Currently, mobile apps rule the world. They influence the smallest aspects of our daily lives. There are mobile apps for practically every need of humans. It is more important to be updated with mobile app development trends.

For instance, on-demand apps are helpful for people who have to manage everything on their own. Also, they are a boon who live away from their parents and need to look after their aged family members.

The usefulness of all types of mobile apps increased a great deal, especially during the pandemic. The rise in demand for mobile apps also gave way to innovation.

After all, necessity is the mother of invention, right? If you already have a mobile app or planning to build one, know the mobile app development trends.

Keeping up with mobile app trends will give you an edge and make you a favorite among the users. You will be able to see a visible rise in the engagement and conversion rates.

So, who do you consult for knowing the top technology trends? The answer is a reliable mobile app development agency. Until you actually consult one, here are some of the latest app development trends you should know!

#1. The Magic of AR & VR

AR & VR is not a new concept but it is improving with time. This is one of those trends in app development that is revolutionizing the gaming industry. But gaming is not the only application of AR/VR.

Slowly other industries like real estate are also adopting this technology to improve the customer experience. You can also expect AR/VR technology in business-critical areas like industrial maintenance, security, health, etc.

If we compare AR and VR, AR may see more rapid growth in the year 2021.

One example of using AR in the security field is the use of smart glasses. Police officers in China wear smart glasses to identify suspects.

The smart glasses have face-recognition systems which will help find criminals in the crowd. Thus, AR/VR is one of the current trends in app development that can change things for good.

#2. Internet of Things (IoT)

As the number of smartphones increases, more possibilities for IoT open up. IoT is basically a network of connected devices on the internet.

Smart home technology is a perfect example of IoT. Multiple devices at home are connected over the net and can be operated through a single mobile app. You can lock/unlock doors, connect your security systems, and refrigerator.

We are already using smart home devices but this is just a glimpse of what IoT can do. We have not been able to leverage IoT completely yet. So, it is one of the mobile app development trends to look forward to.

#3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Chatbots

All of us have come across the term artificial intelligence at least once. Since it is frequently used, it is already expected to be one of the major global app development trends.

Using AI in mobile apps will improve the engagement rate of customers. Also, it can automate some of the regular tasks in an enterprise which will result in cost-cutting.

When it comes to chatbots they are already changing the way a brand interacts with its customers. Chatbots are available 24/7 and offer responses just like humans.

Next time when you drop a message on a website or social media, most probably a chatbot will respond. Chatbots have proven to improve the conversion and engagement rates along with reducing the costs for a brand.

This is just a preview of how effective chatbots and AI can be. Planning to develop an app in the near future? AI and chatbots are the future trends in app development you can use.

#4. 5G Technology

We are already hearing talks of 5G around the world. It is one of the most awaited app development trends. 5G will be 100 times faster than the current 4G technology we are using.

5G is better suitable for apps made using technologies like AR, VR, and 4K video streaming. Developers can also use 5G to craft designs and features that will improve the digital performance of many industries.

So, before you take a big leap, take into consideration 5G, one of the trends in app development design that we all are waiting for.

#5. Rise of Mobile Wallets

Google Pay and Apple Pay are household names now. These mobile wallets have become everyone’s favorite since their inception.

It will be safe to say that the number of millennials using mobile wallets is on a rise. Firstly, because of the convenience that comes with mobile wallets. Secondly, because of the security, they offer.

eCommerce websites make sure that they offer the option of payment through mobile wallets. The number of mobile wallet options may differ but it is definitely there.

We don’t really think that you will need any more reasons to consider mobile wallets as one of the important mobile app development trends.

#6. Cloud-based Mobile Apps are on a Rise

 IT professionals and layman both are aware of the impact of cloud technology on our day to day lives. Now, cloud technology is finding a place in mobile apps.

We are seeing mobile apps that will get data directly from the cloud. The advantage here is that less internal storage space of the phone will be used.

Often Dropbox, Google Drive, and similar apps are considered to be synonymous with cloud technology. But let us tell you, these apps are just the tip of the iceberg.

Consult your iPhone app development company about using cloud technology in your mobile app.

#7. Wearable Devices will Get More Attention

Initially, wearable devices were a hit only among the youngsters. Now, wearable devices have become more user-friendly.

So, people from other generations are also using wearables to a great extent. Social media and fitness apps were already found in wearables.

But with the dawn of the new year, we can expect more types of applications to be accessible through wearables.

If you plan to launch a mobile app for your business, consider a version of it for wearables too. Wearables are included in the list of application development trends as it is here to stay.

#8. Instant Mobile Apps Can Prove to be a Savior

There are many times when you will not prefer installing an app without knowing its performance. In this scenario, instant apps can become your savior

What are instant apps? They are small software programs that will enable your target audience to use some parts of a native app without having to download the complete app.

We can say that instant apps offer a trial version of the complete app.

Out of all the mobile app development trends, instant apps are something worth a try. They do not take up the storage space on the device.

Instant apps can help you reach a larger audience without convincing them to install a full version of your app.

#9. Biometric Authentication in Smartphones

Fingerprint scanning to unlock your smartphone is an example of biometric authentication. Almost every smartphone comes with a biometric authentication feature. As technology advances, a faster and more accurate biometric system will come into existence.

It has now become one of the mainstream technology trends in app development. When you combine biometric authentication with other authentication methods, we can get a state of the art authentication security. As biometric authentication is among the latest mobile app development trends, be prepared to include it in your app.

#10. Wrapping Up on Mobile App Development Trends

When it comes to being successful with your mobile app, you can’t rely only on what you know. You need to keep up with the mobile app development trends to get the most out of it.

The above-mentioned trends are suitable for your app or not will also depend on the platform of your application. Not every trend can get you the best results with both platforms.

The number of Android app development trends and iOS app development trends are forever on a rise. It is recommended that for complete technical guidance you consult your Android app development company.

As they are experts, they can guide you on which trend will fit in your budget, is best suitable for your industry/project, and has monetization options too.

Final Say

Now, finding a technology partner can also prove to be confusing. This is especially true for people who have no knowledge of technologies whatsoever.

In that case, you can find the basic checklists on the internet. The checklists will guide you in choosing the right development team.

We recommend that after shortlisting a few, you compare the pricing structure too. Comparing them will help you decide which one will get you maximum returns on investment.

Did you decide on any of the above trends to integrate into your app? Or you are planning to build one from scratch and want to leverage these trends? Consult our developers’ team on [email protected] for your requirements.

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