Streamlining leads to syncing all the in-hand marketing data to enhance customer support, call tracking apps to provide you with the capability to boost sales, customer satisfaction, client reputation, and many more.

One needs to bridge the gap between online and offline portals if you want to analyze the marketing performances across different channels closely. For this, it is required you to have a call-tracking app for your business. A call-tracking app is a powerful attribution tool that aids businesses and marketers in discovering which keywords, ads or campaigns attract more quality leads and sales for them or their customers. In addition, it helps in having a clear view of what works great, as it helps in laser focus their work on optimizing campaigns for boosting marketing ROI and conversions. 

After knowing all of this, many people consider metrics and management and treat phone calls as a black box for them. As a result, as instances may take place when phone calls arrive and sales might result, no one will ever notice that from where these conversions have come.

Call tracking apps, or online phone call trackers have the potential to do that. Once call tracking software is installed in the system, the sales team can use these programs to map out their customer website journeys much before the on-phone ends to figure out opportunities for a sense of improvement across the sales team.

All call tracking apps are not developed before diving in to know more about the best call tracking app for android or iOS. So let us know What is meant by call tracking apps, their uses and disadvantages for the same, and the top features that should be considered to find top-notch solutions.

Let’s Understand What is Meant By Call Tracking App?

Phone call tracking software is software or a tool that allows people to track the phone calls linked with their businesses. Even if the call comes from offline or online through marketing efforts, a phone call tracking app allows you to track what these digital marketing campaigns attract users to engage with your businesses.

As soon as you receive a phone call, you can record these calls and give them as a lead to get valuable information. Different phone call tracking apps allow you to make audio recordings and source all the data about the call to get to know who is calling. This information can help you know how leads search and contact your businesses.

What is Phone Tracking Apps and How Does it Work?

Call tracking apps are a strategy that many custom mobile app development company actively use to capture phone calls. It allows you to understand better and analyze which of the marketing channels’ traffic is working and which are not.

The way an online phone call tracker works can be better explained with an example. For instance, each marketing source will join a call-tracking app with a specific, trackable phone number. This could help you determine how a customer gets to know about you or which marketing channel helped them reach you.

Amazing Features of Best Call Tracking Apps

Further in this article, we will look at some of the best call-tracking apps, and we will also state their features and functionalities that differentiate one app from another. It should be evident that all those options or people you choose should meet certain expectations. Those phone tracking apps should bed cover these characteristics:

☛ Easy to Use

There is no point in buying a call tracking software if it is complicated and tough to use. Thus the best option would be an app that is easy to install, work on, easy to implement across marketing and sales.

☛ Intuitive Dashboard

It would be required for you to look out at various options and analyze which of these dashboards would make the most sense to your business. If you want to go further into detailed history, you would not be using the program. 

☛ Caller Profiles

Your developed phone call tracking software should provide you with the capability to invent caller profiles by gathering relevant data, consisting of the caller’s phone location, their device, and the period of their call along with other details.

☛ CRM Integration

Suppose you are making use of a CRM program for sales. In that case, you need to ensure that the call tracking software you opt to integrate with it will incorporate all the necessary details from the system’s caller profiles into your contact records. Of course, it goes well for any key software program that is being used by your team as well.

☛ Scalability

Hired custom mobile app development company might have a small team of developers, but what would happen if that company grows? Is it possible for your phone call tracking online app to grow with you? Therefore you should check that the call tracking app can scale and the cost associated with having so thus if your program gets crucial with higher levers. Thus, it would be best to consider whether the strategy will work. As your app gets more expensive than higher levels, thus you should consider if the strategies applied will gain positive ROI for your team.

Top Call Tracking Apps in 2022

Here we have listed some of the top call-tracking apps that are majorly trusted and recommended by top custom mobile app development companies.

1. Hubspot

Price: Free
Free option: unlimited

HubSpot’s phone call tracking online is one of the features built into their CRM and sales suite. Due to its worldwide functionality and integration, it is one of the most preferred calls tracking apps by developers. Apart from this, you will tend to lose hands-on analytics or tracking, but you can also make a call from your home browser without taking your phone in hand.

One click on your desktop helps you easily connect yourself with a prospect through a desktop or mobile phone. All phone calls come with integrating call recording features, and this will provide users with reliable records of your conversation.

The phone calls are being directly toggled into the CRM a. Furthermore. It will combine with Hubspot’s free email tracking. It caters to users with your sales team, and you’re pretty frictionless. Some of this prospectus.

  • Call recording. 
  • It allows users to schedule and prioritize calls.
  • It helps users to make calls through Internet Browsers.
  • You should sync your call data with CRM.

2. FluentStream

Price: $20 – $45 per month
Free Option: None

All alerts, Non-Profits! Despite providing entire call management features and detailed call or queue reports, you would look out to search for a call tracking app for android. FluentStream caters to users with amazing pricing plans for all those who stay in the non-profit space. Some of its common features are:

  • It enables you to know forward calls.
  • There are many transcribed voicemails.
  • One would get an immediate notification for new voice mails through email.
  • Users get access to local numbers and toll-free numbers.

3. RingBlaze

Price: $19 per month & $15 per month (billed annually)
Free Option: Free trial available

In terms of sales and support collaboration, RingBlaze is a revolutionary system that optimizes your success. Organize your calls, add notes, assign calls to the right team, and supercharge your tasks. 

With a new business number, look professional and be more efficient! You can choose Toll-free, local phone number or Vanity. Getting your business phone number is never easier. Assign calls to team members on the go so that everyone knows their responsibilities immediately. Did you miss their call? No problem, Ringblaze got the call details for you to follow up.

  • Call Recording Software
  • Call Routing
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • VoiceMail

4. Channels

Price: Free to $62 per month
Free Trial Option: A demo is available on request. The same goes for the 7-day free trial.

While you are getting detailed insights about distinct plans for this call tracker app, it does not matter which one of them your users would pick. Users can also count on 24/7 support from the team of Channel. This Channel also provides support through chat or email. Channels are also referred to as crazy cell, as it provides these features: 

  • It provides live chat integration. 
  • It caters to Shopify, Magento, and Pipedrive integration. 
  • It has live chat integration. 
  • It has helpline workflows. 
  • It provides call history and many more. 


The call tracking app provides users with a better understanding of how people can find your business. These phone tracking apps allow you to track the source of the calls, and further, you will understand that hour our audience looks at our business and which of these marketing tactics can compel all of them to contact your business. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with a feature to track your calls, 21Twelve Interactive is a one-stop solution.

If you plan to develop a call-tracking app, you should reach out to a trusted and trusted custom mobile app development company specializing in call-tracking software. This will help the clients analyze, track, and optimize your marketing campaigns to boost leads calling your business. Companies with decades of experience can help you develop a strategy that can perform for your businesses. 

Call Tracking App


Top 5 Best Phone Tracking Apps are:
  • FlexiSpy
  • mSpy
  • KidsGuard Pro
  • Spyic
  • Cocospy

Call tracking is a technology that can enable the pay per call, pay per lead business model. It enables companies to track phone calls connected with performance-based marketing like SEO services, Adwords, Electronic Direct Marketing, and additional analytics.

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is an exceptional 15-digit number on every phone. The police use it to track cell phones. The IMEI number aids police in tracking any mobile phone to the exact tower the moment a call is made, even if a distinct SIM card is being used.