The current, as well as the previous generation, is witnessing a widespread evolution in the gaming industry. So it’s a great opportunity to build a mobile game like PUBG.

All thanks to today’s mobile game development company that has helped advance the industry with 8-bit game consoles, PlayStations, VR headsets, etc.

Not just this but with high-end iPhone game development services, people can also play heavy console-quality games on their smartphones.

Monument Valley in the year 2018, and The Elder Scrolls: Blades in the year 2019 no doubt enhanced the enthusiasm of almost all game lovers. But the one name that right from its inception in 2017 to till date is brimming game enthusiasts’ hearts with excitement & the thrill is PUBG.

Within the first six months of the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game bagged a whopping amount of half a billion dollars!

A sound game developer knows how intricate it is to build a mobile game like PUBG. It definitely does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of dedication, patience & a little bit of luck to get it right & touch millions of hearts.

So let’s dive in to know how to make a game that quickly becomes beta-testing ready.

Insightful information on PUBG

A tantalizing idea surrounds this battle royal game. The game includes you & 99 other players on an abandoned island where there are madcap weapons, screwy vehicles & some bizarre ways players can die.

There is only one objective which is: either you kill or let others kill you.

The game launched in 2017 with Brendan Greene as its creator.

The global market share of PUBG is tremendously high. The application witnessed more than 100 million downloads within the first four-month of its release.

Also, it received a nomination as the Best Mobile Game at the prestigious The Game Awards 2018.

As per a survey in the U.S. the highest gross revenue for the game touched approximately 6.9 million US dollars.

To develop an app like PUBG that generates so much revenue definitely calls for an extraordinary mind & a drive for excellence.

Do you think you have it all in you to achieve this?

If yes, educate yourself with this blog.

Process of building successful games like PUBG:

#1. The soft launch mattered

There is no doubt how popular battle games like PUBG were on the desktop. But yet the developers chose not to take a risk & only launched the app for users situated in Canada.

Testing the game was the main objective & to observe whether the target audience is reacting positively to the mobile version or not. Game developers think of this methodology as an intelligent tactic for eradicating errors that might be present during the game release.

#2. Monetization approach

When the question is how to make a game like PUBG, it is first vital to learn about its monetization procedure.

The game is not just free for playing and downloading but there are in-app elements accessible as well for people who are interested to purchase them. However, the gameplay is not completely dependent on the budget of the user.

#3. Game concept

The idea that several different players come together on a deserted island for combating one another is enthralling in itself.

A battleground game like this because of its concept always interests game lovers. So to build a mobile game like PUBG, coming up with such an exciting concept is necessary.

It is true that people love games with eye-catching designs & amazing graphics but it is somehow not adequate.

You can only keep players hooked to the game if it carries in-app rewards, interesting fighting levels, hardships that do not bore, etc. The key to attaining success is a dynamic concept.

#4. Graphics that fascinate players

The one aspect of online battleground games like PUBG that sets it apart from other games is its graphics. The graphics of this game are enchanting especially when the players reach the highest settings.

However, in the console or PC release, the textures, frame drops & map details are beyond satisfying. Not experiencing the same thing on a Smartphone is quite normal.

But there are benefits of playing games like PUBG mobile too.  Players can get hands-on features that enable them to adjust the designs as per their favored performance for the device.

With this, players can actually set the frame rate from very low to high. Also, they can alter the detail designs from smooth to High Definition.

There are color choices available too that help the players to change the muted tones to vivid tones.

#5. Noteworthy UX with modifiable controls

Comprehending the player’s unknown battlegrounds requirements perfectly is important before trying to build a mobile game like PUBG. There must be touch-screen controls.

Along with using the default setup, players start playing with a virtual control stick. The other thumb needs to be on the screen’s right portion for controlling the point.

Players fire then points down the sights, curve, incline & get to the backup along with virtual buttons on the screen’s right side.

As the players get comfortable with this layout, they can enjoy access to the same actions on the PC version as well such as learning & free-looking.

Just by sliding around the virtual buttons, players can transform the layout & also change the size and transparency. Sparing numerous layout presents is also possible.

This mobile game is loved by millions because of its intuitive default layout.

Technology stack for developing an app like PUBG:

If you are a budding game developer & will want your audience to search for PUBG alternatives too, it is vital to place special emphasis on the technology stack.

The technology that has erected & made PUBG a world-wide success is listed as follows:

☛ Java

Java is utilized as a side-sourcing language as it is the best language for Android gaming applications.

