When you think of Front-end Development, you need to think unique, simple and cost-effective. But which Front-end Development Tools are you going to make use of when you have so many available in the market.

How will you find out which one is the best among that?

To Hire a Web Developer these days, you need to know about the different front-end web technologies. You need to generate amazing ROI, give the website or the web application a better look and increase the business visibility in less time.

The practice of producing CCS, HTML, and JavaScript for any kind of web application or a website in order to make the user see and directly interact with them is known as Front-end development. It is also known as client-side development.

One of the most important things which one must note is that the techniques and tools which are used to create the front end of a website constantly change with time. This is why it is essential for the developer to constantly be aware of the way the field is developing.

The visual content of the website is designed with the help of Front-end development tools. The visibility of the website is also maintained across browsers with the help of front-end development tools.

It must be noted that the face pace growth in web development tools is making the situation tough for developers as well as businesses to prosper.

New Front-end development services keep on replacing the old ones. Therefore it has grown in multifaceted ways in recent years. The look, feel, efficiency and inefficiency are all enhanced by the front-end development tools.

Top 16 Front-end Development tools in 2020:

1. AngularJS

AngularJs Development

This is one of the topmost development tools. It has been prevalent for years. The Google product has released several versions and has improved facilities and functions. This is how it has established it’s named in the web industry.

The 5th version of angular was used in 2017 and the 6th has already launched in 2018, March. Therefore we can say it gives Angular developers a good onboard solution.

The development challenges are solved with best practices, the end to end tooling and a combination of the declarative templates.

With the help of this web development tool, the user can build applications on the web, desktop or the mobile. It is widely used by both frontend and backend engineers.

There are some pros of using this tool. One of the most important of which is that it is well maintained and built-in by Google. It falls under the category of building progressive and modern applications and web development.

It can also be used to build different cross-platform hybrid mobile applications along with desktop level applications for the Mac and Linux using angular methods. Also, it is known to support TypeScript which is the superset of the JavaScript.

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2. VueJs

VueJs Front-end Tool

This Front-end development framework has been well known and appreciated for the fast visual DOM, reusable components it provides.

It has the basic technical know-how of the HTML, CSS, and JS. At present, it is known to have 84,364 Github stars because of which it left behind other popular Front-end development tools.

In 2013, it was first released. The progress has been quite significant in the last four to five years. The absence of pedigree provides the greatest benefit to this web development tool.

Also, it has very little baggage and is known to be fresh. Continuing to learn from its successes and mistakes Front-end development company is developing to a rapid extent. Being easy to learn and lightweight it is a good decision to bring the VueJS developers on board.

3. SaSS

One of the most reliable Front-end tools, it has a great design and mature CSS extension language. SaaS help to extend the functionality of the existing CSS.

It has variables, inheritance and other features which makes it a very strong contender in the list of best Front-end Development Tools in 2020.

It is straightforward and can be used to write any kind of code in the front-end technology. It also supports languages and supports mixins, nesting and variables.

It is a great tool for changing color and other values. It gives the output in such a way that we can easily customize it and we can format them well.

4. Sublime Text

Sublime Text makes its way to the best Web Development Tools list by the sheer features it offers. It is typically a cross-platform source code editor.

It can help you to simultaneously edit and this makes you make a lot of interactive changes to the multiple areas. This is known to be one of the best Web Development Tools because it supports a lot of programming languages and markup languages.

In addition to all this, it offers a lot of python-based plugins and can be compatible with so many language grammars from TextMate.

5. Chrome Developer Tools

Another topmost Front-end Development Tools are the chrome developer tools. When it comes to hands-on debugging it is the best.

It helps to provide a wide variety of development testing in your browser. This helps to save a lot of time for web development.

Also the ‘Device Mode’ allows one to test how responsive the website and its development be. Identification of the runtime and issues of performance can be done by the ‘Timeline’. Effective debugging of the JavaScript is possible with the use of the ‘Source Panel’.

