As a novice Android developer at an android app Development Company, there are many things to take into consideration when building your first application.

In any case, the apps have been engrossed in our lives for about ten years, during which time they have got many changes, from the way of developing them to how to allocate/monetize them.

When words were not enough, we get to see numbers. A statista report forecasts that mobile app downloads are projected to grow by 258.2 billion by 2022.

That also means you are experiencing a highly competitive market; so, you would need some right advice to thrive the battle.

Android app development is a process that takes appropriate time and determination to complete, and being brand-new in this area developers at any android app development company in the USA or other nations are prone to making errors, which is flawlessly usual in any learning process.

However, lots of experienced android studio developers might easily settle on some mistakes everyone should always avoid when developing an app.

Thus, we want to discuss five mistakes you must have to avoid as a beginner:

1. Trying to build an app that does almost everything

You might be tempted to develop an application that resolves tons of problems at the same time.

You must know that this is tough to obtain, and this might cause your product to nosedive.

Keep in mind the most essential and fundamental principle: Keep it more manageable.

Your main attention must be trying to do only one thing and do that thing correctly.

Apart from that, lots of features might strain your app performance or although confuse your users, and consequently, they might turn out uninstalling your app; something you cannot, not at all, afford!

Many top mobile app development companies in India and many nations provide training to the developers at the beginner level to help them understand the industry and the customs.

2. Not doing enough research

It is essential for you to know thoroughly about the market that you want to pay the attention.

We know we’ve been now discussing this a lot, but you may be amazed at how often people consider they have an incredible app idea, to understand later that it has been in the market for a long time before.

If you genuinely wish to stick out and flourish in a prosperous place, you should attempt to provide exceptional and unique solutions.

For that, you have to know about apps rating, Android App Development Services’ business models, apps common features (what users expect), latest trends, and many more.

Research on the whole thing that allows you to know your count in the prospective users-target group.

That exemplifies possible revenues you can obtain from your app.

3. Not having a Marketing Strategy

The vast majority of Android apps display ads to bring more and more earnings. Some of them even display ads of other apps.

AdMob is the official advertising platform from Google that can assist you with that. It also supports you to understand the traffic and performance of your application.

This is a fantastic way to build an app business; however, you want to contemplate a marketing strategy before launching your app to the market with another those from top 10 android app development companies in India and many other nations almost every next hour.

4. Not thinking about battery usage

How your app impacts on battery life can define whether users agree to uninstall or retain it.

Understanding that users need to have a great experience with your application without their devices running out of power is vital for them to keep utilizing it.

Likewise, confirm that your app stops exhausting battery life when not in use.

Checking on how your application influences battery life will stop prevent you from all the kinds of inconveniences.

Instructor of the best android development company course, Noe Branagan, shook our memory as this on our post about top practices for Android App development.

5. Not improving your app after launch

After launching your mobile app on the market, you should consider enhancing your application now and then and repair the potential bugs, as well as provide features that will keep users addicted to it.

Of course, choosing android app development that functions is a massive invention, but you should deliberate that users always want more and proper things, only this way you might race with innovative and different applications approaching to market.

To understand how your app can be seamless, you can always depend on the remarks you get in the Google Play store.

Your Custom Android App Development process should consider other aspects as well: following Android UI guidelines, taking benefits of open sources archives, so you don’t redundantly waste time or energies on your app code, and performing beta testing with actual targeted users that provide you comment to build your app even far better.

☛ A bit further

These days, a business does not thrive rapidly without having a mobile-friendly nature.

As the eCommerce industry is getting more significant day by day, launching mobile applications for business becomes an indispensable thing.

Every mobile app development company is taking significant advantage of this situation as the international share of the Android operating system is higher than the others.

Many top 10 mobile application development companies offering mobile app development services are also extending their numbers to come across the demand of the business.

However, trying to hire android app developer from India or any other countries for the app development is not an easy job to achieve.

Well-liked android app development companies approached with some significant features that assist a company got better and speedily digital.

The content explores how you can opt for the best android app development company for your business.

☛ Why do you need to choose an Android app developer?

The Android operating system is carrying out a considerable market share than the other app platforms such as iOS and Microsoft.

The android app development is always rising, and many people are using Android smartphones for searching and buying products.

As the market follows customers, choosing Android App development proves more advantageous than the applications developed in other operating systems.

☛ Choose the best company:

Before you jump on hiring an android app development company in the USA or any other country for Android app development for your business, you should classify your needs and requirements first.

Explore what type of designs and features you want. Having a thorough knowledge of target consumer assists you to develop a lucrative marketing objective.

These are the crucial factors that you need to answer to before hiring a company along with a right android app development language.

☛ Read the portfolio:

Every company that offers android app development services has a particular page directing or showcasing their previous works.

This page comprises the samples of their work completed for other companies.

You must go through the page thoroughly and find out whether they have the required experience in designing and developing applications for your business.


The top-rated Android app development company comprises all the factors above for you. Have a strong understating of your requirement and choose the best Android app development company who can recognize your marketing objective.