In the present scenario, there are ample of photo editing applications available for Android as well as iOS users. Photo enhancing applications like Prisma and Retrica app are extensively famous for the stunning features they hold. Most people enjoy click pictures from its in-built camera rather than their normal phone cameras. A research conducted by the experts of ePhoneZine depicts that approximately 68% of smartphone users across the world utilize photo editing applications like Retrica camera to enhance their pictures before using them on social media sites.

By using these photo-editing application, the self-esteem of the user increases as it eliminates all the imperfections from their pictures.

What makes Photo Editing Mobile Applications so Famous?

The fact still holds true that nothing can replace the perfection of a professional camera, but mobile photo editing applications are able to enhance the looks of any picture.

Most of these applications such as Retrica and Prisma collaborates the properties used to convert any kind of picture in a mesmerizing one without hindering its quality.

Let’s check out the process to make photo editor app and the cost incurred in developing one?

How to Develop a Photo Editing Application like Retrica or Prisma?

It’s essential to know about how does a photo editing application functions before jumping to the procedure of creating a photo editor app. For this purpose, let’s take the example of Retrica as it is one of the best mobile photo editor available with mobile users.

Retrica was launched in 2012 by a Korean establishment. Within a short span of time, it was successful in fetching fame and goodwill for itself. Originally, it can only be used for iOS, but later on, its developers made it flexible to function on Androids as well. After which Retrica was successful in fetching millions of American as well as European users.

Fast facts and figures regarding the Photo Editing Application:

  • It consists of about 120 filters and various properties to improve the quality and appearance of any picture.
  • It offers the facility to make use of any filter in real-world situations. This implies that pictures can be clicked while using any of the filters. This eliminates the necessity of choosing pictures from the photo gallery and editing it later on.
  • The photo manager permits the user to share their clicks on all social media apps.
  • It also facilitates users to add stickers, texts, and much more to their pictures as a part of editing.

Characteristics of a Photo Editing application:

The Characteristics which must be incorporated in photo editing applications are:

☛ Registration

To function in an enhanced manner, photo editing applications make use of the gallery and data of users’ mobile phones. Hence, it is essential to properly log in and set up the appropriate registration process.

☛ Collaborate with social media platforms

The characteristic of permitting the user to make use of their social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook to log in to the photo editing application is very essential. For users who do not encourage sharing their personal data on every platform, find this characteristic very handy. Moreover, it also secures their time.

☛ Loading of pictures

A photo editing application needs to reach out of the phone camera to take pictures. It also used data from the photo gallery to collaborate with the pictures previously taken with a normal camera and improves its appearance. This characteristic is termed the loading of pictures.

☛ Photo-editing

For enhancing the quality of pictures, the application must be well-equipped with different filters. Additionally, it must also facilitate the users with features like adding stickers, accessories, and text to their pictures.

☛ Settings

The alternative of automatically saving the pictures along with other settings should be given to the users, which eases their work.

☛ Save images directly to the gallery

The photo editing application should hold the alternative which permits the users to save the pictures taken or edited by such apps directly in the gallery and share them on social media.

☛ Developing college

The application should offer an alternative to developer collages with the help of images available in the gallery.

Other characteristics which must be injected in all photo editing applications consist of:

  • Red-eye correction
  • Teeth whitening
  • Crop and rotate pictures to different angles
  • The setting to alter the focus, hues, contrast, brightness, and much more.
  • Extra fonts, frames, and filters
  • Facility to make a personal account working the application to store data.

The above mention characteristics are incorporated in every top-notch photo editing application. While you initiate to develop one for your own, you must study these characteristics precisely and also offer some unique characteristics to attract customers.

Process of Developing a Photo Editing Application:

How to Build a photo editor App? The answer to this is that, Initially, for developing a photo editing application, it is very essential to investigate properly. You can initiate by functioning on similar principles to others and build some unique filters and characteristics for your application to make it stand out of the crowd.

