Want to improve your eCommerce Conversion Rate? Let’s dog into!

The previous few years showcase the sky-rocketing growth of the eCommerce industry. By 2021, the global revenue will hit an approximate amount of $5.88 trillion. There is a lot of processes involved in eCommerce website development.

The foremost point is to decide upon the product listed for selling. However, setting up an eCommerce store and utilizing paid advertising for attaining more visitors is not enough. The digital world is the most competitive than ever currently. This calls for following do’s & don’ts while persuading potential clients to purchase items from the brand.

This act receives the tag of a conversion that happens to be a vital metric for all online merchants as it will help in enhancing revenue.

Hire eCommerce Developer today for apprehending the apt ways to improve the eCommerce conversion rate. Let us learn about conversion optimization today in this informative piece of content.

Listing important Tools for Conversion Rate Enhancement:

When you are not happy with your average eCommerce conversion rate, you need to revert to these high-end tools. These will help you in analyzing the present conversion rate challenges.

1. Google Analytics

Understand your website visitors aptly with this tool as it incorporates:

  • Where they belong from
  • How visitors came to know of your website. It can be from referral websites or keyword searches in search engines
  • If they are new or if they are returning
  • How long they spend time on your website
  • Whether they use desktop or Smartphone or the browser or operating system they are using
  • Tracking paid traffic is possible by linking website to Google Adwords campaign

2. HotJar

Understanding what is a good conversion rate for eCommerce becomes easier with tools like HotJar. This tool shows you how users interrelate with your website.

This is a heat-mapping tool that offers the functionality of scroll-depth, cursor & clicks mapping. Every heat map experiment will be imprisoning between 1000 to 10,000 page views after which it will collect an aggregate analysis.

The tool also comes with a session recording feature with which you can analyze customer activities in real-time.

3. BigCommerce Analytics

The platform of BigCommerce Analytics has an Analytics section within the administration panel. This displays the abandoned carts incorporating the products present in the cart during the time period of abandonment.

How to improve conversion rate calls for knowing how this tactic meets the gap between the on-site content & what customers are actually looking for.

You can learn about keywords that your prospective customers search but that which does not show up. With this, you will know what additions are to be made in the store.

How to increase conversion rate eCommerce?

1. Offer restricted time coupon codes

To enhance the eCommerce conversion rate, you must fabricate coupon codes that buyers can utilize at checkout time. But it should remain active for a limited time.

Customers must receive a particular amount off of the purchase. On the coupon code expiry, it will drive urgency amidst shoppers and they are less likely to get distracted from purchasing products.

2. Utilize superior quality video & images on product pages

When shoppers shop online, they are not able to touch any product. Due to this, some people might refrain from buying online.

But as an online eCommerce store owner, you can easily enhance the sales conversion rates by integrating a detailed video or image. Buyers can then visualize products in a better way.

3. Competitive pricing is important

When selling products that other stores provide as well having the same name, it is important that you price products competitively.

The quality of the imagery & marketing will have a huge impact on how you tend to improve eCommerce conversion rate. The revenue can only come in when brand marketing is put forward to the correct audience along with correct imagery & messaging.

4. Free shipping

There is no doubt about the fact that customers will likely look into other online stores if your store has no option of offering free shipping. But is it unable for you to offer this?

This is the point where you need to understand that it is a psychological game. Covering shipping costs is possible as you enhance the product prices but do it only if it is necessary. Customer conversion can be tricky but not impossible.

5. Testing the eCommerce checkout procedure

Customers might be fully prepared to purchase products from your online store but only if the checkout process is short & conventional. As per recommendations, this is the space where many of your personalization tactics must take place.

To increase the conversion rate, process tweaking is necessary based on clients. You must be able to modify pixels on the checkout via Checkout SDK.

6. Live chat software

Planning to augment website conversion rate with live chat software is a very good idea.

However, being available at the business hours is compulsory so that customers receive a response from you instantaneously. The software must never show the term ‘Currently unavailable’ to the client.

The live software will help your customers to trust your brand and products for the long-term. Chatra, Olark, Jivochat, LiveChat are some live chat software applications that one must try.

