Budget is the most vital aspect of every business, no matter it is a start-up or large-scale enterprise. A taxi GPS tracker is an effective system, contributing huge impacts to improve taxi service.

The taxi business heavily relies on the driver’s abilities to transport passengers from one place to another. Cab companies usually ignore the vehicle tracking system due to its expensive installation.

The advancement in technology declined the cost of a GPS tracker and provided a more cost-effective solution to the fleet business. Installing a GPS tracking system paves a great way to improve taxi service operations and give their customers a quality service they deserve.

GPS tracker helps businesses to achieve their business goals concerning cost, productivity and customer satisfaction.

What is a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker is a device correlated to a traveling vehicle or person that uses the Global Positioning System to ascertain and trace its precise location at various periods. A GPS can give the users both the real-time and navigation data for any drive.

The increasing popularity of on-demand taxi services enhanced the necessity of installing a GPS tracker in the taxi business.

Besides, with the rising competition, taxi business owners need to provide quality services like quick turnaround time, customer satisfaction and better customer satisfaction. The company has to offer premium services and to maintain its budget at the same time.

☛ How does a GPS tracker work?

A GPS tracker consists of GPS satellite, wireless connectivity, a server, an interface, tracking hardware, a signal receiver and a GPS vehicle tracking API.

To be more precise, the GPS tracker has the following aspects:

  • Sealed box for module
  • Connects to GPS Unit to the onboard network
  • Mobile module with a signal receiver
  • Built-in removable batter
  • A software
  • Network connection

The GPS can work in two ways, namely active modes and passive modes. Inactive mode, the GPS tracking system offers the real-time position of the vehicle.

In passive mode, it records the vehicle’s position at specific time intervals and defines the location between the recoded points. The businesses need to invest more in passive mode, as it requires additional memory for recording the position.

Both of these GPS tracking methods are very necessary for traffic management that relies on the location of the vehicles and their movements.

How does Taxi GPS Tracker help to Boost your Business?

☛ Accurate ETAs

The riders who book a cab are generally ready to go or nearly ready to go while booking a taxi. This means that they will be waiting for their cab to arrive as soon as possible.

But due to traffic, speed and identifying location, the estimated time of arrival of drivers are rarely accurate. The vehicle tracking system helps the cab companies to track the real-time updates of the drivers, and the riders can get these updates to know the stats of their cab.

The GPS monitoring helps the customers to make an accurate judgment regarding the ETA while considering the outside factors.

☛ Better navigation for drivers

With the help of GSP technology, the drivers can see real-time updates of the traffic, natural factors like weather, wind, and rain.

The GPS tracker with ride-hailing software enables the drivers to take alternative routes, especially for the areas with heavy traffic. In this way, the drivers can make good time by avoiding areas affected due to accidents, or any similar events.

☛ Fast turnaround time

Restaurants that turn the tables over faster make more money, and the same theory goes for the taxi business. Most of the drivers make money by picking up more passengers in a shorter amount of time. The more the number of rides, the higher the profit is.

As the GPS tacker allows the drivers to check out the routes, they can check out the shorter routes, providing fast turnaround time for the company.

☛ Enhanced driver and rider safety

Passenger safety is in the hands of their cab drivers. That is why the cab companies hold their drivers in high regard. One of the most significant uses of GPS tracking system is that it can allow the administrators to monitor what goes on with their motorists once they are out of sight.

The companies can check if the drivers are safe on the roads. Your drivers will be more conscious of their actions when they know that they are being monitored. The companies can also set the GPS routes for their drivers and can get a notification if any driver is off-route.

Features of GPS tracker to improve performance:

GPS trackers hold great importance in today’s tech-savvy world to ensure safety on the roads. The tech giants and start-ups are coming up with innovative ideas to bring advanced GPS tracking system empowered by the Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

The innovative features of the vehicle tracking system have entirely transformed the way the businesses are managing their fleets, especially during late-night rides.

Here are some fundamental characteristics that you should look for while developing an on-demand taxi app:

Live Tracking

The GPS systems can be integrated with Google maps to provide a precise and accurate result. With the help of Google maps, the drivers, riders as well as the company can get real-time updates of the place, their time and transport network.

Notifying important locations

You can set your preferred zones in your GPS which help you to track you down the arrival and departure of a vehicle or a person in these locations. You can tag preferred areas such as your office, home shipment destination in the maps. Whenever any person or vehicle reached these locations, you will be notified on your smartphone.

Travel History

The users can record the travel route along with time and address. With a simple and intuitive user interface, the users can check out the records, travel routes and time on their map. The users can check out the address and time and can view any history saved on the server.

Accurate Data Insights

Nowadays, most of the business decisions are taken based on data. With the help of tracking software, you can gather, store and analyze different types of user data associated with your business. With the help of this data, you can analyze user’s behavior, their preferences, their desired time for ordering a cab, the average cost of fuel, the ordinary waste of fuel, the average time for every driver, average speed and many other such data.

Theft protection for vehicles

The GPS tracking system is well-equipped with all modern technologies, including geofencing tools. The geofencing tool lets the companies set up virtual boundaries for the drivers with the help of real-world geographic location. The moment the vehicle leaves the geofencing areas, the company will receive a notification through text message or email. Also, when the car is stolen, it can be tracked with frequent updates on GPS tracker with up-to-date information.

Speed alert

Just like the theft protection, speed alerts feature notifies the companies when any vehicle exceeds the speed limit. The companies can set a predetermined speed in the tracker to determine a safe drive for their riders.


Ironically, finding a needle in the haystack would be quite more comfortable than finding the best Taxi GPS Tracker that fits both your budget and your technical requirements.

It is recommended to focus on the primary functions for developing fleet management tracking software. Or you can find out the most proficient taxi booking app development company which offers customized solutions to your specific requirements.

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