Everyone strives to present their best face while capturing selfies. This statement is true, particularly if you want to publish your photo on social media. Yes, a lot of smartphone cameras can compete with classic cameras. A decent camera is frequently insufficient to get the best pictures. 

With the aid of face filter apps, you may improve your selfie skills and seem faultless even on terrible days. This blog lists the best camera apps for Android for you to look picture-perfect in your selfies.

Why do we need a filter camera app?

Camera phones have poor-quality images and sluggish shutter speeds. However, today’s smartphone manufacturers employ every trick to improve their cameras’ low-light performance and add user-requested functionality.

Cameras are now a significant component of smartphones. To get the most out of the Android camera and take more beautiful pictures, users essentially started using third-party, well-known camera applications that they configured as the default camera app for Android. The issue is that, despite the manufacturer’s best efforts, the default camera programs have not had the luxury of consistency.

Top 10 camera app filters

Even when you’re not feeling great, these face filter applications will enable you to capture the ideal selfies. They provide fantastic stickers, filters, and auto-beautification capabilities to help you look your best and be the most excellent version of yourself.

We have enlisted some of the best photo editing apps below. Check out if you want to improve your selfie game or are too lazy to put on makeup.

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1. Retrica

Retrica is the most excellent camera filter software for those who enjoy taking pictures with a retro style. Retrica has a large selection of filters—over 100 in total—in a broad spectrum of colors, and it’s simple to use. 

Because it lets you apply the filter while taking the picture, this app differs from other Android camera applications that only support certain filters. Additionally, you may receive a list of random filters and check the live preview. 

The application also has a timer, interval shooting, a randomization option, and a blurring effect. The out-of-focus blur tool is beneficial since it enables you to blur the backdrop while keeping your focus sharp. Retrica is the ideal camera application if you want immediate, high-quality photographs with filters.

✍ Highlights:

  • More than 100 free filters
  • Out-of-focus blur option
  • Randomization mode 

2. Pixtica

Pixtica is one of the best photo editing apps for Android. The tools for modifying photographs are all available in this software, which is simple to use. There is also a comprehensive selection of lovely filters that will enhance the appeal of your images. 

The photo editing tools of this program allow you to crop, personalize, rotate, and resize the image to meet your needs. Additionally, the program has a simple, accommodating user interface (UI). 

Slo-mo mode, panoramic, and exposure controls—which you may utilize even while taking the picture—are a few more distinctive features.

✍ Highlights:

  • User friendly
  • Easy to Edit with Live filters
  • Quick resolutions
  • Slow motion video recording
  • QR code applications 

3. Pro-Shot 

The all-in-one smartphone app Proshot has all the capabilities that a picture enthusiast needs. It is true to what its name implies. 

Indeed, Windows users have given this professional camera program a great deal of acclaim and affection. It is a flexible tool with an intuitive layout that makes it simpler for novices to take and edit the highest-quality photographs.

The program has now been upgraded to the Android app version and includes many features like Options for editing photos and compressing them in high quality. In addition to these, it also offers slo-mo and Creating time-lapse films.

✍ Highlights:

  • Timelapse and slow motion video making features
  • Collection of digital filters
  • Innovative camera UI
  • Live histogram
  • Light painting mode

4. Snapseed

For expert photographers, Snapseed’s filter library makes it the best camera app for Android. Filter app. Non-destructive photo editing is one of the distinguishing qualities. In other words, you have the flexibility to eliminate or modify any particular alteration at any moment in the future. 

With a selected control point in your photos, Snapseed enables the addition of HDR effects and curve adjustments. Additionally, like professional software, Snapseed has a brush mask and healing customization features.

✍ Highlights:

  • Flexible filters.
  • Filters for portrait enhancing.
  • Strong tools for selective image modification.
  • Non-destructive picture editing.
  • It is challenging for a novice.

5. PicsArt

There is an all-in-one camera app called PicsArt Photo Studio for Android phones. PicsArt is among Android’s most popular camera apps because of its distinctive features.

