If recent market reports are to be considered, the market revenue of international e-sports is expected to reach 2174.8 million USD by 2023.

The rising popularity of eSports and video games has led to an increase in eSports Events as well and you live to stream such events on platforms like YouTube.

So, as eSports grow, the demand for fantasy sports rises as well.

What is the connection?

As a Mobile App Development Company, looking at trends is important and this trend is related to the fact that with eSports, people turn to Fantasy Sports App to create their own fictional teams based on actual matches.

This has led to growth in the Fantasy Sports App Development. But this is fairly new, so not everyone is ready to develop applications for it, especially when the Fantasy Cricket App cost is a massive question.

With the success of some apps, people want to know the Cost to Develop Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11 (more about this later).

What is Fantasy Sports?

Before we begin with the Features and Costs of the Fantasy Sports App, are you aware of what exactly is meant by fantasy sport?

Fantasy sports is basically a game where users make their own imaginary or virtual teams by using actual players from various teams programmed to play in a league or in a match.

The loss or win is based on the player’s actual performance in their made-up fantasy team.

In various countries around the world, Fantasy Sports Apps are getting popular.

The industry is gearing up to create new records when it comes to engaging users who are sports enthusiasts and testing their skills and experience in sports.

Every sports league might end up with Fantasy Apps of their own – currently, ISL (Indian Super League) and IPL (Indian Premier League) already have their fantasy leagues.

This is backed by IFSG-AC Nielsen who reported that over 67% of the online fans of Indian cricket know about fantasy sports.

However, there’s a gap between the demand and the availability for apps, and this gap can be filled if you are looking into either Android App Development or iOS App Development.

From a business perspective, a Fantasy Sports Mobile App is an excellent idea for a startup.

The business model stands strong when it comes to revenue and also guarantees profit through entry fees, advertisement, contest sponsors, and brand partnerships.

But how much will Time and Cost to Develop Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps will be?

Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports App:

Dream11 is revolutionizing the Sports Mobile App scene now and they have like 90% of the market right now.

However, developing Mobile Apps for Fantasy Sports is not a bad venture and you stand to gain a loyal fan base through it.

The cost of development for web, iOS, and Android platforms can be anywhere between 15,000 to 20,000 USD or even less if you can find Mobile App Development Services that offer economical packages.

Dream11: A Brief Overview:

Dream11 is an app for fantasy sports that offers a platform for fans of sports to display their sports capability and skills.

Sports fans can make their own dream team by picking real players from future matches who they think will outperform every other player, earn rewards that depend on real performances, and get an opportunity to win exciting prizes and cash rewards.

Dream11 is a fantasy sports app that is all about game fever, expectation, fun, and most significantly, the opportunity to win prizes.

With the rise of the number of sports leagues, fantasy sports are played now over a wide variety of sports such as basketball, kabaddi, football, and cricket.

This app has given sports fans in India the chance to display their knowledge and become members of a popular platform.

Dream11 is easily among the best fantasy apps sports apps for Cricket and Football now.

Let us look at some of the features an app like this will have:

☛ User-end Features:

On the user end, you get features such as:

  • User authentication through login, register, or referrals
  • The main screen features such as search option, list (Match Category, Tournaments, timings, etc.), and search filter
  • Tournaments with filters, listings, ways to join the tournament, making fantasy teams, and creating tournaments
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • User tournament details where you can look at lists of other participants, edit team players, and use a filter
  • Invite to earn
  • Content Management System
  • User’s Dashboard where you can view account details, manage transactions, check rankings, and logout

☛ Admin Side Features:

On the administrator’s end, you get the following features:

  • Admin login through username and password
  • Admin dashboard that gives a view of the app a user can’t
  • User management
  • Tournament and leagues management
  • Category management
  • Match management
  • Revenue management
  • Reward points
  • Bonus cashpoints
  • CMS management

☛ Advanced Features:

  • Push notification
  • Location tracking via GPS
  • Scores from live matches
  • Real-time analytics
  • Social media sharing
  • User mail reminder
  • Payment system

A Legal Overview:

Before you leave and run off to design your app after learning the inner workings, market, and Cost to Develop Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11, you need to look at the legalities of things.

There has been a debate going around the world since the 1950s possibly (the first Fantasy League was launched in the United States in 1952) on off-shoot sports events and applications like this.

On the other hand, if you develop a Fantasy Sports App in India, a clear line has been drawn between gambling or betting applications and Fantasy Apps recognizing it as a game of skills.

In this kind of game where fans can make a fantasy team by mixing players in a real-time sports app is not really betting or gambling, so even Dream11 is considered to be functioning in the “grey area”.

So, before development, consider discussing every detail with a legal team.


Cricket is among the most prevalent sport that developed as a billion-dollar industry globally and maintains a comprehensive ecosystem.

And with the upcoming 2020 TCC and other leagues, it is easy to see an app like Dream11 Fantasy Cricket is a smart investment.

After your Hire Mobile App developers, and discussing with a legal team, and learning how Fantasy Cricket App Cost, you are ready to take action.

Cost to develop app like Dream 11