Technology advances rapidly, and with innovation, new professions are springing up. The rise of technology has raised the number of jobs but has also eliminated others. Smart analytics, for example, is rapidly replacing manual data collection. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that as of 2022, the majority of jobs will be in the digital.

Meanwhile, AI (artificial intelligence) is gradually taking over white-collar jobs, such as IT, marketing, and customer service, among others. To keep up with the changes in the job market, it is essential that you obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive.

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But is it the only one? Of course not – let’s explore 5 more fast-developing jobs in the digital world of 2022! Read more on top tips to hire a remote employee for your business.

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1. Web Analyst

Web analysts are people who work on the analysis of the data collected through a website. This analysis allows companies to better understand their customers and to adapt their services to the needs of users. Web analysts have a wide field of action. They are hired by companies but are also hired by governments, universities, or NGOs.

Web analysis has several aspects: segmentation, detection of needs, conversion, etc. Web analysts are experts in statistics and analysis. They are trained to be able to conduct tests, gather data, and measure the impact of their actions. They analyze data and interpret the results, constantly looking for improvements, optimization, and new technologies. 

Web Analysts work in IT departments, marketing or sales departments, but also in production, finance, or customer services. Their main challenges are:

  • To anticipate the needs of the market
  • To measure the impact of their actions
  • To work on continuous improvement
  • To use and maintain their knowledge of statistics
  • To have good communication skills
  • To work in teams
  • To adapt quickly to new technologies

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2. Inbound Marketing Specialist

The internet has changed everything. If you want to succeed these days, you can’t just produce a good product, and you also have to make it discoverable. The companies with the best marketing are the ones with the most unique content. The ones that succeed are those that are creative, ironic, and a bit sarcastic.

Keeping up with the current cultural trends is a full-time job. Marketing teams now use a lot of technologies to analyze and synthesize information. They try all kinds of tools, such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Crazy Egg, to understand the behavior of the people on digital platforms.

The jobs in this area are multiplying constantly. They are often very technical and require a good command of English since it’s essential to be able to write good content. An Inbound Marketing Specialist should be able to understand the following:

  • Which websites, blogs, and social networks are the best for marketing
  • How to create a user attractive content
  • The differences between video and static content
  • How to expand their audience
  • How to create viral content
  • How to write great copy
  • How to write a great headline
  • How to write a good description
  • How to write a good call to action

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3. Visual Data Scientist

The Data Analyst is a specialist who analyzes large volumes of data and draws conclusions and solutions to problems based on that information. The Visual Data Scientist is one of the fastest-growing managerial positions in data science. They analyze complex information with the help of visualization tools (through which data is generally presented or displayed graphically) and enhance data-based information with additional information.

The Visual Data Scientist generates visualizations such as dashboards and reports. They also analyze information in complex ways, modifying, sorting, and displaying it.

Visual Data Scientist Job

Companies also have a need for Analysts who help identify patterns in data and come up with recommendations based on this analysis. These analysts also translate that heavy information into concrete actions that are measurable for the company.

Most importantly, the company needs scientists who are responsible for extracting value from information. They identify patterns, develop hypotheses, test them, and make recommendations.

4. Growth Hacking Manager

Growth hacking managers are in charge of implementing growth strategies. They combine marketing, design, and technology skills. They have the ability to be flexible, adapt to new situations, and have analytical and creative solutions. They must be able to evaluate the impact of their actions and results.

Growth hacking managers work in close contact with the design team and project managers to ensure the success of their initiatives. They sometimes have to manage other growth hacking managers, too.

The growth in users, income, and downloads is often measured by the same criteria. Growth hacking managers must be able to analyze information, be able to speak and write clearly, and have good communication skills (written and oral).

Growth hackers are always looking for something new, always experimenting, and always learning. They are creative, instinctive, and audacious!

5. Business Intelligence Manager

A business intelligence (BI) manager needs excellent analytical skills. Above all, they’re accustomed to dealing with large amounts of important information. They are accustomed to dealing with large volumes of data, too – and for this reason, they may be computer engineers, economists, mathematicians, or statisticians.

BI managers often work under tight deadlines, so their organizational skills must be impeccable. They must be able to organize their workplace, prepare schedules, and carry out their projects on time. In certain situations, they may find themselves working under extreme pressure. They must be able to adapt to such circumstances and work quickly.

BI managers sometimes create data-mining software. This type of software allows managers to extract information from the database. Their goal is to help management committees make decisions.

These managers are also in constant contact with their customers, who are generally executives. They are therefore accustomed to speaking clearly, in a clear and concise manner. They must also be clear in their minds and be able to express their thoughts precisely. They must also know how to convey their ideas effectively in writing. 

Final Thoughts

As we can see, the world of the future is closer than we thought! There is ample opportunity for new and exciting careers now and in the next year – and people all over the world are waking up to them. Are you?

Imagine working in a digital space, where data is easier to access than ever, and connecting with others a breeze. Cloud technologies will ensure safe backups and steadier flow – and advanced systems will make jobs easier. So, if you’re excited about these new opportunities as much as we are, get learning, start networking – and explore your new career!