Android launcher apps have forever been an important part of the Android world. If you don’t like how your home screen functions you can download the best Android Launcher apps and change it as per your wishes.

These Android launchers application has way more features as compared to any other genre of application. You can do some really great things with these applications.

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Best Android Launcher Apps To Try in in 2020

Let’s have a look at some of the best Android Launcher apps in the market today!

1. Nova Launcher

This is among the first launcher apps ever and the best Android launcher application for customization. As time passed, Nova Launcher made its place in the mobile industry.

Its customization features include customization of the app’s look and feel, gesture support, themes, icon pack support and more. The best thing about Nova Launcher is that its developers’ team keeps it updated.

For increased convenience, you can store the home screen layouts in the backup while moving to a new device. So, Nova Launcher found a place in the list of best launchers for Android.

Feature List:

  • Snap icons/widgets midway through the desktop grid cells
  • The option of color control
  • Customizable app drawer
  • Backup and restore option

2. Microsoft Launcher

It provides you with an easy way to manage stuff on your Android device. This Android Launcher app makes everything more productive with Cortona.

Cortona – the digital assistant is an added advantage in this Launcher app. Microsoft Launcher app is a savior for people with Microsoft accounts as they can get direct access to calendars, documents, and other recent activities.

This best launcher for Android syncs all your windows devices making it a lot more convenient to use.

Feature List:

  • Pin a contact on Home screen
  • Cortona will read unread text messages and calendar updates etc
  • Personalized feeds such as news, docs, calendar events and more
  • Search the web or device documents in a single place
  • Gesture customization

3. Action Launcher

If you are a huge fan of Pixel devices then Action Launcher Pixel Edition is for you. It provides you with the best features of Android Pie and Pixel Launcher.

Apart from all this, there are a lot of customization features that will improve the home screen experience. Action Launcher is, therefore, one of the best Android Launcher apps.

Feature List:

  • Customizable search box
  • Immediate updates on dates, calendar appointments, and weather
  • App shortcuts for recent OS versions
  • Automated resizing of icons

4. Smart Launcher 5

Why is Smart Launcher 5 the best Android Launcher 2020? Well, mainly because of its unique features. Smart Launcher 5 is completely customizable due to its entirely customizable support.

You get loads of themes and icon packs to download which allows you to alter the home screen in innumerable ways.

One factor that makes it unique from other apps is that Smart Launcher 5 is community-driven. Due to this, it has support for all the latest devices and Android APIs. Therefore, we have put Smart Launcher 5 among the best Android Launcher applications.

Feature List:

  • Automated ambient theme adjustment
  • Adaptive icons with improved customization
  • Automated sorting of apps
  • Can be used single-handedly

5. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is not only lightweight but also has amazing gesture controls that multiply the launcher experience and speed. You can backup the Evie layout on Google Drive.

Customization options in this app are gesture controls to open apps, swipe down to open notifications and a personalized interface that is of the size of an app. This best free Android Launcher 2020 provides you with a lot more features as compared to its counterparts.

Feature List:

  • Search all of your apps from a single place
  • Swipe up for instant access to all applications
  • Search results for creating customized shortcuts
  • Import and customize the wallpapers, layouts, and more

6. AIO Launcher

This app is different from a lot of other Launcher apps in the market. AIO Launcher has an information-packed list of stuff instead of a standard home screen.

It will display things like the latest SMS and missed calls, system info, news, media player, Twitter, etc. Most features of AIO Launcher are present in the free version. Due to its unique concept of presenting required information, AIO launcher made it to the list of best Android Launcher apps.

Feature List:

  • Information oriented things
  • The free version has most of the features
  • Reasonable paid version

7. Apex Launcher

It has been in the market for a long time and continues to be a cool launcher for Android. Just like Action Launcher, Apex Launcher also aims at providing a stock Android look with some extra features.

The list of these extra features comprises the ability to alter things like scrolling habits and transition animations. Apex Launcher has undergone some huge changes in 2018.

All credits to its modern look and extra features, Apex Launcher is one of the best Android launcher apps.

