing company includes alternative email in their marketing strategy due to the following reasons:

  • It helps to boost user engagement
  • It helps to increase conversion rate
  • Companies gets access to qualified leads
  • It helps in improved sharing

4. Automation

Email automation is basically the use of stated rules to trigger email messages. Email automation is a way to develop emails that could reach the targeted audience at the right time. This email marketing trend promotes sending automated messages leveraging a marketing automation tool.

Email automation can help you to save time and automate your email marketing campaign. Even automation in email analytics can help you to analyze your campaign in deep moves and help you to improvise your email marketing campaign

When you merge email marketing with analytics, it can help to trigger hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns based on user behavior. It enables your subscribers to choose from the information they want to obtain. Including personalized shopping, recommendations can be reciprocated from users’ purchase histories. Here we have listed top marketing automation tactics:

Linking your website analytics with email marketing can help to target people based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales. This helps you to personalize each customer experience and boosts the relevance of automated campaigns.

✍ Some email marketing automation tactics are as follows:

  • Creating a new welcoming email series is an amazing way to new users, set expectations, and boost engagement.
  • Send transactional emails to the new users after taking action on your site are confirmation messages. For generating more revenue, we can use them to sell, upsell, and boost engagement.
  • Sending anniversary and birthday emails will let them think that we care about them and by adding a special discount will boost the revenue.
  • Several marketing tools can be combined with websites that can trigger email campaigns depending on the action taken on our site.

There are limitless options in which we can automate email marketing.


It is quite evident that COVID 19 has evolved businesses around the globe. Most of the top businesses have taken it as an opportunity to carry out advanced marketing strategies and unique business models. While moving in 2022, it witnessed to see new email marketing trends that focus on people’s ideology first. Businesses come up with more compassionate strategies that lead to stronger customer-business relationships. Here email marketing is considered a perfect marketing channel for relationship building.

2019-2020 has been a challenging year, the global pandemic has affected the economy to a large extent, and everyone around you is a bit more anxious about what is to come. But, as we have already witnessed, marketers are up to some contest. 

In 2022 it is expected to see businesses paying much attention to users’ needs and requirements and redefining brands and businesses to a compassionate human-centered approach, with these latest email industry news for 2022.

Email Marketing Trends


As in 2021 and 2022, business around the globe is predicted to focus on email marketing hyper-personalization rather than just personalizing elements of campaigns. Here’s how you profit from this trend: Recommending content or products by audience segments. Flexible promotions and messages by audience segments.

Email Marketing Master plans and Tips for 2022:
  • Create Killer Subject Lines.
  • Personalize Your Emails.
  • Keep it Short and Visual.
  • Optimize Your CTAs.
  • Write Compelling Preview Text.
  • Follow Up, But Don’t Spam.
  • Create Mobile-Friendly Emails.

In terms of the effectiveness of B2B email marketing, statistics say, 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to qualify a B2B prospect and turn them into profitable prospects