Want to know more about the Checklist of ICO Marketing Strategy?

When we talk about ICO in Cryptocurrency, it is nothing worry but it is the abbreviation of Initial coin offering. It can be a complete firm where they offer only digital coins and changes.

Perhaps, you could also start your own ICO and set it up, you may need all the things you can and start the paid advertisement, social media campaign, etc. These crypto tokens that are produced can be the money of trade. Yeah true, this is it.

Hence, if companies that are providing more tokens, it means that specifically providing more business, maybe due to the hopefulness and make the investors happy and put more money in your product.

What does ICO mean?

What is ICO?

If you are wondering what is ICO in Cryptocurrency, it means Initial Coin Offering. It is how the funds are raised whenever there is a new cryptocurrency offering. It is quite similar to the Initial Public Offering. Apart from that,

What is ICO and How does it Work?

How ICO Works?

We have already explained what is an ICO initial coin offering, here is how it works. You first make a document which is detailing exactly how the system will work.

It is a complete detail of the process and the team involved in it. You must make a website that is attractive and appealing and which can explain why it is a great idea for it to be useful for everyone.

After you build a huge community and also build some ICO marketing plan, you can ask the people to start sending you money which can be a cryptocurrency and then you send them your cryptocurrency.

Then, slowly it will be an important question for them as to why your cryptocurrency is the best ICO to invest.

Then, they will hope that your currency is used a lot so that it will increase their value. Investing in ICO, this will not result in you having a particular ownership stake of the company you are giving the cryptocurrency to.

It is basically gambling and you are hoping that the currency will do well and make you great loads of money.

How do you make an ICO legally?

ICO legally

It is gradual that in your initial days of offering your cryptocurrency to the world, you would want to do a new ICO launch. But how to do everything in a legal way?

First, identify if an ICO is suitable for your business. Then, build a huge community as a base for your new crypto coin and then do the step by step ICO Marketing Strategy.

In addition to that, write a white paper where you are going to explain about the product you have created for your new ICO marketing agency.

Create some buzz for the token you have created and also the communities in which you are going to spread about the new product you have made.

Have a coin name, get your token on exchanges. No matter what you do, getting a legal opinion about ICO is a must. There are new rules about cryptocurrency every day. Make sure you are doing the right thing.

Legally, the ICOs are now existing in a gray area because of the fact that there are arguments for and against the ICO. They are still new and they are not regulated yet.

Thus, this why you should try to get your ICO compliant to laws and have no problem with the legislation.

How to choose an ICO to invest in?

ICO to invest

You are thinking of choosing an ICO to invest in, you may be thinking which one is the best ICO to invest. Always remember that an ICO which is genuine will have a website, an aesthetic white paper that explains everything about their product, their project and its goals as detailed as possible.

They will also describe the team behind their launch of ICO and their relevant experience. The whole idea is to get to know its roadmap, the goals it wants to achieve, the hope it will work in the future and if the means they are adopting is practical or not.

You should not forget to check the community and the community marketing plan and see how strong it is.

Is it active? What is their minimum viable product? How have they achieved or going to achieve? Token structure and making- all of these are important factors to decide while choosing an ICO to invest in.

How to launch an ICO?

launch an ICO

If you are launching an ICO, you need to work on how to promote your ICO once it is launched. Apart from that, how to market an ICO, what is the ICO marketing plan template, the initial coin offering list- these are some of the things that you are supposed to check out.

Keep a whitepaper- this should have all the details like what is the idea, the project, the problems it is going to solve, the team behind this product and the people they are going to target. Then create a roadmap about how it is going to lay out the schedule and how it is going to use the funds which the investors invest.

Urban development is by large the biggest step while launching an ICO of your own. The token should be popular and it should go well by everyone- the developers, costumers, the investors, etc. the token economics should be sorted out way before launch. How many tokens are you going to have while supplying them?

