If you provide Mobile App Development Services, then you are aware of how just developing an app is not enough if it’s not producing any profit.

The entire process and all your efforts are pointless if your mobile app is generating any revenue. You need Mobile Ad Networks to monetize your app if you want to earn from your application.

In-app advertising is popular these days as more and more people today – as supported by research – spend a lot of time on their smartphones and use apps.

As the mobile advertising business continues to develop it becomes increasingly obvious that transferring all services into the programmatic space is the best move to make now.

A study by Statista states that this industry will increase from 18 billion to 36 billion this year and it already accounts for 75% of spending on digital advertising in the United States.

Top 20 Mobile Ad Networks:

mobile ad networks

1. AdMob

It is no surprise that this network is the first on this list. It is among the most widely known and popular mobile ad networks in the world right now.

With this ad network, you can earn through in-app ads, simple tools, and actionable insights that will help you grow your app business.

Right now, AdMob is the most trusted and used ad network by several developers, and since it is from Google, you can expect totally perfect functionality and app integration is simple.


Therefore, AdMob is great for novices, compared to other ad networks.

Platforms: Unity, Cocos2dx, iOS, and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: TrueView, Native, Video, Interstitial, and Banner
Trading Models: Mediation
Tracking: Custom

2. Epom Apps

Epom Apps

Epom Apps are considered to be one of the Top Mobile Ad Networks in 2019-2020 for smart monetization.

It has an expert team in-house that is committed to helping app owners and developers to generate profit from their apps.

Therefore, with Epom App, you get the whole process of app monetization, from choosing the most efficient demand performance sources to implementing custom SDK (Software Development Kit) to regular optimization through ad placement.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Native, Interstitial, and Smart Banner
Trading Models: Mediation
Tracking: Custom

3. Fyber


Fyber is a tech company famous for developing platforms for next-generation monetization for mobile developers and publishers.

It provides its customers with Mediation, Ad server, and Exchange products.

Moreover, Fyber blends proprietary expertise and technologies in mediation, audience and video segmentation, and RTB to produce holistic solutions, forming the future of the mobile application industry.

In fact, Fyber users don’t have to manage the pre-eminence of mobile advertising space manually as it operates campaigns on a mediated, direct, and programmatic network.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Native, Interstitial, and Banner
Trading Models: Mediation
Tracking: Custom

4. Media.net


Media.net is a prominent advertising company with an ad network that is contextual. The company has the most extensive advertising technology portfolio in the industry over video, products, local, display, mobile, native, and search.

They are well-known for maintaining excellent quality when it comes to supplying ads across 500,000 platforms. Since Media.net is a contextual ad network, it implies they host ads based on the page’s context.

For example, if your page is about fitness and health, Media.net will ensure your app users see ads based on fitness and health accessories.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Native, Interstitial, and Banner
Trading Models: Contextual
Tracking: Custom

5. Unity Ads

Unity Ads

Unity Ads offers solutions for game monetization that enhances values for players as well.

It is among the primary platforms that are widely known for Mobile Ad Networks to Monetize apps, the rewarded video (these video ads are full-screen ads that users can watch in full for rewards in-app) by Unity Ads boosted industry growth.

Since 70% of people consider rewarded videos a good thing.

Additionally, Unity Ads has made ads a natural part of games. So, Mobile App Development Company for games or app owners can monetize games with the support of rewarding videos.

Platforms: iOS, Android, and Unity
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Non-rewarded and rewarded videos
Trading Models: Real-time bidding, programmatic, completely managed
Tracking: SDK and custom

6. Mobusi


Mobusi is a leading agency for advertising in both South America and Spain.

The company is providing millions of users and producing a massive amount of regular conversion. Started in 2012, this agency has over 20,000 publishing associates and 500 advertisers in South America and Europe.

