Grofers online shopping is an Indian grocery delivery service app. In the current digital era, each service moves towards online platforms to deliver online services to people.

But, on the contrary, today’s youth finds it very comforting to access online services as these online services are very effortless and time-saving.

Grofers grocery shopping app is launched as an Indian online grocery delivery service app. It was founded in the year 2013 by the IITians located in Gurugram. Grofers online shopping app is a startup that was launched by two students Albinder Dhinsa and Saurabh Kumar.

The name Grofers was found from two words, “Grocery Gophers’. In the year 2018, the Company witnessed a boost of about $535.5 million from investors.

Grofers online shopping is an M-commerce marketplace app that is utilized for daily grocery shopping.

The apps like grofers help users buy items like vegetables, groceries, flowers, fruits, bakery, cosmetic items, baby care, meat, and several other things from the nearby market. In addition, Grofers guarantee 90 mins delivery to its customers.

As per the current statistics, Grofers is one of the most popular on-demand grocery delivery apps. It aims to serve more than 25 cities in India.

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Why are Grofers Online Shopping Apps or Apps Like Grofers in High Demand?

Grofers online shopping app provides users with the service of shopping for grocery items online. It also delivers the ordered items to its users within 90 mins of order placement.

These grofers grocery shopping apps are developed to eliminate the real-life problems faced by people. With these apps, people don’t have to visit the store for their daily requirements.

As a solution, by these online marketplace Grofers online shopping is launched in the market. These days all the basic requirements are available in apps on smartphones and with good internet connections.

The users only require to click, place an order, and do the payment using distinct payment gateway options provided by the apps like grofers.

Why Apps Like Grofers Online Shopping Are Beneficial for You?

Suppose you are already running a grocery store. Then it would be very easy for you to launch a personal application for your Company to boost their sales.

Like grofers grocery shopping apps, these apps constantly help boost your customers day by day to maximize your profit.

Suppose you wish to have a startup in this sector. Then one of the best ideas is to launch a business product like Grofers as grofers grocery online shopping app, and apps like grofers are in huge demand. And these types of support can prove to be very beneficial for people in the present world.

These grofers grocery online shopping apps can prove to be very helpful for users as these platforms help in making a lot of money.

So you must be excited to know how to make grocery delivery apps and how they can help make a profit. So let’s find out.

  • One can reveal the third party advertisements on your website and application to support and advertise your products and services and charge them.
  • When you plan to launch an app like grofers grocery online shopping app, you can charge the owners to showcase their stores on the top searches. Similarly, the Company can collaborate with several other grocery owners.
  • Companies can also sell their premium services, and in return, customers have to pay providers with a definite sum of money to use their star services.
  • Based on the orders, the Company will be rewarded with commission directly.

Apart from this, examine more benefits and features from the list of best online grocery shopping apps.

Advantages of Having an App Like Grofers Online Shopping App

☛ Advantages for App Users:

✍ Time-Saving

With the help of technology, it has become comfortable and convenient for people to lead their hectic and stressful lifestyles.

It has all been made very easy for Millenials. In such circumstances, on-demand food applications like Grofers play a crucial role and save many users’ time.

✍ Convenience

Apps like Grofers online shopping apps are very easy to use and promote efficient food supply and delivery. These apps enable users to place their orders from anywhere and anytime, irrespective of their location and delivery choices.

The customers only require a smartphone with proper internet connectivity to save their time for other productive tasks.

✍ Money-Saving

These food applications offer captivating deals and festival coupon services for sales, discounts, and rewards from time to time.

It not only saves customers time and money but also encourages other customers, which boosts sales.

✍ Easy Payment Gateway

Apps like Grofers grocery shopping allows users to make payments via various payment gateway options. For example, while placing an order, users can pay online at the same time.

Or users can also choose to pay when goods are delivered to your doorstep. Thus there are various payment gateway options available both online and offline.

☛ Advantages for Store Owners:

✍ Suitability

The grofers grocery shopping delivery apps provide customers with comfort and convenience. It is also the best opportunity for business owners as it would also satisfy their requirements.

That’s the major reason why companies prefer to use mobile applications for their websites. It not only offers effortless and trouble-free service but also allows service providers to meet customers’ loyalty.

✍ Competitive Edge

Nowadays, users not only concentrate on purchasing good quality products. In addition to that, users also want to get a user-friendly user experience from the Company.

The brief and convenient nature assists in making it simpler. All of it develops customers’ trust, loyalty, and gratefulness for the brand.

✍ Immediate Satisfaction

In this competitive world, everyone is trying their level best to be the best. These days companies thrive to achieve an edge over their competitors. But it would be great if you can get a solid advantage over your rivals.

It can only be made possible with a full-proof and optimized strategy and effort if someone wishes to effectively overcome those points of consumerism.

How To Make A Grocery Delivery Application Like Grofers?

