The world is evolving, and tech-savvy people look forward to finding solutions to the challenges faced by people dealing with rude drivers, expensive fairs, artificial taxi shortages created by the city government by decreasing competition by limiting taxi licenses.

Are you a newcomer thinking about developing your best ridesharing app to race with some established guys in the market? It seems difficult but impossible, as some small competitors have made a big jump in this sector. It was made possible by concentrating on specific markets and modifying features and functionalities per your client’s requirements.

At last, if you are looking forward to competing against trusted and popular companies like Uber, then you are required to study both Goliath’s and David’s theory of this industry. You need to take detailed minutes of what they have done and considered while building successful ridesharing apps of their own.

While you are ready to dive, a top mobile application development agency can help you make your best ridesharing apps into reality. Here in this article, we have explained to you what Rideshare is. How does it work? And listed some of the best ridesharing apps in the market.

What is Meant by Ridesharing Apps?

What is Rideshare? A basic question pops up as we talk about this sector in the era of shared mobility. People generally get confused in the ocean of words that are becoming quite popular in our country and around the globe, carpooling, ridesharing, car sharing, and many more.

Thus let us explain it in a better way. Ridesharing is transporting with other riders by a private person who allows you a ride with a car owned or rented by him. It is similar to taxi cabs; ride-share apps use advanced and innovative technologies like smartphones and GPS. They enable users to hire a car with some taps on their smartphones. Let us see how the best ridesharing apps work.

  • The users have to sign up for the application.
  • Further, they have to add a pickup and drop-off location.
  • You are provided access to all the available rideshare drivers in your areas.
  • Further, all the top ridesharing companies globally enable you to meet your mobility demands practicality in real-time to save money.

As equals, ridesharing apps relieve some ongoing problems like excessive traffic jams, vehicular emissions, and many more. Best ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber broaden the list of services and allow users to share their expenses. Rideshare apps like Uber pool or the Lyft line are becoming very popular. This enables you to share your ride and money with strangers as the shared fare is objectively 25-50% lower than a traditional taxi fare.

Same as from driver perception, accepting rideshare apps is one of the best ways to earn additional money and put extra money for the same route by multiple people in your pocket. It entirely depends on you if you treat it like a side gig or a part-time or full-time job. It is significant for you to understand how tax deductions work here and eliminate common errors that could create problems at tax time.

Whether you are a Lyft or a uber driver or from other mobile apps that pay you for driving, you can benefit from tax deductions incorporated for mileage, and the businesses make use of your car. It is recommended that you go through our guide with some of the best ridesharing apps.

Table of Contents

  1. Uber
  2. Lyft Rideshare
  3. Juno
  4. Via
  5. Wingz

5 Best Ridesharing Apps to Install in 2022

Here we have listed some of the best ridesharing apps so let us look into them in detail.

☛ Uber

All top international companies would be incomplete without having Uber on their list. Uber, the American company, dominates the entire ridesharing app market. Uber is one of the top ridesharing apps in the world. It is an easy taxi-sharing alternative that provides various services and vehicle types. 

It includes private economy cars, luxury vehicles, Peer-to-peer rides, and many more. Uber has also provided a feature of Ubereats where users can order food, and the UberEats delivery executive will deliver, pick up and drop off your order from your favorite restaurant.

The features and functionalities of Uber are a guideline for all future ridesharing apps in the market. Despite the spread of coronavirus, the Uber business has not seen a downfall for long. 

Although as per statista in February 2021, Uber market share in the United States has seen a downgrading. Currently, the best taxi app in the USA has conquered a market share of 68%. Lyft takes due to benefit from it and covers almost 32% of the market share. Read more on how much does it cost to develop a taxi application like Uber?

With the rise of the gig economy, workers working sharing taxis have started to question if it is worth enough to work with Uber. Thus, if they use these platforms to get some extra cash, you are required to look at our guide and see how much you can serve with Uber.

✍ Top Features:

  • Uber has widespread coverage with loads of drivers accessible.
  • They have a separate app for uber drivers, and it works great.
  • Uber constantly runs a background check on their registered drivers and cars to pass a yearly vehicle inspection.
  • Uber is among the few but the best ridesharing apps that accept cash in some countries.

