It is incredibly hard knowing what you can and can’t trust on the internet these days. Because of the developments in technology, it’s very easy for people to make unsupported lies come across as absolute facts. As such, it’s more important than ever that we know what to do if we want to try and fact-check something.

No one is expecting the average person to be able to dig around for the facts like a journalism graduate. When it comes to vetting whether or not the information is legitimate, there are other sources available to you that should be able to help.

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Breaking News Consumer Handbook: Fake News Edition

This is a site that gives excellent tips on how to spot misinformation quickly and comes equipped with a comprehensive, non-biased list of sites that you should try to avoid. You will be able to refer to the handbook if you want to quickly run by in your mind whether or not something you have read is, in fact, true.

These kinds of the method are used by fact-checkers all over the globe, for instance, those who run sites such as Unibet that allow people who want to bet on US election to do so. Genuine information will need to be gathered as a means to fully understand exactly how likely it is that someone will win. Not to mention, the attitude of the public will also play a huge part in determining these odds, but that means again that knowing how to spot misinformation will have an impact on them.


Though many sites in this list cater directly to politics, there is one of the oldest, Snopes, that has been fact-checking the strange and surreal since before Google was a search engine. They have a great reputation for being unbiased and manage to keep the tone in every word they write on par with that that internet nerds love. They will sit down and fact-check everything stemming from urban myths to political statements.

There is also an added level of trust in Snopes due to its humility. On their about page, they state, “no single source, no matter how reliable, is infallible.” This is true. Nobody can be right 100% of the time, and any fact-checking site is willing to admit that is one that’s worth your time.

Do you enjoy fact-checking some of the outrageous stuff that comes out of politician’s mouths? Well, in that case, you should make sure that you have bookmarked. The whole site is incredibly unbiased and dedicates its time to checking everything that politicians say either in TV ads, debates, interviews, speeches, and news releases.

The whole site is very clear and easy to use, which also provides a detailed synopsis on current issues and how you will be able to learn more by continuing to read. You can also search specific topics if there is something in particular that you are looking for. Either way, is a great way to do exactly what it tells you in its title… check facts.