To get to the point, one needs to recognize the target areas where they wish to sell their goods. They also need to target the location where users plan to focus on fixing their delivery limitations to deliver their orders.

So here we have jotted some key points you need to go through before you initiate to develop your grocery delivery app:

1. Demographics

In the initial stage, do the limited research online, or you can also do an entire range with the mobile app for promoting online transactions near you.

Nowadays we have a large number of young people around who look for a comforting and convenient lifestyle. They look for great opportunities to shop online and get rewards for the same.

So, for instance, if you find that the person’s maximum age in your targeted location is 20-40, then you have your age group for mobile apps to target.

2. Interests

Is it possible for you to create your Facebook account and then run the event to get deep insights into your user’s interests? First, try your level best to get their opinions to know their needs and requirements.

Also, keep constant track of their preferences and curiosity which will help you to know their habits. Then you can develop an app with consumer habits and fulfill their requirements.

3. Geo

First, know from which area and place you want to build your business online. Then, simultaneously survey your Company’s position through the internet to see how many web users to mobile phone users are available.

4. Delivery

Know to analyze if you can deliver your products where you are targeting your business. Develop strategies and hunt for ways that can help you to deliver your goods to your targeted destinations.

5. Products

Choose the list of products and services you need to sell online. Irrespective of whether you select lightweight, heavy goods, or complex services to deliver online.

6. Payment Options

Determine if you want to have the option to pay online or want COD services for your customers.

Nowadays, users prefer to pay through various payment gateway options while placing their orders. So it’ll prove effective to integrate all possible payment gateway options in your online grocery delivery app.

7. Areas Of Interest Of Users

Analyze from your report and know what people demand to shop online. Once you analyze the requirements, then develop an app that could meet the user’s requirements and needs.

You can also get users’ reviews from Google’s Keyword planner and search engine.

8. Costing

As per your set-aside budget, you would need to test the travel and distribution charges along with other government costs.

If you have great in-hand technologies, you can build an app by referring to the grocery delivery apps you like.

However, if you want to develop an advanced app and need technical expertise, it is best to hire a top custom android app development company.

Technology Stack to Develop Apps Like Grofers

Choosing an appropriate technology stack is very important while building a Grofers grocery shopping app. As one needs to consider future growth and how to maintain your eCommerce platform.

  • Web App Development: Angular and React for front-end
  • Mobile App Development: Flutter or React Native
  • Back-end Development: PHP or NodeJs
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB
  • 3rd Party Services: Twilio, Sendgrid, Google Map, Firebase

Grocery App Development Cost

Grocery store start-up costs and timeframes for a grocery delivery application rely on distinct features and functionalities.

Simple apps like grofers with an admin panel, applications for couriers, and user applications for Android and iOS can charge about $15,000.

The cost of iOS and Android platforms can vary depending on the iOS app development company you choose. These grocery shopping apps will probably have all their core features and enable users to place orders and pay for them online.

In addition, admins and managers will develop a menu with detailed descriptions and pricing, photos, descriptions, and many more.

An application with complex functionalities will have a complex menu editor, several admin roles with distinct permissions, loyalty programs, and other features that can charge approx $25,000 and more.

Any custom mobile app development company will be pleased to provide you with an estimation for your custom project. To get an estimated grocery app development cost.

You need to provide them with a detailed description of what are your requirements for your app. This detailed estimation sheet can provide you with grocery store start-up costs and how much time developing it would require.


Top Custom mobile app development company guarantees you that their specialists will effectively build apps like grofers online shopping.

They would be successful in developing an app that will let customers witness an enhanced user-friendly experience. It will also help users to control and customize their project behavior.

There are many more online grocery shopping apps in the market, like Amazon Prime. Look at the article on how to create a grocery app like Amazon Prime Pantry to understand more.

All thanks to mobile and online grocery shopping apps like grofers. As of now, customers will be able to see the order status at any time, anywhere, track delivery, contact the delivery person, and customer support. And after all this procedure, they receive their long-awaited order at your doorstep.

Moreover, in your grocery shopping application, you can integrate various payment gateway options to help customers complete their purchases by paying for their orders through online payment options.

If you also wish to develop apps like Grofers, schedule a call with a custom android app development company and discuss your ideas.

grofers online shopping


The main purpose of building a grocery shopping app and grocery stores is to offer users customer loyalty programs as it will help you to retain your trusted existing customers and attract new potential customers. And one of the principal ways to boost customer loyalty is to offer users a personalized and highly instinctive user experience.

The grocery app development cost will be approx to the range of $30,000 to $60,000. A US developer approximately charges $50 to $250 per hour for their expert services.

One of the primary ways on-demand food delivery apps will boost their revenue is by illustrating several restaurants on their e-commerce platform. Each of the restaurants has to pay some definite amount of money to display their restaurants on the platform of the food delivery applications.