Lyft is a cab or a taxi app which is built upon the concept of sharing the journey with other passengers. According to research the business and demand of this shared cab service have grown from an approximate of 3 million rides in 2013 to an approximate 375 million rides in 2017 across the province of U.S.

Benefits of the Lyft App:

  • A cost-effective ride within less time
  • Easy and safe commuting at all hours
  • Hassle-free payment through the smartphone
  • Sharing or splitting the fares with co-passengers
  • No barring to location and hence, ensuring safety to all passengers

Components of the taxi app development:

  • Lyft passenger app
  • Lyft driver app
  • The application programming interface at the back-end
  • Admin at the back-end to for managing the process
  • Provision of a webpage for displaying the process of application by the user through a newsletter

☛ Some of the additional components for Lyft app Android and IOS:

  • The frontier or frontend derives the cost for the platform or the operating system the mobile application should operate on. According to research, the Lyft app iPhone is a major market player in the US as compared to Android. However, the development of such a robust mobile application shall consume up to approximately 200 hours manually.
  • The user interfaces for the driver as well as the passenger which shall consist of all the necessary toolbars, options, necessary buttons, etc. This also means that right from booking the ride till the payment, all should be flawless. This process shall consume an approximate of hundred to two hundred hours manually.
  • The final JavaScript and coding which shall connect the driver application with the passenger one and tie all the loose ends. The entire process shall get fulfilled in an approximate of a hundred and fifty to two hundred manual hours.
  • In the end, a web or admin interface on the respective laptops or desktops shall consume an approximate of a hundred and twenty hours to a hundred and sixty hours approximately.

There should also be testing or run-through for ensuring the quality and checking for runtime errors for the Lyft for iPad.

The hourly rates shall vary from country to country. And the cost to develop a Lyft app shall begin from a $10/hour approximately in an Asian country and a $150/hour approximately per hour in the U.S.

Lyft provides a variety of options for its users:

  • Be in line:

This option allows a particular commuter to save up to an approximate of 60% on their rides.

  • The plain vanilla:

This option is the most preferable option who would like to ride individually or in groups of four approximately.

  • The plus variant:

This variant is perfect for airport pick-ups and drops as travelers may carry heavy luggage and may require a family van or a sports utility vehicle for commuting with the same.

There are some facts about the Lyft Passenger app:

  • Lyft has completed an approximate of 100 million rides in the state of New York itself.
  • The drivers who are appointed by Lyft are sourced through Youtube.
  • The pop genre of music is more preferred by the Lyft people and hence a particular commuter might listen to these songs quite often while riding with Lyft.
  • The drivers most of their tips while talking to their co-passengers.
  • There exists an iconic pink mustache at the front of every Lyft taxi for identification.
  • The object which is often found in the lost and found cases with the passengers is their cell phones itself.
  • A referral reward system is also available for the Lyft application users when they refer drivers or the app to their friends and family.
  • The Lyft app has gained an approximate of 23 million users around the world.
  • The app provides its services to approximately 350 cities over the United States.

Cost of Lyft App Development:

According to the report from 21Twelve Interactive, the mobile app development for an application like Lyft shall depend upon:

  • A Design of the application which shall range from an approximate of $1000 to $3000 US dollars.
  • The Application programming for the Lyft mobile app shall cost from an approximate of $5000 to an approximate of $9000 US dollars.
  • And the same to same functionality of Lyft app shall cost from an approximate of $8000 to an approximate of $14000 US dollars.


Hence, to build a particular taxi application resembling that of the Lyft application should at least require a market capitalization of an approximate of one billion dollars.

Apart from the fact that the iOS app development cost is higher than that of Android, all other relative costs stay constant. The costs involved in creativity and service are also something to look up to. An approximate of twenty thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars approximately shall be considered to derive as the cost for developing an application as robust as Lyft.

Also, with the growing service issues with competitors, taxi services like Uber and other facilities seem to not really satisfy their customers in terms of pricing as well as customer reviews. These reviews and popularity among customers also differ among countries.