☛ Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies can be bifurcated into two facets that are:

☛ Investigation

The photo editing application is a commercial thing, so prior to launching it its essence to study the market conditions well. For making the application highly famous, it becomes significant to know about the strategies of your opponents. This process will consist of investigating the features which they offer to their clients. For this purpose, you require to study all popular photo editing applications and keep a track of their unique features, merits and also demerits.

☛ Planning

The next thing is to do is develop a plan of action and interpret the ways to market your application and be successful. The budget must also be made.

☛ Enlisting the characteristics

In this step, you need to decide the major aspects of your photo editor app, based on which you can jot down the list of characteristics you desire to incorporate in your application.

Precisely select the characteristics which will make your application popular and handy for clients.

Take into account the characteristics which most of the popular photo editing application possess and work towards enriching them.

How does a Photo Editing Application makes you earn Money?

All such mobile photo editing apps like Retrica and Prisma have 2 edition:

  • Paid edition
  • Free edition

The paid edition serves advanced filters and properties. It comes with improved arrangements such as image retouching and much more which professionals make use of.

The ideal practice to earn money through such applications is by charging for advanced features. But keep in mind that users prefer to work with applications which have more features available free of cost.

So, how does paid edition function?

It is recommended to initially launch a free edition and attract some wholehearted users for yourself, before releasing the paid version.

The dutiful users will be triggered to pay for the fresh set of characteristics.

The next method to market your paid versions of photo editing application is to make room for advertising other applications through your app and earn money by charging them.

How much does it cost to build a Photo Editing Application?

The cost of creation photo editor app for different platforms such as Android and iOS is based on different elements such as:

☛ Properties and characteristics

The properties and characteristics which need to be incorporated in the photo editing application is the deciding factor for its cost.

There are various prospective properties a photo editing application must hold like

  • The collaboration of camera, video, and gallery.
  • Offer sign-ups to different social media platforms.
  • Registering users
  • Collaborating properties of social application such as comments, likes, share and much more.

The most the properties employed the greater the cost will be.


If you desire to alter and enhance the appearance of your application, then Control Management System is an ideal alternative for you.

The biggest merit of employing CMS is it directly displays the updated data on the application.

☛ iOS and Android

Whether you are building an application which will function on both the platforms or just one decides the cost of developing the application.

☛ Tablets

The photo editing application which is specifically built to cater to tablets holds various outlines for large screens.

For the purpose of making an application for tablets, various sizes of graphics are required to be used. There arise the requirements of redesigning the screens which incur expenses.

☛ External services

To enhance the process of development and growth of mobile applications, various services are used which offers easy to collaborate properties which most of the similar applications make use of.

For instance, the most usual functions are storage of database for the application data, interpretation of data to monitor use, client and app behavior and push notification.

Employing these external services implies consuming less time to build the application which reduces the total expenses incurred in building the photo editing application.

As there arises no requirement for writing fresh codes for such services.

☛ Developer’s licensing

Lastly, to launch a photo editing application on app stores with a specific name, there arises the requirement to establish an app developers account.

The expenses incurred in possessing an app developers account is approximately £79 per year for iOS platforms.

For the Android platform, about $25 is charged which sums up to £16. This is a one time expense and is not changed on a yearly basis.

The Photo editing estimated cost can be ascertained based on the above factors.

The cost to develop App for the purpose of photo editing may very extensively in different parts of the world.

The cost of making a top-notch photo editing application in countries like India approximately lies between $8,000 to $30,000.

In other countries like Europe and American, on an estimate 850 hours are employed in building a photo editing application, so the estimated cost camera apps are about $42,000 and more.

While in the Eastern part of Europe, the cost of developing a programming application incurred expenses of $30 per hour, which implies that approximately $25,000 is used.


It is worth investing in the development process of building a photo editing application. The demand for such applications are extensively growing and if your mobile photo editing application is back up with stunning differentiated properties which no other can replicate across the market, you will have a great application under your name. The cost to develop a Photo editing mobile app depends on various factors.

India is considered as an ideal place for developing a top-notch quality of photo editing application. As in India, you get to have various budget-friendly alternatives have skilled and highly professional experts and the time span for building a photo editing application is also less.