You need to know what is the ICO marketing strategy you are going to use for this project of yours. They need to appeal the technical, legal and business people out there. And the final comes the token launch. You need to ensure all the security features and the ability to safely use the platform for ICO. Check things like KYC and Anti Money Laundering rules which are needed to be followed.

Here is the ultimate ICO Marketing Strategy checklist for you:

ICO Checklist

#Checklist 1. Know how to build trust

The whitepaper is the ultimate way of building trust for a successful ICO. The investors would like to have a greater say by getting a thorough explanation of the project. They would also want to know the legal angle and the team that is working.

It is the whitepaper which will convince the investor as to what is the best ICO Marketing Strategy you have been using. Keep the ICO project outline simple and summarized. It should have the solution to the step by step ICO marketing plan that you have made. How is that your Mobile App development company can leverage the blockchain to give a great completion to the industry? How is it able to come with great ICO Marketing Strategy than the ones which are already available.

#Checklist 2. Give importance to Cryptocurrency on Social Media

If you are looking for an effective ICO, then you are supposed to work on the most out of the box solutions in the world. Just imagine the ICO Marketing Agencies who are looking for the unusual aspects of the cryptocurrency in the world where they are strengthening the community. This community can be a great way of promoting your ICO, perhaps a successful launch too.

In fact, some of the crypto coins have taken this route of building great communities and then launch their ICO Cryptocurrency. You can use different social media platforms such as Reddit which is successful in creating huge communities for the crypto coins.

#Checklist 3. Join more cryptocurrency communities

There are other cryptocurrency communities such as telegram, medium, and facebook. Again, community marketing strategies should be on point and they are the whole face while running the show.

For instance, Telegram is a great platform where you have blockchain companies becoming famous. Telegram is very similar to Whatsapp, except this contains channels where huge members can join. Telegram provides great encryption and that sense of security can make the blockchain community thrive.

Then, there is Medium which also is popular among the blockchain community. They can also have their own publishes where they can help to build buzz for your ICO. This is building your most valued followers too. Hence, make use of this strategy well to establish your ICO. You can also use LinkedIn for your ICO.

#Checklist 4. Try Influencer Marketing

When you mix ICO marketing strategy and influencer marketing, it is a great success. Now there are so many bloggers, vloggers, and YouTubers who are creating great content for your ICO. As payment, you can give the free tokens. Thus, they help in building a consumer base and community. This will give some boost to the approval of your project and the popularity too. This is actually essential for any project as the product needs a good customer base before launching the plant.

#Checklist 5. Promote your ICO via the ICO calendars

You have a lot of ICO calendars where you can promote your ICO. You can safely register your coin into them like coinschedule.com. coingecko.com etc. These websites are very much simpler and equal to the GoFundMe where you can fund your crypto projects. There were a lot and then focusing on these calendars can actually promote your new launch ICO and increase the customer base.

#Checklist 6. Promote Your ICO With Paid Advertising

Have you wondered how we tend to take notice of the paid advertising .every investment on ads is because of the advertising? There the brands pay for the ads of their collection on the model. You need to follow the rules and regulations that come along with paid advertising. Pay close attention about what you want in the ICO and find out how they are wrong which is their work.

#Checklist 7. Do email marketing

Well, it does come under crypto companies but some great email marketing can go in a long way. You have the technical acumen, great copywriting qualities, and sign, the NDA, it can help you with “great opportunity is ahead of being safe. You can have access to people’s email addresses and some fools can leave be relaxing.

When you are crafting the perfect email marketing campaign:

While changing the account details, you can become the reader and writer who can be offered to work can grant some influence.


Hence, you can launch an ICO in Cryptocurrency with the successful whitepaper, though out the message and a great copy that can dramatically change your lives.

Build up the social media marketing, internet marketing and collaborate with the normal marketing strategies. Taking early action is to complete the work.

Apart from this, you can create a good product, a great copy, well-thought the message and you can then try to be unique.

Hence, try following the above steps which could be as detailed as possible. The theories are also tested out.