The main goal of most online stores is to amplify traffic and conversions. E-Commerce marketing is intimidating with the endless competition that we can see today. However, several online stores effortlessly get a six on rolling the dice almost every day because of the eCommerce marketing ideas they put to use. The right tactics and strategies in place can help any business gain success. Here are some actionable and powerful tactics mentioned in this article to help brands market their online store flawlessly.

Overview of an eCommerce Store

Ecommerce or electronic commerce stores are designed to connect buyers to services or products for trading virtually. Businesses build their online stores to list the services or products they want to sell. Following this, the buyers can select products online and pay online through secured payment gateways. The last step includes the online store parceling the product to the buyer’s doorstep. The scope of eCommerce in the coming years shows enormous potential as currently there are more than $3.5 trillion in sales globally. We can well imagine the future with this information.

Top eCommerce Marketing Ideas for 2022

The influx of new competition every day is compelling most businesses to reach out for the best online marketing services presently. Going the extra mile for the customers will help businesses stand out from the rest of the crowd. The key to obtaining more revenue and conversions each year lies in implementing the best eCommerce marketing ideas. Thus, We have found 8 highly effective marketing strategies that e-tailers can implement to enhance their conversions in 2022.

1. Upsell Marketing Ideas

Most e-tailers approach customers by asking whether they would like to supersize their order or not at one point or the other. It is an accurate upselling example that is more effective than obtaining a new customer. Many times customers are aware of the availability of a premium product or are unaware of how a better package can better with their requirements. It is essential to focus on the difference between the two products and ask the customer whether they would like an upgrade or not.

There are two primary considerations that marketers need to understand while aiming to enhance sales through upselling. They need to ensure that the up cells are linked to the original product, and they must always be rational to the expected price range of the customers. This is one of the best marketing ideas for the eCommerce business in 2022.

2. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Every time a buyer decides or changes his mind about not buying a product after adding it to the cart, businesses lose money. The checkout process witnesses the most abandonment of items. As per research, 72% of shopping carts undergo abandonment. This is the space where we need to talk about email marketing ideas for eCommerce. This is a fierce way of decreasing the interval of abandoned carts.

It can easily persuade visitors to return to the online store and finish the original purchase. For instance, businesses can use catchy emails and subject lines alongside extra product suggestions to compel buyers to return to the carts. The trick is to help visitors recollect the reason for choosing a particular product. Making an effort in the right place can help businesses capture potential customers.

3. Launch Facebook and Instagram Stores

The tips for eCommerce marketing are many, but businesses with these tips can tap into a massive client base. When we talk about Instagram, we know there are more than 500 million active users. Building a huge Instagram following of individuals captivated by specific products is one of the best eCommerce marketing ideas that one can execute. Capturing eye-catching images, using hashtags tactfully, and posting content at the correct time are solutions that can help businesses engage with their followers. When it comes to eCommerce marketing, businesses can add products to their Instagram stories and posts. The followers receive a straightforward way to purchase, which is essential for amplifying online sales.

Coming to Facebook, we know the transformation that the social networking website has undergone over the past few years. But this viable platform holds a position that compels every business in today’s time to include it in its marketing strategy. The Facebook store can easily integrate with eCommerce platforms that do not compel businesses to maintain a separate inventory. Try it out for yourself today.

4. Setup an Email Marketing Campaign

As per research, 20% of digital marketing purchases take place in email, contributing to 27% of revenue. The figures suggest how vital email marketing ideas for eCommerce are for businesses wanting to win in sales. The beauty of email lies in its intimate interaction, as people are way more protective of their inboxes than their social feeds. Alongside this, email provides space to state things that are impossible to fit into media posts. Getting started with email marketing using CRM software is easy with steps like newsletter promotion, capturing subscribers, etc.

However, simply getting hands-on with a set of email addresses is not sufficient. It is vital to send noticeable and regular emails to customers. Some of the perfect occasions to send emails to subscribers are as follows:

  • Sending welcome emails as a customer buys a product
  • Sending regular newsletters to active subscribers stating about new offers, company news, and product tips

5. Use the Power of Remarketing.

When a business learns the activities of its website visitors, it can easily optimize the method of marketing. But how? With the help of platforms like Google and Facebook, tracking is now a breeze. For instance, with the help of Facebook, businesses can craft remarketing campaigns that display particular advertisements to visitors. These visitors have either abandoned their cart or viewed specific product pages before.

If a buyer still does not purchase a product after some days, it is recommended to amplify the efficacy of the ads by providing the buyer with a coupon code. This will make the brand and the products noticeable to the buyer once again.

6. Optimize eCommerce Website with SEO

The best e-commerce marketing idea is to integrate the correct implementation of search engine optimization. Relying on paid ads and social media is fine, but SEO any day is more effective. SEO only needs effort upfront, and on ranking, it can quickly generate sales with zero recurring expenditure. Optimizing an eCommerce website means that the brand is crafting the best outcome for a target keyword. Businesses can make their visitors make purchasing decisions fast with the help of gorgeous photography, thorough writing, arresting product descriptions, etc. Displaying social proof of the best products, creating more oversized buttons, and keeping the website glitch-free are other ways of eCommerce store optimization.

7. Create Strategically Paid Ads Campaign

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is one of those elements that can make eCommerce marketing campaign ideas successful. Businesses need to pay ad networks such as Google whenever a visitor clicks on the advertisement in PPC. Some of the best PPC advertisements include shopping, paid search, and display campaigns. Each kind of PPC advertising has a vital yet distinct role in the overall marketing tactic.

Paid search ads are always positioned at the top of the SERPs or search engine results. It will not incorporate any imagery. For instance, Google will only provide a text-only ad depending on the search terms provided by the user. It is a remarkable strategy specifically for the “in-market” leads. Paid search ads can generate a noteworthy conversion rate as well.

8. Create a Unique Video Marketing Strategy

Video is an impeccable driver for building trust and boosting engagement levels. However, a revenue uplift is only discoverable when e-commerce businesses understand the type of videos they require. Some of the best video online promotion examples are product close-up, product overviews, video testimonials, product tutorials, explainer videos, etc. Video content marketing ideas for ecommerce always act as persuasive motivators to get the visitors to purchase products.

Businesses can post video promotions on the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The videos must match the length and dimension of every platform. Many users do not prefer watching videos with sounds. For them, incorporating subtitles in videos is a must for businesses. Most importantly, videos must be used in retargeting and lead generation ads. Designing an audience of occupied people is only possible through video ads. This is because businesses can easily track the view statistics. Video ads have the potential of generating massive ROAS.


Businesses seeking to boost their sales and enhance conversions in 2022 can benefit from the eCommerce marketing ideas mentioned in this article. By putting the correct strategies at the right time, it is possible to boost the marketing efforts for all the sales funnel stages. Sales, as well as success, depends on marketing. Hence, make sure to browse through our online marketing services to discover the best strategies for your business.
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YouTube videos can help businesses get easily discovered with the correct utilization of mostly browsed keyword terms. However, businesses need to make sure that the videos and the topics are related to their product.

Brands instantly make themselves visible to crawlers with an effective SEO plan. Optimizing tags and meta descriptions and a quick loading page on mobile and desktop are the points to focus on.

Email automation, when used through a CRM, can help ecommerce brand owners change the game. They can do it by sending announcements of discounts and offers, segmenting the contact list with smart lists for sending customized content, and more.