With the growth in cloud computing services being used for various types of businesses, there are certain platforms that are the most sought after for their exquisite features.

One of these is the Google Cloud Platform, which provides an array of cloud computing services for the developers similar to that of what is being used for providing a seamless experience to its users.

The features while comparing Google cloud Vs AWS are storage, analytics, and the latest trend in machine learning.

AWS stands for Amazon Web services which provides a taxi-like service for cloud computing for its various users which are metered on the usage style of ‘pay-as-you-go’.

This feature is strongly considered while comparing AWS Vs Google cloud.  Just like Google, the cloud service is provided to many clients like individuals or governments for their storage requirements.

According to Built With, it has been found that for Google cloud the number of a live website comes to around 6 million and a half million.

This number is also growing day by day with about 4.44% of users ranging among the top 1 million using this cloud platform for storage and providing a seamless experience to their users.

Also, the US is among the topmost users with a number of around 332,289 million.

As per Sky High Networks, it has been found that the IaaS industry shall grow up to around $52.9 billion this year, following about $67.4 billion next year, and roughly $83.5 by 2021.

Also, the percentage contribution of AWS to application workloads is around 41.5% as compared to about 3% of the Google cloud computing system.

However, both of these cloud computing platforms are different in their features and benefits provided to their users.

Features of Google Cloud Computing:

☛ The robust Cloud Shell

Without the installation of the Google Cloud Software Development Kit, the Google Cloud Shell.

This occurs due to the command line tool of ‘gcloud’ which makes every other utility available with the user when it needs them for use.

Some of the features that the Cloud shell provides in cloud computing comparison with AWS are:

  • A virtual machine instance through Compute Engine which is temporary
  • The access of command-line from a web browser to the virtual machine instance
  • The Beta powers a very dynamic code editor which is built-in
  • Disk storage of almost 5 GB
  • Tools like Google cloud SDK and a few others are pr-installed barring the hassle of doing so
  • Coding support for various languages like that of Java, Python, Node.js, Go, Ruby, .Net, as well as PHP.
  • The functionality of a web preview
  • The GCP Console resources and projects are accessed through a built-in authorization process
  • Environments which are customized are powered by Alpha
  • The instance of a virtual machine

The provision of a running virtual machine like that of a Linux operating system which is Debian based upon g1-small Google Compute Engine.

Also, the instances of cloud shell are mostly provisioned on the basis of per-session as well as per-user. Only when the cloud shell session turns active, there is a persistence of the instance and shall terminate only after the inactivity occurrence of an hour.

☛ Access of command-line

Command-line access provision by cloud shell in a window of the terminal to an instance of the virtual machine such that it opens up in a console of the Google Cloud Platform.

Multiple shell connections to the same instance can be opened at once. Between the instances, the persistence of such an instance shall be evident.

The ‘cloudshell’ command can be used to initiate tutorials along with initiating the cloud software development kit through command line tool of G Cloud and other related utilities.

Also, the code editor can be opened and files can be downloaded from it. This particular feature can be used for cloud comparison between Amazon and Google.

Benefits of the Google Cloud Platform:

☛ Availability of better pricing plans

If the parameter of pricing is considered, then the subscription options for Google cloud hosting are more reasonable than other cloud hosting plans available for various users.

The unique selling proposition of this cloud platform is that there is an availability of a billing plan according to every second.

Also, there is a unique feature of Google that the particular subscription does not bind its user and allows it to stop at any time and switch to a better plan if required.

☛ The execution has been enhanced at the enterprise level

It has been found that the execution of the Google Cloud Service for hosting has been enhanced at the level of the enterprise by Google in such a way that the data can be accessed from any location just through a remote. Google also enhances the execution of many operations of complex nature through the network easily.

When cloud offerings comparison is made, it is also considered that how many visitors can a cloud storage handle as there are limitations to various factors in this regard.

Google cloud hosting also gives an experience of a decrease in time for loading of the website.