The most effective photo editing program allows users to take images, edit those pictures, add various effects, make collages, and share such ideas on social networking networks. You can also edit photos professionally with its high-level functions, like curve adjustments, standard adjustments, and cloning.

✍ Highlights:

  • Build incredible collages
  • Available for both Windows and the iPhone
  • Curve modifications
  • Aesthetic filters are available.

6. Photoshop Express by Adobe

Adobe Photoshop Express provides the two most special types of camera filter applications for Android users. The first one is Adobe Photoshop Express, while the second one is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. 

Both of these apps are distinctive in their ways. The primary distinction between these two applications is that the first one serves as a one-stop shop for all mobile photographers. Images may be imported, edited, and shared with this software. 

The Lightroom app, however, necessitates purchasing the desktop version for you to access the full range of functions. These applications offer a vast array of parts and a great selection of filters.

✍ Highlights:

  • Vast selection of digital filters
  • Suitable for DNG raw files
  • Easy to use and convenient

7. EyeEm

EyeEm is a well-known online community for camera phone users that enables users to peruse other photographers’ work and share their creations. It is a professional editing program that offers you access to all the beautiful capabilities for altering photographs. 

This software also enables users to sell their pictures, making it the ideal photo editor app for those interested.

✍ Highlights:

  • 24 plus digital filters
  • A fantastic online forum for photographers using mobile devices
  • potential for image sales
  • user-friendly

8. Google Camera Port

Undoubtedly, the Google Pixel series’ cameras are among the best on the market, but the camera’s software is what people remember the most. This program has everything you’ll probably need to get the best possible shot. 

For Android users who wish to improve the quality of their pictures, the Google camera port is one of the best camera apps. This software may use stabilization tools, slow-motion video, HDR+, and photosphere. 

It also offers precise lens blur. It would be best if you first determined which device this program is incompatible with because it is a slight drawback.

✍ Highlights:

  • Capture moving pictures
  • White balance and high exposure adjustments for HDR+
  • nighttime views
  • A long shot
  • Super-resolution zooming


One of the most well-known filter applications, VSCO, allows you to customize any filter. VSCO provides “Presets” instead of the standard “Filters” section. A film effect may be compared to each set of free VSCO presets.

You may choose from a large variety of color and black-and-white (B&W) filters that are separated into different collections in the presets area. Additional adjustments can include color, exposure, sharpness, skin tone, film grain, vignette, etc. Another benefit is the inclusion of a built-in camera.

✍ Highlights:

  • Filtering with a single tap and adjustable intensity
  • Advanced photo editing software
  • Built-in camera
  • B&W and delicate color settings
  • Premium filters are restricted to paying customers.

10. FixThePhoto App

By leaving the application of a wide variety of filters to skilled retouchers, FixThePhoto App enables you to save time. The retouchers may do more than apply filters; they can slim down your face, correct any cosmetics flaws, remove extraneous items, change the color of your hair, etc. 

The manual nature of all picture modifications is something to adore. All photographs altered by FixThePhotoretouchers will seem authentic because they don’t use AI-based technology.

✍ Highlights:

  • Retouchers manually enhance each image.
  • Realistic outcomes
  • A free trial is offered
  • A wide range of editing services is provided.


Although there are several similar free cam applications for Android, this doesn’t always indicate that other apps have been a failure. Many of them are handy to many mobile photography enthusiasts and make a fair amount of money from the market.

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One of the best camera apps for Android is Google Snapseed, which has a potent raw-compatible editing tool. The most incredible camera app filter is available on this app, and you can apply custom filters. By allowing you to add an artistic touch to your photograph, this Google camera software will enable you to transform the feel and appearance of your image. Additionally, the software has various sharing features and can be used to add frames and text to photographs.

The best camera filters for Android are-
  • Face App
  • AirBrush
  • Snapchat
  • Beauty Plus
  • FaceTune2
  • Peachy
  • VSCO
  • YouCam Perfect

Select the Photo option after launching the Camera app. Then, choose my filters by tapping the Filter icon in the top right corner of the screen.