☛ Python

Though a general-purpose language, this largely helps in building the core of a game such as PUBG. This ensures more security for the gaming app. Programmers with such languages can develop adaptable games.

☛ Unreal Engine 4

This particular game engine is coded in the C++ language which leads to realistic graphics & amazing portability.

☛ Pearl 6

This programming language is object-oriented that facilitates simplified inter-process communication & coding. The language helps in detecting errors at an early stage that again speeds up the game app development time.

Walking through the various steps for developing a game like PUBG:

☛ Setting up the mobile application development

You might have ideas for creating upcoming battle royale games but it is necessary to plan before. It is quite evident that PUBG carries no store & plot.

It is jumping & shooting around with great graphics. You need to figure out whether you can create something better than that or whether your game idea truly requires a plot.

☛ iOS or Android is the real question

Selecting the OS is important when you make games similar to PUBG. The market space is ruled by two champions namely iOS & Android.

The market share of Android is 89% while for iOS it is 12.9%. The latter can pay for in-application purchases such as character upgrades, power-ups, etc.

☛ Suggest the USP

Even if you get hold of the PUBG game coding, you need to understand what the market and audience are looking for. To build a mobile game like PUBG, you must think about what you can offer to this ever-growing industry.

Also, you need to check whether your game idea can expand the battle royale niche or not. Funky weapons and immersive worlds are unique ideas that can keep players hooked to your game for hours.

☛ Design and develop the mobile application

Unlike planning which we studied in the first step, designing any game is an entirely different thing.

This is the space where PUBG mobile developer creates worlds & levels fill the levels with wacky characters, weapons & vehicles. This helps in making a game irresistible to potential users.

Game development also calls for an expert team of game developers. Creating games like PUBG for Android includes months of coding & designing which makes it an intricate process.

Hiring a mobile game development company in these scenarios prove to be quite beneficial. This is because these companies come with teams who are experts in structuring fully functional games.

Breakdown: Cost To Develop Mobile Game Like PUBG

There might be options for players to choose games like PUBG free but do the game developers carry such liberty? The answer is No.

Mobile game app development has always been a pricey endeavor. So the first question you need to ask yourself is; how big a hole can you dig in your pocket?

Everything is about a matter of calculated risk & investments for the graphics, background score, UI, sound design, etc. Also, the budget will need to be set as per the choice of the OS.

Creating the best battle royale games on Android will never be an easy venture. There are several game aspects that you just cannot neglect.

For instance, your game can contain less attractive graphics but if the UX is not seamless & the background score is not ecstatic, there is no point in launching the game.

Hence, budget sanctioning for every game development aspect needs to be as per the requisites of the game.

Jotting down accurate cost estimation for creating games like PUBG mobile is difficult. This is because the cost might fluctuate with every step depending on the choices the developer makes.

A rough estimation of the game development can be around $40,000 to $50,000. The game-play duration, weapons, and unique characters are some elements that determine the cost of games like this.

This also shows how important it is to put intensive efforts into building a game that will be a benchmark for the battle royale genre.

Need for PUBG alternative

September 2 was a day of melancholy for die-hard lovers of PUBG. The reason is its banning by the Government of India

A game of Chinese origin, this popular game somehow posed security threats to the Nation & the citizens.

Along with this, the game also found its name in cases that were connected to gaming addiction among teenagers.

The doors of the court were even knocked by people representatives & parents especially those belonging to South India for banning the battle royale game.

Teenagers & the young generation of our country had to let go of this exciting game with a heavy heart but it was for the betterment of all.

Now, this scenario has a catch as well. Since the biggest gaming sensation just came to an end one week back, it gives budding game developers a golden chance.

They can now build mobile games like PUBG to mark a position in the ever-growing gaming industry as well. The youth is earnestly seeking a battle royale PUBG alternative.

Do you think you can offer them one?

Read every part of the blog thoroughly to materialize your game idea into reality.


The blog defines every important aspect to build a mobile game like PUBG. There is always an option to avail of Android game development services that helps with the proper planning and designing of any game.

But simultaneously, planning for the post-release procedure of the game is also very important. Launching games similar to PUBG calls for an ongoing process later on so that it can be updated as per the user demands.

This is followed by a neat marketing tactic that will actually keep the players hooked to the game. Releasing frequent updates is recommended.

With each update, it is important to introduce cool elements like new weapons, vehicles, character skins, etc.

Game goals are not too far when you plan meticulously and receive proper technical support from your PUBG mobile developer.

Tell us your gaming application idea for giving it proper shape & for captivating millions. Call us today.