☛ A unique feature of ‘Live Migration’

Among all the benefits of Google Cloud Hosting, this happens to be on the top because other cloud service providers like Amazon or Microsoft do not have a feature for enabling the migration of machines which are present virtually to users.

Also, the allowance of machine migration to various users is provided despite having an enormous network size.

Features of AWS:

☛ The feature of the introduction

Just like a kid introduces itself with ‘I am’, Amazon web services also have a feature known as Identity and Access Management which is also known as IAM.

This feature enables the creation of users or groups and also helps me maintain the sole rights of either accepting or rejecting the access to resources of the Amazon Web Services like EC2, VPC, and RDS.

Also, for providing individual access to various users there is a provision of credentials that are unique to every user. This feature also states that AWS stands taller in cloud provider comparison.

☛ Virtual Privacy

Amazon Web Services also have another feature of providing a Virtual Private Cloud or VPC which shall enable instances of EC2 to be included along with deployments of RDS within a network which has been isolated.

Complete control over the inward or the outward traffic of the network is enabled through a Virtual Private Cloud which shall also help in securing the access for the data to be uploaded or downloaded from the internet sources.

The unique selling proposition of Amazon lies in the VPC because it allows connection between the virtual cloud network and the servers which are available on the premise. This is done without interfering with networks in the public domain.

☛ Encryption of data

End-to-end encryption of data is provided by the AWS for volumes regarding EBS, buckets of S3, Glacier data stores, and Relational Data Stores (RDS).

The encryption with a unique key is robust for the data on the EBS volume, input or output options on the disk along with the snapshots that were from the same source of the volume. The standard for encryption is also advanced and is the 256-bit format.

Also, there is the creation of a certificate pertaining to the SSL for every instance by the database. The mechanism is such that the encryption needs to be established between the instance and the application for a hassle-free experience by the user.

This particular feature shall be considered while evaluating cloud offerings comparison between Google and Amazon.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services:

☛ Usage is not complicated

Due to the presence of the management console in Amazon Web Services, the use of this cloud computing service becomes easier for all kinds of applicants namely the registered and the unregistered ones.

This also indicates the fact that Amazon comprises an organized framework of services.

☛ Limitation of capacity is waived off

There are different projects by different organization which is launched into the system almost every hour. The prediction for the capacity of the cloud to be consumed is however not known to every team leader in charge of the project.

It is here when Amazon Web Development Services comes into the scene and provides the required capacity at the lowest price possible.

This also takes away the stress of the people working on the project. As Amazon provides a metered service to all its users, all they have to do is pay only the amount which has been charged for their usage and omit any other hidden costs involved.

☛ The benefit of agility and speed

It normally takes around a week for any project to hire its server and get the project working for people. Alternatively, Amazon provides a solution to all server needs with appropriate durability and speed just in minutes.

This is faster than getting a pizza for lunch due to the fact that it is flexible enough to cater to the requirements as soon as it is put up by the user. Also, the deployment of a particular application is put into action.

There are certain tools that are available with Amazon alone like Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Scaling for various users for initiating their work at any point in time.

Apart from these, there are many more benefits that Amazon provides to its users like privacy for all work that has been stored in the server without any bugs or theft occurrence in the system.


While comparing the Google Cloud platform Vs AWS, there are some features that are found to outgrow the others. But if the global reach is to be seen, it is AWS that has a higher hand over Google.

However, with the rising number of users for cloud systems, the number of Google users may rise over time.

But when AWS Vs Google cloud pricing is considered, it is found that the former turns out to be more flexible in terms of costs and subscription.

People have chosen the Amazon cloud services due to their quick services which are available to all its users despite the capacity of storage which is required for the particular project.

Also, it is upon the sole discretion for using a particular cloud service at their convenience. It can be Google or Amazon which are equally robust and dynamic in a unique way for catering to the needs of the users.

Also, Amazon is versatile due to the provision of an equally strong e-commerce application.

Google being the native application for many devices has also got a fair chance to scale up its usage among the cloud server competitors.