The company specializes in marketing services and user acquisition—in primarily performance advertising. Additionally, various formats of advertising are supported by Mobusi.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Video, Interstitial, and Banner
Tracking: SDK and custom

7. Chartboost


Started by Maria Alegre and Sean Fannan in 2011 in San Francisco, this user acquisition company is popular in the mobile gaming industry.

They provide advertisers with cross-promotional platforms with sleek tracking and targeting and native ads.

Additionally, the company provides owners of mobile games with marketplace exchange ads and developer-to-developer ads within their apps.

Applying the Chartboost network, you can look at who advertises in the app and where.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Air, Cocos2dx, and Amazon
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Video, Interstitial, and Native ad
Tracking: SDK and custom

8. Appnext


Appnext is among the Top Mobile Ad Networks company that primarily runs on a self-serve Cost-per-Instal bidding basis.

Launched by Elad Nantason in 2012, this app discovery enterprise features a comprehensive database of about 700 million app users.

Right now, it works in over 180 countries as it has an association of more than 30,000 developers.

With this ad network, novice advertisers can access knowledge easily from other developers and obtain important advice on creating ad campaigns.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Rewarded video, Interstitial, Actions, and Native ad
Tracking: SDK and custom

9. Inmobi


Inmobi is the foremost mobile advertising and marketing platform that has a global reach in various international markets including India, South Africa, the US, the UK, and Europe.

Recently, Inmobi acquired a media company that is mobile-rich called Sprout, which allows them to offer premium ads on mobile and a massic amount of inventory.

Moreover, this ad network enables users to launch campaigns, remarket them, use them for brand engagement, and for user acquisition.

Platforms: iOS, Mobile Web, and Android
Key Markets: the UK, the US, India, Japan, Kenya, Europe, and South Africa
Ad Formats: Video, Interstitial, Rich Media, Banner, and Native ad
Tracking: Custom

10. Mintegral


Mintegral is an interactive, programmatic, and AI-driven mobile advertising platform that is known for offering mobile monetization and user acquisition solutions to popular mobile developers and brands.

The company supports brands and developers to accomplish their marketing objectives.

They primarily focus on the Asia-Pacific region and offer full-stack products, Mobile Ads Targeting Locations, analytics to demand-side from the supply-side.

Platforms: iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows Phone, and Mobile Web
Key Markets: Asia
Ad Formats: Video, Interactive creatives, and Native ad
Tracking: SDK and custom

11. StartApp


Launched in 2010, this leading ad network provides the current ad industry with high-quality targeting and innovative ad units.

Utilizing this programmatic platform, the enterprise provides a relevant and excellent ad at any time. StartApp assists publishers to push engaging experiences while offering the best results to advertisers on mobiles.

Additionally, it is an impertinent style of advertising compared to conventional banner advertising. However, a few users have already accomplished comparatively higher rates of profit applying interstitial advertising.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: App Icon, Interstitial video, full-page ads, and in-app ads
Targeting: Device, App, and Carrier

12. AdColony


AdColony promises higher engagement with premium content for ads.

Along with automatic-play HD technology, this ad platform offers revolutionary monetization solutions and integration plans for mobile video with developers.

Further, AdColony works with Fortune 500 brands and with over 50% of the highest-grossing app publishers on the App Store.

With the reach they have, they offer advertisers an advanced way to engage users at a larger scale.

Platforms: iOS, Adobe Air, Unity, and Android
Key Markets: the USA, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America
Ad Formats: App Icon, Interstitial, banners, rewarded video, in-app, and rich media
Trading Models: Real-time bidding, premium, programmatic, and fully-managed

13. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are among the biggest platforms for digital advertising today with a keen focus on mobile advertising.

It contains the most efficient ad format, reporting, and targeting capacities in the industry.

It enables advertisers on mobile apps to run mobile advertising campaigns of their choice on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Workplace (Facebook’s app for business), and Audience Network (to display ads over the web).

