The 90s was an era that amazed the world with its first-ever online store. In today’s time, the worth of eCommerce is approximately around $3 trillion. It is indicating the future of eCommerce in 2021.

The way the retail sector is profitable now, it has never been like this before.  This is making retailers and marketers turn towards the future of eCommerce development.

By this, they can ensure a brighter future not just for themselves but for their consumers as well. 2021 is all about outdoing competitors for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Let us learn about the trends & how one can implement those with sound eCommerce development services.

By 2022, the various e-retail revenues will approximately rise by $6.55 trillion. This makes it mandatory to be up-to-date about all the recent trends.

Future of the eCommerce market

#1. Mounting of mobile shopping

Your future of eCommerce can be at the very top, with upcoming eCommerce trends like mobile shopping. Sales generation from mobile commerce will enhance by 20% by the completion of 2021.

Not just this but the mobile sales will drive almost 75% of the entire eCommerce sales. Online shopping trends like this will highly be beneficial for the future of eCommerce companies in the coming years.

The increase in mobile device technology in the previous years is largely accountable for the enhancement in online shopping sales.

With more number of Smartphones, there has been more utilization by people as well.

Mobile users these days do not just shop from their devices but also research products prior to purchasing one. Customers find it extremely convenient to shop from their home.

#2. Rise of voice commerce

Among the various eCommerce market trends, the one that is taking the world by storm is the voice commerce trend. People all over the world are now addicted to voice assistant devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, etc.

Starting from booking tickets, playing music, movies to buying products, these devices complete every task of yours. Such upcoming eCommerce trends are on the rise as by 2025, 80% of homes will be having one smart speaker.

The sales of these devices are also expected to reach a whopping amount of $50 billion by the year 2022.

The convenience & accuracy that these technologies offer to people is the reason for the trend’s popularity. The big players like Amazon & Google enable users to use their assistant devices in their preferred language.

Customers can hence shop even more comfortably. So if you still are hesitating about optimizing your online website for voice search, then the time is right now.

#3. Growth of online selling

The online activity that people mostly engage in these days is definitely the future of eCommerce. By 2021, online sales will reach around $5.5 trillion.

This is mainly because the ease of online shopping is found nowhere else. The heightening of online sales is one of the best upcoming eCommerce trends.

When you are an eCommerce vendor, you cannot afford to overlook such important and promising trends.

The retail shopping trends like this are even more popular with more number of user-friendly websites. Customers get to undergo the best shopping experience with these websites.

The mechanisms of online shopping have undergone enhancement as well. People can now easily discover & select the products they want with absolute ease.

Also, they can disburse payments as per their convenience as there are a lot of payment options.

#4. Omnichannel shopping

One of the best eCommerce technology trends is omnichannel retailing. This offers shoppers a hassle-free & steadfast experience across various devices & channels.

As per a survey, 75% of respondents utilize manifold channels while they shop.

With the augment in the adoption of voice assistants & Smartphone devices, the amount of omnichannel consumers will definitely enhance by 2021.

As for upcoming eCommerce trends, this will definitely impress your customers even more. Website optimization is the very first step.

Also in each & every step, you must personalize the customer experience. The purchase options need to be varied as well.

#5. Customized packaging

Customers always carry the tendency of equating the packaging with the business itself. Attractive packaging will always sway consumers to shop again from the previous website.

People always have a soft corner for unique packaging. So when you have eCommerce products to sell, customizing the product packaging is a must.

These upcoming eCommerce trends will definitely help in making the items stand out from the rest. You can start implementing this trend by highlighting the aesthetics & profitability of packaging.

Also, customers will also be more interested in eco-friendly packaging. All this if done correctly, will largely help in developing your brand.

#6. AR & AI improve the future of the eCommerce experience

The estimation that by 2022, online sellers will be spending almost $8.3 billion on Artificial Intelligence is truly promising.

Also more than 130, 000 stores will also utilize AR technologies or offering consumers a richer purchasing experience by the year 2022.

AI technology is something that functions as a virtual in-store associate by providing recommendations & personalized guidance to consumers. When it comes to online sales trends, implementing this trend is vital in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence employs the previous buying history & browsing behavior of the shoppers. This is because the technology wants to display the products that they are most likely to buy.

The implementation of AR & AI in eCommerce stores will definitely enhance conversions & also eradicate the return date.

#7. The emergence of social media in online shopping

The realm of social media is vast these days. It is just not about people connecting with each other anymore. Social media is now even more valuable as a marketing tool.

Due to this, you can expand your target audience easily. Platforms such as Facebook & Instagram now carry options like “buy buttons” that will enable you to sell products through them.

Many online websites these days establish links with various social media platforms. Customers can make purchases easily anytime they want through their social media profiles.

Amidst the new trends in eCommerce, integration of social media is a very important one. Social media is also a channel through which businesses can attain optimal exposure.

This exposure leads to more individuals becoming more familiar with particular services and products. Another reason is the influence of social media on users which is rising continuously each and every day.

Ecommerce companies need to craft proper social marketing strategies for taking their brands to the very top.

#8. Varied payment options

Not all but most people choose a particular brand for their online shopping depending on the available payment options.

In case they are unable to discover the payment option that they are most comfortable in, they might opt out & seek some other shopping website.

Hence, these are some of the most critical upcoming eCommerce trends that you cannot overlook at any cost.

Your eCommerce business needs to accept all kinds of digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Play, and PayPal along with credit and debit cards.

Online store vendors and merchants can largely benefit from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Some of the benefits include zero reverse transactions and fewer transaction fees.

It is estimated that the year 2021 will witness more number of eCommerce stores accepting cryptocurrencies.

#9. Emphasizing green consumerism

In today’s time, common people, eCommerce marketers, various businesses are strongly becoming eco-friendly with their various products.

But this is something that is influencing online sales these days as well. Such eCommerce sales trends include brands that will be riding the wave of green consumerism.

Several customers when surveyed have also said that they keep environmental concerns in mind prior to making purchases.

The rejuvenated emphasis on environmental sustainability is a plain sign of online sellers stepping up even more for observing numerous eco-friendly practices.

The establishment of a greener selling environment is necessary. This is possible by sourcing the products from fair-trade companies.

#10. Brands adopting dynamic pricing

Ecommerce retailers can stay a lot more competitive by adopting dynamic pricing. When you implement such upcoming eCommerce trends, automatically you are leveling up.

Along with selling the best products in the whole wide world, you must price the products correctly. Otherwise, generating adequate sales will be challenging.

This will ensure maximum profits for you. There is software available for this as well for determining the best prices for each of your products.

Final Say

The upcoming eCommerce trends that this article holds offer a clear image of the future of eCommerce business. If we look at the statistics, the horizon seems to be very rosy in the context of this advertising platform.

Manifold businesses in varied sectors are able to transform the way they work for the better with online selling. In order to integrate all the avant-garde trends in your eCommerce store, you must hire a Magento developer.

They are the experts who have a complete know-how of all the advanced technologies. If you are an online seller still waiting to make your mark in the current market, connect with us.

Our expert teams are aware of all the trends in the eCommerce industry. Get in touch with us today.

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Future of eCommerce