It provides an effective means to reach a diversity of development testing in the browser. In this way, a huge amount of your development time is saved and provides satisfaction to the user.

It should be noted that every 6 weeks Google comes p with an update. Therefore it is important for you to check the YouTube channel of Google developers. It will enable you to achieve stay up to date and hence lead to an advancement of skill sets.

There are DevTools which are available for the beginners. One has does not have to be an experienced web developer to start using this tool.

One can easily change the view and page styles with it, debugging can also be done easily here. An optimization facility of website speed is also provided making this too very useful.

6. Iconic 2

This tool is used for cross-platform mobile application development. But also it is widely used for Front-end web development purposes. It is known to put up native and wed optimized applications in play.

It should be noted that there are some major benefits of using this Front-end development service:

  • You can get this tool free of cost and comes as an open-source tool.
  • Counting Slack and Stack overflow is known to support this tool.
  • Empowerment of the one code base is provided for each and every platform.
  • There is an availability of push notifications built in the tool.
  • It is coded in angular.

The high performance of this tool is notable. It is object-oriented programming and sends crash reports.

However, there are some cons to using this frontend development tool. There is a requirement of specific Cordova plugins which is known to support multiple platforms.

Also, its function is not as good as the native apps which are written in Obj-C or Java. Also is not prescribed for the highly graphical applications.

Some examples are games or 3D modeling. Lastly, it’s used is constrained to the Angular and TypeScript.

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7. Node Package manager (NPM) Tool

This Front-end web development tool is utilized with JavaScript. It is known to be utilized as a command-line utility which helps to communicate with a sad repository.

In turn, it helps to give support and package. Determination of the packages and reusable code can be done together with its assistance. In this way proves to be sturdy and a new web development tool.

The node Package manager has got 15448 stars on GitHub. Also, it is known to have a commendable functional ability. It enables to determine and also reprocess around 470,000+ free code packages in every given Registry.

It also helps to persuade the discovery of code and in turn, helps in reusing within the separate groups and teams. Another important function is that it helps to publish and also organize access to the namespace.

Being an exclusive platform for the web developers it shows high performance and networked applications.

Nowadays while you socialize on the various social media applications available like the Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or use the Gmail box you are able to run the thousands of lines of code.

With the help of Node one is able to write highly scalable apps which are deployed on the cloud. To name a few this Front-end development tool is popularly used in Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Being a pretty new web development tool the user can gain benefit from the exponentially growing community of the NodeJS developers which acts to be an element of fun.

Keeping in mind that it is relatively new one needs to take baby steps while working with this tool. This will help the user to get the full grip of the tool. One needs to build up from scratch.

8. Grunt

Grunt is a popular Front-end Technology that primarily runs on Node.Js. It has a lot of plugins that it can offer for the most common tasks. It is one of the best front-end tools when it comes to the automation of any task you give it.

There are a lot of features but some of the most important ones are that it makes the whole flow of work very easy. It is as easy as a setup file writing.

Grunt is preferred over other front-end development tools when it requires straightforwardness. It includes the tasks in JavaScript and has the complete configuration in JSON.

9. Git Extensions

Git Extensions is in our list of Top Front-end Development Tools because it helps you a great deal.

You can call it as a basic graphical user interface that helps you to not only give the consent to you to be in charge of Git but you can observe the carried out history in a much better way and in graph arrangement.

When you are still learning the command line, it will save you the time when the developer needs to work on straightforward files.

10. Appcelerator Titanium

This web development application is known to be an open-source framework which enables the creation of allows native mobile apps on platforms including Ios, Android and Window UWP from a single JavaScript codebase.

Cross-platform API’s for accessing the native UI components are present. These include components such as the menus, file system, and network.

It is known to amaze over 950000 registrations from the developer. One of the major components of the titanium developer tool is the Apache-licensed software development kit. It is also known as the open-source framework.

11. TypeScript


This web development tool is one of the latest in the market of the developer. It has an open-source front-end.

