Instagram Threads app has received a lot of buzzes and has become quite popular within days of its launch. In the age of GenZ, it is always expected to keep up with the latest trends as social media platforms have become crucial sources of knowledge, networking, and more. This rise in demand has created a demand for social media platforms that are easy to use, effective, and feature-rich with Artificial Intelligence.

Notably, Instagram’s recently released Threads app pulled off significantly, with 1 million users just two hours after launch. The Threads app’s accomplishment is extremely notable with the intense platform competition. If you want social media app development to create a similar app like Threads, this guide will help you.

How Does a Threads App Work?

Instagram’s Threads App enables users to engage in open discourse and share their ideas with their connections. Threads provide cross-links across social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 

It is an entertaining and user-friendly application for social media fans because it has the same design as Instagram. But threads app development has emphasized text-based updates with photographs and videos.

Having an Instagram account to use a Threads account is a must. Users on Twitter with regular accounts can only write Tweets that are 280 characters long. On Twitter, those who have blue ticks next to their names can post Tweets that are 10,000 characters long, lengthier videos, premium blogs, and more.

With Threads, even standard accounts can post thoughts up to 500 characters, attach links, 5-minute videos, and add ten images. As every user is treated equally on this platform, the better your content is, and the more people engage with it, the greater reach you can achieve. You can also select the type of audience you wish to share your updates with when you post them.

Essential Features to have in a Threads-Based App

For any social media app development, it is significant to understand the crucial features and functionalities that will give users a seamless experience. The techniques used in developing social media applications like Threads are necessary to understand completely functional programs. Here are the essential features to consider in social media app development:

1. Creating a profile

Making a profile is the first step for users to establish their presence in the app-like threads. Allow users to create their profiles by providing meaningful information such as their profile photo, username, and bio.

Enabling users to add cover photos, themes, or stickers to their profiles that reflect their distinct personalities will promote personalization. The best place for communication and self-expression is a visually appealing profile page.

2. Follow and unfollow features

A Follow/Unfollow tool is necessary for promoting connections and enabling users to control their networks. It should be possible for users to Follow or Unfollow other users to manage their feeds and the content they watch. 

To ensure that your app development looks similar to threads app development, you must ensure the interface is easy to use and provides options for finding specific people.

3. Creating threads

Users can create and share new posts with their followers using the New Thread option in Instagram Threads. Text, links, videos, and photographs should be added to these posts. The privacy options allow users to select who can respond to their postings.

They can limit engagement to only the profiles they follow or those listed. It offers a specialized and controlled method of interpersonal communication. So, for any Social Media App Development, it is essential to consider these features.

4. Option to search

Users can use the search feature found in the Threads application’s navigation bar to put search phrases, discover any user profiles, and find any posts.

5. Emoji reactions

Emojis can be used in various ways to respond to specific messages inside Threads. Inform your friends about your feelings through emojis without interfering with the conversation.

6. Share the discussion on third-party applications

Sharing with third-party application features enables users to reach a wider audience with their conversations and experiences. It helps to bridge the gap between the two applications. 

Hire mobile app developers from a leading app development company with a skilled team of designers and developers who can create social media apps like Threads.

Guide to Creating a Text-Based Social Media App

1. Analyzing the requirements

Creating the application’s fundamental blueprint and identifying the app’s requirements and goals are necessary for any Social Media App Development. Any text-based app needs to have a unique target audience, who will likely be the product’s primary users.

2. Marketing analysis

Market research is essential to learn about competitor companies and understand consumer trends and preferences.

3. User interface and design

Creating the app’s wireframes, prototypes, and mockups starts when data collection finishes understanding how the app will feel when used. An application needs to be user-friendly and visually appealing to be successful. 

4. Technical designs

To be able to create applications that are similar to threads, text-based apps need a specific set of infrastructure and technology stacks. The choice of programming language must also ensure that the application’s scalability and performance are of the highest quality.

5. Front-end and backend development

This phase involves setting up the backend infrastructure required for the application to function appropriately. It includes servers, databases, APIs, and a robust collection of electronics that will serve as the foundation. 

Appropriate security methods are used during this phase to protect user data better. The creation of interactive aspects, screens, and modern features to increase the product’s marketability and appeal comes next in front-end development.

6. Quality control and testing

The application’s testing phase is the next phase after the developer phase. There is extensive testing throughout this time to find and fix bugs, flaws, or usability problems. User acceptance testing must also ensure the best possible experience and compatibility.

7. Maintenance & post-Deployment support

The app is ready to launch on various platforms with the proper app names, descriptions, categories, launch icons, and app store images. 

Following the distribution, developers monitor the app’s functionality across all platforms, user feedback, problems, and relevant updates. Hire a mobile app development company to monitor your application and offer after-deployment assistance.

Monetization Techniques for Apps Like Threads

Consider these practical tactics when looking for revenue-creation options for apps like Threads or Twitter:

1. Advertising

Use brand partnerships, sponsored content, or targeted ads to integrate into the app to make money.

2. App purchases

Give consumers the option to buy privileged materials and features or virtual products.

3. Premium type

Provide a free basic version of the software while charging a monthly subscription for premium upgrades, verified tags, or additional functionality.

4. Influencer collaborations and sponsored content

Create extra revenue sources by working with influencers or companies to promote their content within the app or showcase sponsored posts.

For your Social Media App Development, you should consider these monetization techniques carefully for the target market and know market trends. You can efficiently monetize your text-based app, give users value, and create enduring revenue streams by putting the proper technique (or a combination of approaches) in place.

Final Thoughts

Text-based social media apps with improved features like Threads give users more options for text-based social networking and should include various new capabilities. Threads have several features in common with other well-known apps. But because it offers a better social media experience, it stands out in a new way.

Therefore, when you want to launch your app like Threads, you need to think about several crucial things and design the app with the help of a top app development company. The best strategy to build a good app like Treads is to follow the trends and add unique features.


The average cost of creating an app like Threads can range from $60,000 to $400,000. However, various factors will play a role in calculating the precise amount.

The complexity and features of an app like Threads will determine how long it takes to create. An app’s creation, testing, and release may take several months ranging from 6 months to a year.

Yes, spending money on creating an app like Threads is worthwhile. The desire for more feature-rich and distinctive text-based social media apps has grown, so investing in an app like Treads is right.