People nowadays understand the importance of self-care and self-grooming. You can build an on-demand salon app which can exactly provide this facility and others, making it easy for the customers.

Previously these were considered luxuries that would consume both money and time.

Being well and presentable has gained importance both in and outside work. Thus, parlors and salons are offering various services to cater to customer’s needs.

Consequently, the demand for such services is rising and people have to stand in long queues to avail it. This can be avoided if appointments could be pre-booked, which is possible using a suitable app.

Tips regarding salon booking app development

In order to build an app, you need to take help from a developer. A good app development agency can provide you and create an app as per your requirements.

However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind for hair salon application development. Some of them are as follows:

#1. Allow customers to book appointments

This is obviously the most important feature of any salon booking app. You have to get this feature right in order to get users who will download and use your app.

The app should show the status of the salon he/she wants to book in order to find the earliest available date and time. Users should also be able to use the app as a beauty salon scheduling app and get an appointment in future data from beforehand.

The app must send the appointment details to the chosen salon in real-time in order to successfully book the slot.

#2. Show a list of salons

Not all users have a fixed preference for a salon. They desire to get a wide array of salon suggestions from which they can choose the one they can deem appropriate.

This means your app should be able to display as many salons as possible in order to properly offer choices to customers. With help from a salon development partner, you have to add the salons in your app.

The list should show the location of the salons. Users should also be able to see which salons are near their location. They should be able to use a search function and filter through the salons.

#3. List services offered by the salon

A salon or spa management app should provide adequate details about each and every place that is listed on the app. Among the details, the most important of them is what services they offer.

You must keep in mind that not all salons provide all the services. A customer can require a service a salon cannot offer. Thus, each and every service offered by the salons should be mentioned in detail.

There can also be a variation within a particular service offered by two salons. Hence, when you build an on-demand salon app, you must not miss any detail regarding this.

#4. Show detailed prices of services

People nowadays are budget conscious and they understand the value of money. This means they want the best experience they can possibly get within their budget.

People will check the prices in beauty services at the home app before making a decision. You must collect the pricing details from the salons and provide prices and breakups of every individual service.

If a salon offers packages for their customers, your app should show how much the individual items cost and what they can save from availing a package.

Prices should include other charges and taxes either with the item or as a separate mention below.

#5. Detailed customer profiling

Your spa management app should allow customers to save some of their details on the app itself. If this is not done, customers will have to enter all the details every time they want to schedule an appointment.

Having an account can solve this problem. The account details will enable users to book an appointment with fewer taps. The account can also help the app to provide personalized salon suggestions to every customer

Customers will also be able to manage multiple bookings and also be able to check details of previous bookings.

#6. Payment flexibility

People of this generation are very comfortable with online payments. There are a plethora of online payment options and there is a user for every type.

This means you have to provide as many payment options as you can so that customers can freely choose the mode of payment they want. Moreover, people tend to use more than one online payment option and they chose a different option on each occasion.

Thus, when you build an on-demand salon app¸ you must allow customers to save some of their preferred payment data securely in their account.

#7. Review and rating system

One way to judge the quality of a place is by seeing user reviews and ratings provided by other customers. Your beauty salon mobile app development should also allow users to leave ratings and reviews based on their experience.

There should be one overall rating for the salon and individual ratings for the services they had opted for. As for the review, they can provide a written summary of their overall experience for the salon and services together.

People should also be able to change their overall review and rating based on their subsequent appointment.

#8. Special offers and promotions

People love lucrative offers and deals. A person who previously did not have any plan to go to a salon might reconsider if he/she gets an offer he/she cannot refuse.

With active collaboration from some salons, you can provide some terrific deals only to the customers who use your app. That way both your app as well as the concerned salon will get promoted.

The deals should be clear and fair so that customers do not feel cheated on availing it. That way you can earn their trust.

#9. User-friendly app

The user interface of an application does matter. Developers should design the app in such a way that it is easy for the user to understand and use.

Moreover, the app should also look attractive and interactive so that users have a great experience while using the app. Apps are meant to make lives easy and it starts with the design of the user interface.

#10. Well optimized app

Optimization is basically doing the same thing in an effective manner in order to minimize time and resources. The apps that you make will be running on various devices, and many of them are low budget phones.

The app will also need to use internet data in order to perform its functions. An unoptimized app will lag and crash on low and midrange devices. These things will limit users from actively using your app.

You should make sure the app consumes an optimal amount of device storage. It should work smoothly irrespective of the device it is running on.

#11. Support all devices and platforms

Most mobile devices run either on iOS or Android. In order to increase your customer base, you must provide the app to both the platforms. While the idea behind the app is the same, the process of development will vary.

You must take help from an android app development company in order to build a salon appointment book app for android.

On the other hand, an iOS app development company will create an app for iOS devices.

Thus, there are two separate teams working on separate projects to bring the same app on all devices.

#12. In the app live chat function

Often consumers have doubts and queries regarding the salon they are looking at and the services which they offer. It is quite difficult to get that cleared in the app if now one is actively helping the customer.

Emails and phone numbers can help but they are quite inconvenient and take a long time to respond. When you build an on-demand salon app, you must put a 24×7 live chatbox on your app.

People can directly ask questions in the chatbox. You can take the help of artificial intelligence to get a chatbot who can assist with the basic questions and queries.

Should the question ask for something specific or out of bounds for the bot, it can be directed to any support personnel.

#13. Regular updates

Updates are what keep an app alive. Various issues crop up that can only be identified when many people use the app. These issues and bugs should be regularly identified and fixed.

The developer should also bring new features and improvements from time to time to further improve the user experience.


Using technology in the correct fashion can unlock many possibilities making life easier. Taking help from a developer you can build an on-demand salon app that can help customers to find salons and book appointments.

Packed with the necessary features, a good beauty salon app can attract a lot of customers. Use your unique ideas and follow these tips to make the best beauty salon appointment app.

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