Platforms: iOS, Web, and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Banners, video slideshow, and carousel banners
Campaign Type: Cost-per-instal and cost-per-mile

14. Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads is the representative of a google ad network that is based on joining the Google traffic sources with Google Adwords ad-buying interfaces such as its own servers and platforms as well as the famous Admob platform.

Launched in 2006 by Omar Hamoui, Google acquired Admob in 2009. They created among the biggest ad networks in the world, based on a free tool for ad generation drive in-app downloads and promote apps.

Google Ads main in-house, in-app ad format provide advertisers with app users whose behavior is tracked by the data on the platform (most likely to buy or download a specific app).

Platforms: iOS, Unity, Cocos, and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Native, Interstitial, and video
Campaign Type: Cost-per-instal, cost-per-click, and cost-per-mile

15. Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads

This ad network is from Apple Inc. and it is a platform for promoting apps and driving traffic through search. The platform includes two plans – a Basic and an Advanced plan.

The Basic plan is available in only one region and it helps iOS App Development developers set their ad campaigns with a particular cost-per-install they want and allows it to run automatically with the least management.

The smallest budget for this plan is 5000 USD per app every month. The Advanced plan means developers need to make keywords for targeting their audience, set budgets and bids they hope to spend and pay only when users land on their ads.

Platforms: iOS
Key Markets: Global (the Basic plan is available in the US only)
Ad Formats: auto-generated advertisements
Campaign Type: Cost-per-instal and cost-per-click

16. Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads is the advertising platform on the social networking app that enables app marketers to boost traffic to their app from both off and on Twitter channels.

With targeting reach and option, Twitter only falls behind Google and Facebook. Twitter ads back deep-linking tech that enabled marketers to connect an ad to a particular segment of content on the mobile app.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: auto-generated advertisements
Campaign Type: Cost-per-instal, cost-per-mile, and cost-per-click

17. Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads

This is an advertising platform from Snap Inc. that enables businesses to promote on the app’s unique platform and reach the younger audience of today, especially with the audience who are loyal users of the Snapchat app.

They have daily 187 million users that open Snapchat 25 times approximately in a day and spend more than 30 minutes on the app.

Snap has linked up with various companies to connect advertisers with their community better.

Platforms: iOS
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Lenses, Snap Ads, and filters
Campaign Type: Cost-per-instal

18. Applovin


Applovin is an analytics and marketing automation company started by Andrew Karam and Adam Foroughi in San Francisco.

The main objective of this platform is the delivery of high-quality users.

To gain such users, Applovin examines every ad campaign outcome to diverge the resulting campaign on users who are most likely to react and transact within the mobile app of the advertiser.

Platforms: iOS, mobile web, and Android
Key Markets: the United States
Ad Formats: Custom
Campaign Type: Cost-per-click and cost-per-action

19. EvaDav


EvaDav is a native ad network based on push notifications, which are small, pop-ups that appear on a user’s screen.

It is the latest product focusing on website monetization and offering push notification services.

Platforms: iOS, desktop, Windows phone, and Android
Key Markets: Global
Ad Formats: Pop-up, pop-under, native, and notifications
Campaign Type: Cost-per-click, cost-per-mile, and cost-per-action

20. Vungle


Vungle is among the leading platforms for performance marketing for apps. It brings mobile users to advertisers via engaging video advertisements. They depend on the creative optimization tech, HD video advertisement delivery, and targeting to reach and gain high-quality users worldwide. Many mobile app publishers now look to Vungle to produce profits through their Mobile Ad Revenue Models that focus on engaging video ads.

Platforms: iOS, Amazon, Windows phone, and Android
Key Markets: US, China, and Europe
Ad Formats: MRAID and video
Campaign Type: Cost-per-click, cost-per-mile, cost-per-action, and cost-per-view


As you know by now, developing an app is not the end of it. You also need to churn revenue from it, so when you Hire App Developers to develop your app, keep this list of Top Mobile Ad Networks handy.