Everything is online now, why should dating be an exception? Yes, we know there are a lot of people out there who believe in the traditional idea of romance. But millennials are not shying away from the use of online dating apps to find a partner. Therefore, here we are with a list of best free online dating apps to look out for in 2020!

The list comprises of most popular dating apps for both Android and iOS. If this list doesn’t provide you with enough inspiration for your own app then hire an ios app development company or Android development company to discover more unique ideas.

Best Free Online Dating Sites and Apps of 2020:

Let’s get started with the list of best free online dating apps in the year 2020!

1. Tinder

Tinder is no surprise in the list of best free online dating apps. It has been successful in forming marriages but also accused of changing the concept of dating into some sort of hookup. In spite of all this Tinder is one of the top dating apps and for a reason too.

To use Tinder, a Facebook account is not compulsory but you have to be above 18. You can set up your profile by adding pictures, descriptions, and info about your work/school.

Swipe right to like, swipe left to pass and swipe up to use your super likes. If both of you have swiped right then a screen will appear which will allow you to send a message. The free version of Tinder comes with a limited number of swipes.

After taking everything into consideration Tinder definitely gets top ratings for being user-friendly. Also, as it is one of the most popular dating apps, you are more likely to find someone who lives nearby.

Feature List:

  • User-centric interface
  • Integration with other applications like Snapchat and Spotify
  • Includes LGBTQ people
  • Location-based to provide nearby matches

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2. Facebook Dating

Why go through the trouble of creating a profile on new apps when you can use the existing one? Well, Facebook Dating has been launched in the USA and it can use everything that Facebook knows about you. It can easily be one of the best dating apps for you.

You don’t really have to download a separate application to use Facebook Dating as it is in-built in the main Facebook app. Just select the Dating option, then Get Started and you can set up your dating profile.

The biggest advantage here is that as it already knows things about you, the dating choices can be easily refined. It may take a few days to get your first match, but a notification will inform you. Thus, Facebook Dating has been included in the list of best dating apps for relationships.

Feature List:

  • Push Notifications
  • Easy to set up a profile
  • Secret Crush feature
  • Refined dating suggestions

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3. eHarmony

eHarmony is among the most trusted free dating apps as per a survey of U.S singles. The registration process is easy and free. You can either sign-up from your Facebook account or fill up a form.

Completing eHarmony’s compatibility questionnaire will send the answers to its algorithm. Thereafter you will be provided with dating options.

As this dating app provides you with only a few options at a time, you can scan the profiles at your convenience. You can also break the ice with some of the pre-written questions provided by eHarmony. Undoubtedly, all these features make eHarmony one of the best free online dating apps.

Feature List:

  • A compatibility questionnaire
  • Pre-decided quick questions
  • Custom messages for ease
  • No restrictions in terms of the number of photos that can be viewed

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4. Grindr

Grindr is the largest LGBTQ+ dating and social media site. It is a must-have free dating app if you want to find someone special or just some fun. Again signing up in Grindr is easy as you can sign-up with your Facebook account. After you have signed up, create your dating profile and make it clear whether you are looking for love or hook up.

Apart from that, it is easy to message people on the app. If something goes wrong, that will also be taken care of. Of course, you get more features in the paid version. All these reasons make it one of the top free online dating sites.

Feature List:

  • Largest LGBTQ+ dating site
  • Easy sign-up
  • Location sharing option
  • Easy messaging

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5. OkCupid

As per a recent experiment, OkCupid was said to suggest wrong matches to its users. But the dating app claimed that users were open to going even for their wrong matches. We think this incident is clear enough proof of the craze of dating apps among the users.

OkCupid currently has more than 30 million users and approximately 1 million regular logins. When you sign up for the first time, you are asked to answer a few questions on the basis of which matches will be suggested.

You can then chat through its unique messaging system that will connect you to the matches as per your interest. Due to all these reasons, we were bound to include OkCupid in the list of best free online dating apps.

Feature List:

  • Option to set personal preferences
  • An advanced set of filters and additional options to ensure safety
  • Local dating features to meet nearby people
  • Unique messaging system

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6. Happn

Happn functions a lot like Tinder and depends on Facebook to get your information. But you will have to wait for a mutual liking in order to connect.

Happn allows you to send “charms” even before you are registered as a match. Happn has been included in the list of best dating apps as it became an instant hit among the users with 1 lakh sign-ups in the first week itself.

Feature List:

  • Match your profile on the go
  • Potential matches in bulk
  • Matches on the basis of real-life encounters
  • Invisible mode for your privacy

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7. Bumble

Bumble is the best dating app as it gives women a chance to make the first move. This is as opposed to other dating apps like Tinder.

As per Bumble, this feature has lead to more meaningful relationships. Its simple interface makes Bumble a perfect app for you. The best part is the unlimited swipes. Just this feature makes Bumble a better choice than Tinder.

A unique feature is Bumble is Bizz. This feature will allow you to search for better career opportunities. All these never before heard of features earned Bumble a place in this list of best free online dating apps.

Feature List:

  • Only women can make the first move
  • Option to extend the time you get to reply to someone
  • Option of rematching
  • Notifications on getting a match

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8. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee meets Bagel is again one of the best free dating apps. Once you have logged in with your Facebook account, you can set up your preferences.

This application suggests a potential match in the form of a bagel. In the next 24 hours, you can accept or reject the match. You can chat in a private chat that will expire in 8 days after you have connected.

You can upload a total of 9 photos. Moreover, you can filter your search on the basis of religious beliefs or ethics. Therefore, Coffee meets Bagel is rightfully one of the best free online dating apps.

Feature List:

  • Exclusively curated matches
  • The only dating app where women outnumber men
  • CMB profiles cannot be searched
  • Know whether the message is read or not

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9. Hinge

A lot of people find Hinge and Tinder similar in many aspects but actually, they are quite different. The only similar thing is that both are free dating apps. Hinge’s functionality follows Facebook friends to find a match for you. It will suggest friends of friends of friends after analyzing the common things. The matches are finally suggested after you answer some basic questions.

Hinge is more practical as it allows you to get in touch with a common friend to know more about your potential match. When it comes to uploading pictures you can do it through your Facebook or Instagram account. Hence, Hinge too found a place among the best free online dating apps.

Feature List:

  • Show interest by liking/commenting on photos or stories
  • Relationship-oriented app
  • Option to change location
  • Conversations & matches don’t expire

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10. Chappy

You can find a perfect match on Chappy irrespective of what you are searching for. Chappy allows you to choose between a casual or long term relationship. If we want to describe the app accurately, then it is a gay relationship live dating app.

As Chappy is focused on gay people, it has a huge community of gay people with whom you can strike a chord. There are no restricted profiles in Chappy so you can make anonymous profiles too, making it one of the best free dating apps.

Feature List:

  • Every chat initiated means a donation made by the app
  • Chappy Sliding Scale for a preferred match
  • Facebook & Instagram integration
  • Private mode for secrecy


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