WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce and always makes it possible for everyone to create an online store easily. A web hosting service is a hosting in which hosts are provided to the clients. Hostings offer the facilities that are required for the websites. To succeed, one may have to pick up the best WooCommerce hosting possible so that one can focus on growing the developed business.

Even if there are so many plans and providers for hostings, it is always beneficial and recommended to choose the dedicated hosting platform, which provides an easy procedure for setting up and managing the store.

In this article, let’s go into the features regarding top WooCommerce hostings and the best WordPress development services. Some WooCommerce providers are expensive, or some may have more features. This means that not all WooCommerce hosting providers are the same, and all are different and unique in their ways.

Let’s Check the Best Hosting for WooCommerce Stores

There are Various WooCommerce hosting providers. Of these, the best are listed below. These best hostings are classified according to their features, intuition, and pricing.

  • SiteGround
  • Bluehost
  • Dreamhost
  • Cloudways
  • Kinsta
  • WP Engine

1. SiteGround

SiteGround is considered to be one of the best WordPress WooCommerce hostings. It provides amazing support, overall great performance, and the best security. The anti-bot protection from spam is also beneficial, which blocks tons of spam every day.

The choice of your hosting provider will influence the security, speed greatly, and overall performance of any particular website. The pre-installed SSL certificate and the daily backup programs make this SiteGround WooCommerce hosting website one of the best custom WooCommerce development.

✍ Features:

  • Latest security technologies along with free SSL certificates.
  • Pre Installed WooCommerce and compliment hosting environment.
  • Shipping options that are configurable and automated backup and restore options are free.
  • 24/7 customer support.

SiteGround has the best affordable options making it one of the best WooCommerce hosting. The startup plan is worth $3.99 per month, and the growth plan is worth $6.69 per month. The third option is also available, which is termed to be as Go Greek, and it is worth $10.69 per month.

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best hostings for WordPress e-commerce. It has been officially recommended by WordPress. The offers by Bluehost include the plans, which are just really affordable. And these affordable plans have been dedicated to e-commerce, which comes with a preinstalled WooCommerce. It also has an SSL and a lot more.

✍ Features:

  • It has a free setup for online calls that helps the store get up.
  • WordPress and WooCommerce are already preinstalled and also with the official storefront theme.
  • SSL certificate and an IP address are also provided.
  • A domain name is provided for the first year, which is free.

Bluehost WooCommerce is one of the best because it is very easy to use. Moreover, as Bluehost can pre-installing the tools, hence it has become one of the convenient WooCommerce hostings.

The pricing plan of Bluehost is $15.95 per month, and if you want to go with the premium packages available, then it would cost around $32.95 per month.

3. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the best managed WooCommerce hosting, which is beginner-friendly. It has officially been recommended by wordpress for great customer support and easy setup. This website is managed entirely by wordpress and also the WooCommerce provider.

It comes with a pre-installed SSL certificate, and the main advantage is there is nothing to worry about setting up or installing anything.

✍ Features:

  • It comes with guaranteed uptime and extreme speed, one of the best custom WooCommerce services.
  • It has pre-installed WooCommerce hosting.
  • It also comes with a preinstalled storefront theme and a free jetpack.

The pricing plan of this hosting has a basic WooCommerce starting price worth $16.95 per month. The best feature is that it has an uptime of 99.93%.

4. Cloudways

Cloudways is the best recognized and the fastest WooCommerce hosting. It provides amazing security, excellent overall performance, and, not to forget, great support. In addition, it has the best hosting for increasing speed optimization by ten times.

Cloudways offers a migration that is hustle free for sure, and additionally, 24/7 customer support is also available here in the cloudways. All these features make this a great e-commerce hosting.

✍ Features:

  • Existing stores get the best WooCommerce hassle-free migration.
  • Pre Installed WooCommerce and a free SSL certificate are also available.
  • The great feature is that it can be accessed through the phone.
  • A slack channel that is private and ready servers are also a part of this, making it the best WooCommerce hosting.

The pricing plan associated with cloudways is also very flexible and reasonable. The basic pack of this WooCommerce starts at $12 per month. It also has one of the greatest uptime of 99.99%.

5. Kinsta

When it comes to Kinsta, it helps boost revenue, ROI, and SEO. Kinsta also ensures the user experience by making and keeping the stored lodes fast, all the time, making it one of the best WooCommerce hosting.

Kinsta WooCommerce hosting is always in search of good talents. Kinsta has great security features and implements active and passive evaluations to stop attacks.

✍ Features:

  • It has a great security network and good speed architecture.
  • It has the next generation and automatic backups infrastructure, which is an amazing feature.
  • It comes with a google cloud platform and regular uptime checks, which makes it the best ecommerce hosting.
  • It also has uptime checks at regular intervals and a good firewall with an enterprise-grade.

The pricing plan is around $30 per month with a ten GB disc space, the best WooCommerce hosting price.

6. WP Engine

WP Engine is a fully managed WooCommerce provider for hosting, and best, especially for the businesses of WordPress and WooCommerce . Moreover, all of its employees are certified by WordPress and WooCommerce, making it the best supporter one will get from any company.

✍ Features:

  • WP Engine includes a platform built especially for WooCommerce , making it the best hosting for WooCommerce .
  • Auto plugin updates are also available to ensure site security and site safety.
  • It comes with premium themes for e-commerce websites.

The professional pricing plan is worth $50 per month. And one will be offered with three sites and 75000 visits per month. So it has an amazing uptime of 100%.


WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, and it is always possible for all to create an online store in an easy and specific manner. There are various websites available, and the best WooCommerce hosting includes SiteGround, Bluehost, Dreamhost, Cloudways, Kinsta and WP engine, and a lot more. Read more on best payment gateways for an eCommerce stores.

Bluehost is best, especially if you are a beginner and want to start your online store. All the hostings mentioned above are best in their ways, and the pricing plan is also mentioned, which is a very reasonable option. WP Engine is the most advanced and managed WooCommerce hosting. This is always at the top, even for small and large hostings.

WooCommerce Hosting


In general, there are two hostings considered to be the best. They are Bluehost and SiteGround. These are the best because they provide extraordinary performance, zip-locked security features, and one of the most important features, 24/7 support, is provided to their customers. These two are the best WordPress development services. These websites are also the most reliable and are recommended by WordPress as well as WooCommerce. Hence, these two hostings can be recommended as the best WooCommerce hostings.

If you are looking for a website for beginners, Bluehost is the best. It is best because it comes with a preinstalled WooCommerce. Also, with a free name for the domain, it also comes with 24/7 customer support, which makes it great for beginners. Finally, it helps us get a bit of extra help to set up our online store for eCommerce.

All the hostings can handle millions of viewers each day. All are equipped in such a way that they can handle small online stores and large online stores. It is also able to handle the page viewers during the peak traffic shopping holidays. The traffic of any specific site also can handle the plans that are dependent largely on the chosen. Various hostings like Siteground, Bluehost, and HostGator are all able to handle a visitor count of 1000 to 5000 every day. Therefore, one should always be able to handle the traffic as per required.