☛ Lyft Rideshare

Lyft Rideshare is one of the top Uber competitors in the market. From the list of similar companies like Uber, if you are required to get away to get around but do not know if you have to rely on a taxi cab or your car, Lyft is the perfect rideshare app for you.

Lyft serves as a bridge between the riders and the drivers; they have made it easy, accessible, and affordable. If you are convinced by the idea of sharing your ride with strangers in your car, then you are required to sign up for Lyft in a few minutes. Lyft is one of the top ride-sharing companies in the world to work for. Read more on estimated cost to develop an app like Lyft.

✍ Top Features:

  • Lyft drivers are provided with extra care, support, and other facilities compared to other company drivers.
  • They provide users with lesser surge pricing areas and reduced minimum charges.
  • Lyft is quite a luxury rideshare app and has a wider range of vehicle and ride types services.

☛ Juno

Juno rideshare is one of the well-known ridesharing apps. For a very long time, Juno was looked up to as one of the labor-friendly alternatives compared to Uber, a New York-based rideshare application.

Gett is an Israel-based ride-hailing mobile app developer who got Juno for $200 million in 2017. Unfortunately, Gett discontinued Juno and declared Juno’s collaboration with Lyft. All drivers linked with Juno were duly invited to join Lyft as its current partner.

✍ Top Features:

  • Lower commissions and 24/7 phone support for Juno drivers.
  • They have the best-rated drivers at service.
  • You have a feature of In-app tipping.
  • It serves users with affordable pricing.

☛ Via

Via is one of the best alternatives for Lyft and Uber, so if you are making a list of the best ridesharing apps, you must add via car service to the list. Via is a “corner to corner service” app. It allows users to book a ride with other people who travel in the same direction.

It is one of the best ridesharing apps enabling autonomous contractors to move flexibly. It means the amount of time the drivers decide to drive entirely depends on you. Further, you can earn more. Top services like Uber are developing employment and job opportunities in the United States and around the globe. Here are some of the top features of Via ride services.

✍ Top Features:

  • Compared to other ridesharing apps, this is one of the cheapest ride-sharing options in the market.
  • It supports many referral programs. Thus, one gets huge credit to try the platform for free if one registers via a promo code.
  • It provides improvised pay for drivers.

☛ Wingz

Top companies like Uber have significantly modified the personal transportation industry to handle upcoming competitors in recent years. If you are searching for an airport rideshare, Wingz is one of the best options.

Wingz Rideshare is a car service that provides pre-scheduled, straight away rides to the airport or supports other locations with verified and trusted personal drivers whom you can add to your list of favorites.

✍ Top Features:

  • It provides a flat rate and surges free rides.
  • If you are looking forward to an incentive to try Wingz, you can apply a promo code in the process.


In recent times most people have preferred rideshare services. Some taxi companies have adapted by offering customers top taxi apps. Suppose you are looking forward to learning how to develop a taxi app or ridesharing app for your startup. In that case, you can begin by communicating with a professional at a mobile application development agency as they have experience developing and designing thousands of mobile applications.

Something significant is that you search your niche in this developing market. It is not expected to develop mobile apps like Lyft and Uber and hope to carry well-funded, multi-billion dollar companies without contributing something distinct.

If you can search for an innovative angle that would provide a specific community, you could expand the transportation industry. If you make it to the end, you will be greatly rewarded.
best ridesharing apps


Uber is one of the most popular and high opted ridesharing apps in the market. It is a San Francisco-based ridesharing application. From November 2019, Uber had more than 100 million riders with 1.7 billion trips. These mobile apps operate worldwide, so you can trust Uber to get you home.

Waze Carpool is mainly a carpool platform that is provided through Waze service, comprising of the waze carpool app and the waze app, to attach waze users that are watching a ride with waze users that may be directed in the same course, when both of them are willing to share a cab ride.

Here are some of the ridesharing apps:
  • Chariot
  • Carma Carpool
  • Scoop
  • Magic Bus
  • Ride
  • Hover
  • Cardiac
  • Duet