What started with a few lines of code, has become a platform that powers more than 74 million websites. This information is enough to tell you that the future of WordPress web development holds great potential.

Just like the two sides of a coin, some experts have a contradictory opinion too. Of course, an expert and well informed WordPress development company will be able to tell you better!

Website development with WordPress enables all kinds of businesses to represent their brand online in the most amazing ways.

Moreover, WordPress web development gives beginner developers brilliant powers at their disposal to create beautiful websites! No wonder WordPress dominates the CMS market with a 21.9% market share.

The Future of WordPress Web Development in 2020

WordPress in the year to come will not be just a CMS but a robust framework capable of running all kinds of applications.

☛ Moving with The Market Demands

The demand for web development with WordPress has seen a rise in the past few years as developers are using the platform to develop all kinds of complex eCommerce websites.

WordPress a good platform for web development as it is constantly evolving and adding advanced features. The change in users’ behavior and demands will affect the introduction of advanced plugins and enhancements in the platform.

We get a small preview of the future of WordPress with only the users’ demands for improvements in the platform.

What Has Changed in WordPress in The Last Few Years?

The two major changes in WordPress in recent times are the REST API and Project Gutenberg.


The REST API is a big deal for the developers but not much for the users. With REST API you can tap the content of a WordPress site from somewhere else using the Javascript.

When it was integrated into the WordPress core two years back, REST API managed to gather a lot of attention. After its integration people expected WordPress to become an application platform from CMS. However, the effect of REST API after implementation turned out to be different than expected.

The WordPress community is now not talking much on the topic of REST API and we don’t even know if many developers are working with it.

The REST API changed WordPress in a way that a community of frontend developers came on board. Initially, the frontend developers were not fond of WordPress, but the introduction of REST API changed their minds.

When such a small change can alter the opinion of developers about WordPress, it will be safe to say that the future of WordPress development looks bright.

☛ Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the exact opposite of the REST API. While REST API was focused more on the developers, Project Gutenberg is about the user experience. Project Gutenberg is aimed at making the WordPress UI more user-centric to help it sustain in the increasing competition.

If you understand it deeply, Project Gutenberg poses major challenges as well as opportunities for the developers. If a developer writes a plugin in PHP and wants to update it for compatibility with Gutenberg, then it will require some efforts.

Project Gutenberg is still at a very early stage and is available as a plugin. This year the plan is to integrate Project Gutenberg in the core of WordPress.

Hence, it can be said that although Project Gutenberg made the job of developers a little difficult, it certainly improved the user experience. Again, due to this reason, we are hopeful that the bright future of WordPress web development is not at a risk.

Benefits of WordPress:

Here are some of the advantages of WordPress that will make you believe that the future of WordPress is not at stake!

☛ It is cost-effective –

When you build your website with WordPress, be rest assured that it will not cast a hole in your pocket. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of a WordPress site is not much as you don’t have to hire a developer every time you need to make some changes.

☛ Update your website from anywhere –

If you decide to go for WordPress in 2020, you can make changes to your website from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection!

☛ SEO ready –

We all know SEO is a very important aspect today. As all the WordPress websites are built using a simple code, they are ideal for Google indexing. The SEO components of each page are customizable. Thus, giving you complete control of your website’s performance.

☛ Responsive Web Design –

Responsive web design has become a need in the world of mobile apps. When you use a custom WordPress website design, you get benefits of a responsive website without developing a separate website for each device.

☛ Increased Security –

When WordPress was initially launched, there was criticism for its poor security. That myth is debunked. If you hire expert WordPress developers, you can get a highly secure website for your business.

☛ Perfect choice for Content Marketing –

Content marketing is one of the primary means of marketing today. Almost every business is adopting content marketing. Due to all these reasons, you need a platform that is optimized for content marketing. WordPress enables you to update the content on your website in a few seconds and you can do it as frequently as you want.

These basic advantages are enough to guarantee that the future of WordPress web development is not going downhill anytime soon!

We have told you the basic advantages and recent changes made in WordPress. Now, the following discussion is all about future changes in different aspects of WordPress development.

Future of Different Aspects of WordPress Development:

☛ Security

Maintaining the security of your website should not be a difficult task. In WordPress, you can expect the incorporation of advanced security features that will keep the website secure proactively.

Also, managed WordPress hosts are expected to share the security burden as more and more beginners are joining the platform. Developers need to do their part too. They will have to increase awareness of WordPress website security.

Furthermore, there are plans to include Tide. Introduction of Tide marks the incorporation of automated tools to check for any vulnerabilities in the plugins and themes. It means fewer efforts will be required to make the site secure.

The addition of these features doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to the regular practices of enhancing security. The regular practices include strong passwords, installation of SSL and renaming the admin accounts.

☛ Design

The UI/UX design is one of the key factors to make any website successful today. If you have got a detailed understanding of Project Gutenberg, you will know WordPress has come a long way.

The future of WordPress web development holds in store the development of professional websites in a few hours. Improvement in visual page builders and multi-purpose themes will give the developers more control over the design aspect.

The WordPress community plans to adopt the mobile-first approach and Accelerated Mobile Pages technology in the future. It means the developers will be able to create highly responsive themes along with the reduced loading time. Also, you can expect increased support for VR.

☛ Functionality

WordPress is loved for the functionalities it offers to run a website. If functionality is not available, a plugin will cover up for that.

As video marketing is on a rise, you can expect WordPress to integrate videos more. Additionally, the future of WordPress 2020 will free you of complete dependence on traditional plugins. The plugins will not be eliminated but the developers won’t know whether they are using a traditional plugin or an application running on WordPress with the help of REST API.

You can also expect better translations of your content on the WordPress website.

☛ Support

WordPress has got great support from the community since the beginning of time. You can expect an increased number of volunteer supporters in the future of WordPress web development.

As more and more people are joining the WordPress community, expect the number of managed WordPress companies to increase too. It will be safe to say that this is the best time to establish your own WordPress support company.

☛ Community

WordPress has grown tremendously since its launch and so has its community. It has one of the biggest and most active communities on the internet. In the future of WordPress web development, we can expect the community to grow as more and more users are joining the platform.

As the WordPress platform is easy to use, an increased number of beginners are showing interest in it. WordPress, with its recent improvements, is now capable enough to compete with other platforms such as Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace.

WordPress is expected to power 35% of the internet by the year 2020.

Why Some Developers Don’t Prefer WordPress?

Although WordPress is one of the most popular platforms, some developers still don’t prefer it. There are chances a developer wants to test his skills in design and development and not use the ready-made themes.

There is also a possibility that some of the traditional developers are not open to adopting WordPress. Moreover, converting your HTML design or Photoshop to WordPress can be a task. Such conversion would require some knowledge of various technologies. In such a situation, especially the web designers will not prefer moving to WordPress.

☛ It’s A Wrap on the Future of WordPress Web Development!

From all the above-mentioned points and discussions, we can rightly say that WordPress is here to stay! Every update makes WordPress more powerful and secure. The WordPress community has played a huge role in making the platform what it is today.

When you hire a WordPress developer, you get a better understanding of the platform. All said and done, we can’t guarantee that WordPress is the best choice for your project. It all depends on your requirements.

Do you want to hire an expert team of WordPress developers for your dream project? Just talk to us on [email protected] and we will make sure that your WordPress project goes live as soon as possible!

Future of WordPress Development