Feature List:

  • Provides stock Android look
  • Alter your scrolling habits and transition animations
  • Theme engine

8. APUS Launcher

APUS is the app for you if you love customization. It has a collection of more than 50,000 wallpapers with a lot of extra themes. APUS Launcher may not be very lightweight but it is a lot more vibrant. The only drawback is that even the paid version does not come without ads.

Feature List:

  • Customization oriented
  • Vibrant and flamboyant
  • Hide apps from the app drawer
  • In-built app lock function

9. Lawnchair Launcher

It is one of the new launcher apps. Lawnchair launcher is an open-source project that has a similar look and feel of Pixel Launcher. Also, Lawnchair Launcher also has a lot of features like that of Pixel Launcher and others.

Even though the application is still in the beta version it works in a better way than most other launcher applications. Thus, we included Lawnchair Launcher in the list of best Android Launcher apps.

Feature List:

  • Open-source project
  • Icon pack support
  • Android Oreo shortcuts
  • Notification dots

10. TSF Launcher

TSF Launcher is the most unique one among the best Android launcher apps. It has a variety of customization options along with complete gesture support.

Not only is TSF Launcher entirely free to download and use but it also has an extra plugin to add app badges.

Feature List:

  • Complete gesture support
  • 3D animations
  • Unlimited dock bar

11. GO Launcher

GO Launcher is one of the Android best launcher apps. It has more than 10k mobile themes and 1 lakh HD wallpapers for free.

An interesting fact is that the app works on an independently developed 3D engine that also makes it the fastest Android launcher apps. GO Launcher is also the best launcher for Android tablets.

Feature List:

  • Wallpapers & themes are updated daily
  • Screen & drawer animation effects
  • Hide & Lock APPs to protect phone security
  • 3D effects

12. Google Now Launcher

It is a brilliant product from Google itself and we are pretty sure nobody doubts the capabilities of Google. To target other Android devices, Google has launched an exclusive app launcher called the Google Launcher.

As it is a Google product you can integrate a lot of Google services on your device. You can also manage the Google search bar design from your home screen. Therefore, Google Now Launcher is undoubtedly the best free Launcher for Android.

Feature List:

  • Google Now cards are available in a single swipe
  • Quick access to the search bar
  • Voice navigation
  • Fast scrolling & quick searching of apps

13. Lightning Launcher

In the initial stages, it was a decent Android launcher but it has grown into one of the most customizable launcher apps. It is very lightweight too. Lightning Launcher will allow you to practically change almost anything on your home screen. You can also have home screen sets for various occasions.

The most unique feature of Lightning Launcher is the scripting support. Although the feature list is not very long, it has got all the right ones. Hence, Lightning Launcher is rightly one of the best Android Launcher apps.

Feature List:

  • Scripting support
  • Highly customizable
  • Additional plugins
  • Language packs

14. Rootless Launcher

It is a decent stock style Android launcher application from 2018. The rootless launcher will give you a stock Android look and feel along with a few additional customization elements to finish the look.

Google Feed can also work on this launcher provided you will have to download and install an extra plug-in. Rootless Launcher is a great choice if you are a stock Android fan.

Feature List:

  • Icon pack support
  • Adaptive icon pack support
  • Icon shape selector
  • Change the location of the search bar

15. ADW Launcher 2

This is the second version of ADW Launcher. The new version has an updated UI that will fit in any of the Android versions.

ADW Launcher 2 is one of the best Android Launcher apps because of its new features like extensions, launcher shortcuts and a lot of other shortcuts. You also get a make-your-own-widget feature.

Feature List:

  • Supports Android 7.1 launcher shortcuts
  • Icons effects section
  • Dynamic UI coloring
  • Indexed fast scroll app drawer style
  • Gesture management support for you


By now you have probably understood what is a launcher app even without us having to explain it to you. This list of best Android Launcher apps will do wonders for your device’s home screen. If you love customizing your Android device from time to time then these launcher applications will do the job perfectly for you.

On the contrary, if you want to get a similar application developed, you can always hire an Android app developer or iOS development company. We can assure if you hire a technology partner after careful scrutiny then your launcher app is bound to be successful. We know you might be thinking there are a lot of similar applications for Android, but all you need is a unique idea to make your place in the market.

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