Imagine taking note of important things to do but not understanding it later because of your handwriting. We all have faced this at least once in our life. Just like most of our other problems, mobile apps have taken care of this too. We will be discussing the top 3 note-making apps i.e. Google keeps vs OneNote vs Evernote here!

We hope these amazing applications will give you some inspiration when you hire an app development company for your own application.

Let’s get started with a detailed comparison between OneNote, Evernote and Google keep app!

Google Keep:

☛ What is Google Keep?

It is Google’s version of the note-keeping application. There is a lot more to Google Keep than just the basic checklists or note-taking functionality.  As it is made by Google, it will automatically sync with your Google Drive. You can access your Google Keep notes from any device.

You can access Google Keep in various ways. For instance, Google keep for desktop, Google keep for iPhone/Android and Google keep chrome extension.

☛ Google Keep Features:

  • It is fast
  • Voice notes in Google keep are better than its competitors
  • Sync with your Google Drive
  • Its web application is fast, functional and minimal
  • Search and archive options make organizing extremely easy


  • Make notes, checklists, drawings and insert images with Google keep app
  • A faster way to draft a new checklist
  • Option to see the whole image without opening and insert quotes/captions
  • Add recordings
  • Google keep has the best home screen widget
  • It has time-based and location-based reminders


  • There is nothing like a notebook in Google keep app
  • There is no option to make folders
  • It is an appropriate choice for short notes, not for longer ones
  • You will not get a notification if new notes are added
  • No option to share notes directly on Facebook/Twitter


☛ What is Evernote?

Evernote apps are cloud-based and run on your smartphones and computers for free. It stores everything that you may lose. It works exceptionally well and keeps your information in sync between your smartphone and computer.

Many professionals and web users, rely on Evernote to collect their information and keep it well organized. If you are someone who uses more than one device in a day then Evernote will be your savior!

☛ Evernote Features:

  • Better web searching capabilities
  • New & improved editor
  • Increased service reliability
  • Improved Android & iOS mobile buttons


  • Consolidates your information from different places into one
  • Powerful features to organize notes
  • OCR functionality to scan images for text automatically
  • Easy to clip web content


  • Its interface is slow and there are many steps to follow
  • The free version can be used on only 2 devices
  • Some users are of the opinion that it is complicated
  • Continuously asks you to upgrade your account


☛ What is OneNote?

OneNote is crafted to work as an electronic version of a physical notebook. It is a note-taking and personal information management application. The Microsoft OneNote application will collect and organize your information enabling you to search and share it with others.

☛ OneNote Features:

  • Print entire sections/notebooks
  • Multiple windows
  • Create/Hide the Subpages
  • Page Version history
  • Handwriting to text conversion


  • One-stop solution to insert, manage and access all the notes
  • Flexibility in organizing content
  • Simplified folder hierarchies
  • Combine all your electric files in a single place


  • Different layouts in the online and downloaded versions
  • Difficult to use as per some reviews
  • MAC users found limitations in OneNote

Now that we have told you the basics of all three applications, we will come down to the main point of discussion – Google keep vs OneNote vs Evernote!

Google keep vs Evernote vs OneNote:

☛ Available Platforms

Evernote – It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Evernote also has multiple platforms access and a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. What’s more? Evernote also has an app for Android wearable devices and mobile widgets.

OneNote – The OneNote app is available for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac platforms. Again, OneNote to has multiple platforms web access and browser extension for Chrome.

Google Keep – This notes Google app does not have any desktop versions. It is available for iOS and Android. Its desktop interaction is based on a web client and Chrome extension.

Winner – Without a doubt, when it comes to platform availability, Evernote is a clear winner in the Evernote vs Google keep vs OneNote debate.

☛ Formatting Options

Evernote – It is a minimal note-taking application that enables you to do basic text editing with lists, tables, indents, ruling in the web version and a few other formatting options in the desktop version. Evernote will also allow you to insert basic clip-arts and graphics. Moreover, you have the option to save entire emails or webpages and extract images/text based on the selected text automatically.

OneNote – It can be definitely said that this tool is like a mini version of MS Office. OneNote has got a huge number of editing options that cover all the features right from Word to inserting tables and formulas. Audio and video notes are exclusive features of the paid version.

Google Keep – You can insert content in four main formats – lists, notes, photos, and voice notes. As Google Keep has in-depth integration with other tools of the Google ecosystem there is a possibility to include Google Maps.

Winner – We cannot declare a clear winner here. When it comes to formatting options, the winner between Google keep vs OneNote vs Evernote depends on your needs. But if we have to absolutely choose one then we would say OneNote has a lead.

☛ Interface

Evernote – The web version of Evernote is immersive and minimalist. The desktop client has been created as the web version’s near-perfect option.  The desktop client is divided into three sections – left column, list of notes and editing window.

OneNote – OneNote has all the problems that came with the Office version of 2010. Its mobile application is functional but there is still some scope for improvement in terms of browsing and loading speed.

Google Keep – The core strength of Google keep is its simplicity. The mobile app uses a number of post-its that are customizable in color.

Winner – Evernote has improved its interface in every new version. The added advantages include web clipping service and minimal appearance to reduce distractions. Therefore, Evernote has an upper hand in this Google keep vs OneNote vs Evernote debate.

☛ Additional Features

Evernote – The additional list of features in Evernote comprises of collaborative note-taking, slideshow generator, handwriting recognition, internal chat, notifications and reminders, insertion of comments/diagrams on text/images.

OneNote – Additional features in OneNote are note organization with blocks/tabs, collaborative note-taking, notifications, integrated crop tool in the desktop client and reminders.

Google Keep – Google Keep’s additional features consist of android integration for notes, note organization through tags and colors and notifications and reminders.

Winner – Once again, Evernote is a winner with its set of additional features in the Google keep vs OneNote vs Evernote debate. However, if you are more used to the Microsoft ecosystem, OneNote can prove to be a useful option.

☛ Pricing

Evernote – The free version in Evernote comes with certain limitations. It begins with 60MB per month uploads permission. The premium version will cost you $5 per month. The upload capacity increases to 1 GB in the premium version with extra features like the ability to access your notes offline or search content even in PDF files.

OneNote – In the year 2014, a free version of OneNote was released. This free version has recently been improved to include all features of the paid version as well.

Google Keep – Google Keep app is a free tool irrespective of the version that you are using.

☛ Business Features

Evernote – The business version of Evernote allows you to manage data and notes related to the business. Along with this, it allows individual users to create and maintain personal notes that cannot be administered by the IT admin.

OneNote – This application supports management features via SharePoint or SkyDrive Pro. An IT admin will be able to manage the business data stored there and also control the user access with the help of Active Directory and Group Policy. The users get an option to share the notebook with a whole company or with the desired individuals/teams. They can access their personal notebooks on the SkyDrive and company notebooks on SharePoint or SkyDrive Pro.

Google Keep – To date, Google Keep does not have any business features or IT administrator tools.

Winner – We don’t think it’s that hard to guess! Evernote is again an unbeatable winner in this Google keep vs OneNote vs Evernote comparison.


Ultimately all of these applications are designed for different kinds of uses. The ultimate choice between Google keep vs OneNote vs Evernote depends entirely on your usage requirements.

All of these applications can be an ideal choice in different situations. In spite of that, we believe that if you’re not a Google or Microsoft inclined person then Evernote is usually something that shines apart from its counterparts.

If you are planning to get your own similar application built then an expert custom mobile app development company will be the right choice. Although you are done hiring the right technology partner keep in mind that certain important decisions need to be taken by you that will decide the success or failure of your application. Your technology partner will only act as a guiding force but not the decision-maker.

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