Setting up a new WordPress website is a very easy task, but shifting it from one host to another is quite different. If you are a beginner in the migration process, then a small mistake can cause heavy data losses and maybe a very big effect on your search engine ranking.

The good thing is that WordPress is a well-known platform, and there are a lot of plugins available that do this type of work properly. These all plugins backup and maintain the data and manage and prevent all the issues that arise when you shift from one host to another.

But there are a lot of products available in the market and choosing one of them is a 

very big task. This article will learn about the Best WordPress Migration plugins and how they work. Explore more on WordPress Lazy Loading Plugins to make your website faster in 2022.

What is WordPress Migration Plugin

The shifting of a WordPress installer with all its components from one host to another is called the Migration of WordPress. Migration can also occur between:

  • From localhost to a big live server
  • For changing your current host to a new host
  • Moving a website to a new directory from the old subdomain
  • Shifting the entire content available on your site from one host to another.

Mainly the shifting of WordPress can be done by shifting the two-component that is:

  • File
  • Database

Benefits of WordPress Migration Plugin

The Migration of a website is a very time-consuming process, and WordPress website development services know this time can be reduced only by using the Migration Plugin. You can migrate many sites by using various WordPress migration plugins. 

Let’s Check the Best WordPress Migration Plugin

1. Duplicator Pro

The Duplicator Pro is one of the biggest WordPress migration plugins and has many unique features. It can be operated by any person with a little technician knowledge. The biggest advantage of the duplicator pro is that it has step-by-step guidance for migration. First, you have to create a migration package and download it to your devices. Next, you have to upload this on the new servers, and the migration is completed. How easy is it to access this plugin?

2. UpdraftPlus

After the duplicator pro, the updraft plus are second in positions. The biggest advantage of updraft plus is that it has a very friendly user interface. If you have used any backup tool, you can easily handle this. Its pricing is very based on its features. It starts from $42 a year to $399 a year.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack is also a very popular name for WordPress marginal plugins. This is the bigger friendly plugin. The most likely feature of this plugin is that these plugins come with auto-rewrite URL facilities. If you shift to a new URL from your old URL, sometimes some URLs are not copied properly and do not work on new sites. But with this WordPress migration plugin, this problem never happens because this plugin can rewrite the URL by itself. Its pricing starts from $209 per month to $1599 per month.

4. All-In-One WP Migration

While approx the migration plugins have a limit on the download and upload file size, this plugin bypasses the limit. This feature is very helpful in uploading large files. If you have a big website, you have big data, and you have to upload the biggest size file on the new sites. And with this WordPress marginal plugin, you are free from size. 

5. Backup Buddy

It has a unique feature of replacement of URL. If you, by mistake, put a wrong URL, this WordPress migration plugin automatically detects the errors and corrects them. This plugin allows you to connect your WordPress site directly. Its pricing starts from $80 a year to $499 per year.

Features of the Best WordPress Migration Plugins Are:

Before finding the best Migration Plugin, we will see some unique features that make the Migration Plugin the best among its competitors. 

1. Simple User Interface

When it comes to Customer-oriented service, the user interfaces play a big role because no one wants to use bulky interference. Migration is a time-consuming process, so people use it to save time, and if this is bulky, it also consumes a lot of time. Therefore, many users want a simple user interface with no unwanted scheme, and the process is only work-oriented. WordPress site migration plugins are always very simple to use. 

2. Comprehensive

The WordPress migration plugin has always been ready to handle complex tasks. And work on way that none of the details are left. This means all the data and files are transferred in a very positive way but in less time. 

3. Backup

It is a new add-on service that a Migration Plugin provides a backup. The backup options are not available widely because the work of the WordPress migration plugin is very hard, and some low-end companies can’t provide such a big process of backup. A Migration Plugin copies your data and file and pastes it to the other host site, but it is beneficial for a Migration Plugin to back up the copied data. There is a very small chance of data corruption during the shift, and when this happens, the copied data will save your website from a big loss.

4. Storage

As digital storage is becoming larger, many WordPress website development services and Migration Plugins use digital storage to store the data on cloud storage like Google Drive, Amazon, S3, and Dropbox. This is one of the additional benefits. You can use this copied data from anywhere and shift the website from hosts. If your Migration Plugin supports digital storage, it provides a lot of profit. One of the biggest benefits is when you need to shift the websites, you don’t need to download them. You simply go with the digital storage options. 

5. Cost

The cost is one of the more discussed topics in the case of Migration Plugin. The cost can make a big difference in vision. Because if the Migration Plugin has tons of features, but the prices are high, then small businesses cannot afford it. 

6. Reviews

Whenever you want to buy new things, checking the reviews of the product is always beneficial. Companies are making a lot of advertising, but all the features they tell in their advertisement sometimes are not perfectly working. Just thinking then you have a limited amount to invest, and you invest the amount in this type of Migration Plugin, it will become a problematic situation. The solution to this type of problem is only you research the market and collect the review before making the decisions. 

7. Update

Everything has a limited life span, and for the longest life, an update is necessary. Because no one knows what happens in the next 2 or 3 years. Whenever you invest a bid amount, you have to ensure that the product will receive the proper update from the company. And this feature of continuous updates is available only in big companies. So always try to buy the best WordPress migration plugin.

8. Customer Service

These are the main things to consider when you buy a new thing. In the case of the Migration Plugin, it is very important because the Migration Plugin is working on the internet, and the thing on the internet gets damaged. Suppose you buy a very cost-effective product, giving a proper update and providing all of the features available in the high-end product, but the customer services are not reliable; in this case, if some problems happen, then where do you contact? All the discussed features can be comparable, but this is not. Customer service is a must-have feature to see whenever you contact WordPress website development services.

Learn How to Migrate a WordPress Site

There are three techniques to migrate the WordPress site, and all three methods are discussed below.

☛ Manual Migration

Manual Migration means migrating a WordPress site without a plugin. Migration of your WordPress websites is a very interesting thing, and you don’t feel bored at any moment. For migrating the site, you first make a copy of all of your data like files, themes, and databases. Once you copy all your data, you are ready to start the next procedure, but in my advice, if you are doing this for the first time, it is very beneficial to back up the data. 

Now upload all the copies of data on the new server using the FTP tools. Now the time has come for errors. The shifting time depends on the size of your website. It may be as short as 10 Or 15 minutes and can take many hours. If you left any Uncopy folder, it might create a big issue in the shifting process. 

☛ Migration Provided By a Web Host

As the compilation increases, many web hosting companies started providing free Migration on their website. Usually, they hire a team of the best professional team to do this. 

☛ The WordPress Migration Plugin

If you don’t want a lot of tension, but in some cases, you don’t want to authorize any other to your websites, then this option is for you. There are a lot of marginal plugins that are available in the market to do your work. Also, there is the best free WordPress migration plugin available. You need to search for them.


The WordPress migration plugin is difficult and consumes a lot of time. However, if you want to transfer your website, you can go with this. And if you are worried about the money, the one more thing that you have to keep in mind is that the Migration Plugin is available free of cost. If you plan to buy the Migration Plugin, you can check the free version of the plugin; this gives an idea about how this Migration Plugin works. There are a lot of websites where you get a WordPress migration plugin for free.

WordPress Website Migration


No, the chance of damage to the website appears in manual Migration; the WordPress site migration plugins are made for Migration, so it does not affect the websites.

Yes, you can migrate a wordpress site without a plugin, but the chances of website damage are very high.

There are all options available if you want to go to premium them, you have to pay. Otherwise, you can use a lot of WordPress site migration plugins for free.