7. Structuring the product categories

As you arrange the product categories in a coherent manner, customers can reach or explore the products as soon as possible.

Showcasing top products is possible with the set up of a rotating banner. Another way of making customers discover products easily is by implementing a website search. This is one of the best current tips rates in context to conversion.

8. Showing the contents of the shopping cart

The shopping cart item must have a link once the user is done entering the product name in the cart. If they are unable to discover the cart, they will not be able to checkout.

While checking out they must also know the products they are actually purchasing. Questions like how to convert rates can be answered easily with such small but useful strategies.

9. Personalizing the experience of the visitor

Offering dynamic content & pathways that visitors can take are two ways of personalizing their experience. There are tools for presenting modified product recommendations, content to the visitors depending on factors like on-site behavior and geographic data.

In context to pathways, you will have to consider the kinds of customers you wish to attract. Increase close rate conversions today with the help of personalization.

10. Social proof matters

As per certain conducted studies, almost 85% of customers rely on referrals from peers and family members in comparison to other kinds of marketing.

Not a single opportunity you must miss for presenting social proof amalgamated over many years. This actually displays the brand’s excellence.

This can include product reviews & celebrity endorsements as well. Also by displaying the best-selling product you can render social proof that will largely result in eCommerce conversion rate.

11. No distraction is a must

A website only has one goal which is to sell various products but these days design & many other elements tend to distract this goal. The key to augmented retail conversion rates is to restrict the friction that prospective customers go through.

Friction over here means poor user experiences that make engagement or shopping challenging. Simple rules you must follow to improve eCommerce conversion rate development are:

  • Clean layout
  • An easy navigation
  • Picking designs apt for theme or topic
  • Properly utilizing animation
  • Keeping content organized
  • Vivacious color scheme

12. User personalization

Personalizing user experience is a must given the amount of communication & user tracking software available. For instance, when your site offers coupon code, you will automatically be sending it in an email but what will happen after the user clicks on the email?

If the coupon code does not apply automatically the performance of the website will be hurt as then the users will have to search for themselves. But with the help of a welcome bar or a notification, users can easily access the coupon on the website. By this offers become memorable for your valuable users.

A low conversion rate thus will never stand a chance in front of these excellent tactics.

Reasons why eCommerce Conversion Rate remains Low:

  • You are avoiding mobile users – A cross-device advertising strategy & a Smartphone optimized eCommerce store is a must for retaining customers.
  • Unclear product – Product demonstration in the correct manner to the prospective buyer is necessary for product pages on websites to have high conversion rates. Shoppers must be able to apprehend the ways the product’s benefit. Online merchants can easily improve the ecommerce conversion rate by correctly defining the value of products.
  • Copy must be persuasive – Persuasion is very important when it comes to site conversion. Six persuasion principles often strengthen buying decisions that are authority, consistency, reciprocity, commitment, liking, scarcity & social proof. Fabricating a persuasive copy will help to improve the eCommerce conversion rate in the best way ever. The copy must integrate action & power words as well so that there is a stirring up of emotion and the buyer gets inspired to take action.
  • Poor search & navigation – Search results must match with the prospective buyers’ wishes. Not finding a product will lead to a non-buying of it. Popular products must also be very easy to discover.
  • Bad sorting & filtering – Visitors might get overwhelmed when you offer them excessive options. Visitors must be able to filter the products they want so that they can buy only the products meeting their requisites.

Ecommerce success for the upcoming year

Optimizing conversion rates is now no more challenging but employing DIY techniques is not recommended. Hire eCommerce Developer who is aware of CRO trends and also they know how to enhance website & user experience.

The most important thing to understand as an online merchant is that conversion optimization never ends with the first sale.

It will not end even with the 100th sale. Boost the bottom line & improve eCommerce conversion rate with small tweaks. Optimizing both back-end & front-end conversion rate is important.

This is achievable by emphasizing driving repeat buying in a predictable manner. Prior to wasting valuable advertising dollars, contact us today for accomplishing the task of conversion rate enhancement in a sound manner.

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