It is of the most popular front-end development tool for the developer. It is known to be the superset of the JavaScript which in turn additionally adds in the static typing.

It should be noted that this tool is specifically designed to compile large applications and for their development purpose. In the end, it complies with the JavaScript. It has around 31296 tools and is very useful in nature.

Some of the major features of this tool should be made note of. Other JS libraries are supported by the TypeScript.

One can use this popular tool in any kind of environment that can run on JavaScript. It is highly portable in nature and is portable in many devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Lastly, it is known to support the definition files which may contain any type of information in the existing JavaScript libraries such as the C/C+ header files.

It is known to start from the equivalent semantics and syntax tools which are supported by millions of who are nowadays on familiar terms.

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12. Codepen

When you want to have the best Front-end Technologies in 2020, then you need to use CodePen.

It is the best web development tool and offers a great environment to the front-end developers. It is one of those special Front-end Development Technologies that is smooth and offers a faster front-end development than other technologies.

You have other features like live viewing, live sync that helps you to understand if the designing is working or not.

13. Meteor

Meteor Js Front-end Tool

MeteorJS is also known to be the full-stack JavaScript framework. A collection of libraries makes up this framework along with packages.

This makes it one of the top-rated tools. There is a certain built-in concept transferred from other libraries and frameworks. This is how it is made easy to prototype applications. It should be noted that it has 39265 stars of Github.

Their feature makes the development of the applications very efficient. Another important thing is that it always comes with features which are built-in and also contain some frontend libraries and NODE JS-based server.

There is a significant increase in the development time when such a tool is made to use. A JavaScript language database is known as the MongoDB database and Minimongo is offered by the meteors. It also offers live reloading feature which enables refreshing only DOM Elements which are required.

The creation of this Front-end development framework is done from other concepts borrowed from other progressive frameworks and libraries.

One needs to be professional or some kind of business owner who is known to like to build up things from scratch. Git, scons, a C and C++ compiler and also auto tools are required to made use of.

It tends to download the routinely the pre-compiled binaries when initially started only if you do not run or operate the script. One can now easily operate the meteor right from the checkout if one is not able to put the dependency pack together.

14. Blockchain Testnet

It can act as a great Front-end Development Tools where it is a testing network. This is mainly for decentralized projects where you can test different experimental features.

Apart from that, the can also act as an alternative to the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain that is generally used for testing.

15. Tensorflow

With Tensorflow.js being a great front-end development tool, it introduces machine learning in the field of web development.

Tensorfow.js has a great connection with back end development tools too and it can work on existing models, retrain all the existing models by making use of your data. Then you can also develop machine learning with JavaScript.

16. Backbone

One of the best front-end development tools in recent time, Backbone.Js is the one which gives the structure to the web applications.

This can offer models while being value bound or custom bound. Since it is a front-end technology, it helps the developers by allowing them to develop one-page applications.

It is one of the best Open-Source Web Development Tools that have a great online community and you can get all the help you need. It also makes the work so simple that it is on the best UI developer tools list.

Backbone. Js is one of the best tools for web developer as it helps them to create some great client-side web applications or mobile applications.


The ever-changing web technologies are making Front-end development tools very popular. The outlined tools are great tools which are available to learn the Front-end game of 2020.

Some among them are previously used old tools and some are absolutely new ones which will soon come to effective and popular use. This process is evolved and pushing new technological applications to evolve in its new strength with different features.

Talking about the future use of the tools, we can safely say that the JavaScript will continue to become a solid language and modernize for building the cross platforms.

The Top Front-end development company will lead to the formation of a line between the native builds and thus thin the line between the cross-platform.

The evolution will slowly add its current pre and post precursors who offer the styling of the web. The concept of the page is slowly seen to fade. This is because of the way the complex content-serving systems are being built.

Thus, these are the best Front-end development tools you have in use. So when you hire a web Developer, you will have a little idea about various technologies and hence, it will help you work better on your projects.

Comment down below which Front-end Web Technology is the best.

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