Are you interested to find out the Cost to Build a Yoga App? Let’s find it out!

Suppose you have been practicing yoga for a while now. Then you must have known its benefits for improving physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

The ease and effectiveness of yoga have provided a movement towards building one of the highly popular forms of exercise.

The combination of yoga and technology has directed yoga mobile app development. These yoga meditation apps provide an opportunity for everyone out there to learn yoga poses without stepping out of their homes.

With a bunch of several yoga asanas compressed in one app. This yoga pose app is considered a great medium that can bring changes to your life. Hence the enormous popularity of these yoga meditation apps can be fully justified.

All of these provide an opportunity to several businesses that wish to invest in yoga asana application development. In addition, it helps businesses also to develop a growing revenue stream.

Here in this article, we have listed various steps that will guide you to develop yoga meditation applications. We will also look deep into how the yoga app features, how much does it cost to build a yoga app, and many more.

How Can a Yoga Application Benefit?

If your goal is not to develop a simple yoga meditation app. But if you want a yoga application for Android that helps your student feel their poses and makes all your yoga sessions go wider.

At last, develop your big community. For that, you would need a Yoga poses app for your studio. Here are some of the benefits of the Yoga asana app, so let’s look into them in detail:

1. Location-Based Service

Developing a yoga poses app with a location-based service helps you to reach out to nearby users who have an interest in yoga. You can even share a message to interested users about festive offers and discounts as it will influence them to opt for your services easily.

People who are hunting for yoga classes in the area, and these texts will help them to know what you have to offer.

You can also notify your potential customers about class timings and your studio’s specialty. It can be proved as the most effective way of staying linked with your students and influencing other people to choose.

2. Get An Edge Over Your Competitors

Yoga is a common form of exercise among people, leaving a wrong impression on yoga business owners. They think that a mobile yoga application doesn’t have various benefits.

It’s wrong, as in modern times where every service around us puts a lot of effort to fit on our mobile screens in the form of yoga asana apps. Developing an app that does not meet your potential user base then it is a crime.

Thus, it’ll help you get an edge over your competitors if you get a yoga meditation app.

3. Stay on Track

With several yoga app features, you can track your students’ attendance and hold it with a single touch on your mobile phone.

It will not only help you to keep an accurate computation of your student’s attendance. And this will also help you boost your business revenue.

4. Your Range Gets Wider

In this global pandemic of COVID 19, and lockdown people are not allowed for face-to-face classes. With the help of android app development services, users can reach anytime without any time boundaries.

All business services can be accessed without any hurdle. Users can book their preferable time slot or else request a special session with a single touch on their smartphones.

In some uncertain situations, it would be easy for users also to cancel their sessions.

5. Virtual Classes

Students who are unable to attend their classes. For them, you can integrate a yoga app feature of recording where they can follow their session later.

You also can share the recording with your students through mobile app platforms. These yoga app features should come in handy for handling students who could not make it to your offline studio session.

6. Easy Payment Gateway Options

Your clients won’t encourage lengthy and tiresome payment options at your studio’s front desk. Thus you need to provide them with various online payment gateway options to register and pay for their mobile phones.

These android app development services will build customers’ trust and will save time. Experienced developers will guide the integration of payment gateways in android apps.

7. Brand Recognition

The competition is getting tougher daily, and it will be more difficult in the coming years. So developing a yoga meditation app will provide your studio with recognition. It will also help you to get an edge over your competitors.

Why Should You Invest In Yoga Application Development?

Here we will look deep into statistics to evaluate the immense popularity of yoga and yoga poses apps. From improvised body posture and easing, body aches promote stress-free and mindfulness. The advantages of these thousands of years of practice cannot be overemphasized.

With this huge acceptance of yoga app features, stats show approximately 84 million app users in the US in the year 2021. It has also been witnessed that the number of people practicing yoga in the US has increased from 20.4 million to 55.4 million from 2012 to 2020.

Any random online browsing for yoga applications and sessions proves the immense popularity of this exercise with various Americans. It is one of the proven and well-researched things.

America is driving crazy with the new generation of Yogis who are desperately ready to spend a lot of their money to find their mom.

If you glance at various Google trends, one can witness a wide leap in Google searches for yoga apps worldwide.

As a result, an increasing number of people are looking forward to practicing yoga at their homes through interactive and engaging online sessions.

The following numbers and stats prove a similar idea:

  • The Global Yoga application market size is estimated to be approx $80 billion.
  • The number of people practicing yoga has been boosted by over 300 million all over the globe.
  • An average person practicing yoga asanas spends approx $90 on yoga every month.
  • It was estimated that about 55 million people would start to practice yoga by 2020 in the USA.

Thus, all of the above statements justify that having yoga applications for Android is a highly profitable venture that can generate a steady revenue stream.

Essential Yoga App Features that Should Be Considered For Yoga App Development

To develop a successful and highly accepted yoga poses app. The company needs to assure that the yoga application has the appropriate set of modules and features. And also, determine the target audience before you start yoga app development.

It is a complex process, and it only needs technical skills apart from the quality of content. Make a checklist of some points that you need to keep in mind for mental health app development.

Hence, here are some modules that need to be integrated with other android app development services:

1. Courses

In the course modules, one must contain all the yoga courses for their students, depending on different levels of users like beginners, intermediate, advanced, strength gaining, and others.

The yoga meditation app should have all of its well-structured courses in one place.

2. Practice Sessions

Here in this module, users should get access to all the practice sessions for their first-hand experience as the users can work out with step-by-step guidance from yoga instructors for each yoga pose.

3. Yoga Poses Videos

It is always said that it is not about the reps and speed, but it is all about the correct form of exercise. So to explain the yoga poses correctly.

The app should have all the yoga poses well explained in their yoga poses app to learn the correct form for particular yoga asanas.

4. Custom Yoga Regimes As Per Fitness Goals

In this module, users can customize their yoga sessions based on their fitness goals.

For example, they can customize their sessions for weight loss, fat reduction, body toning, breathing exercise, immunity, maintaining a healthy life, and many more.

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Technology Stack For Yoga Meditation App Development

  • Database technologies: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Postgres
  • Hosting: Amazon EC2
  • Push notifications:, Twilio, Firebase
  • Content delivery network: Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare
  • Voice, SMS, and push phone verification: Twilio, Nexmo
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Netbanking, EWallets
  • Streaming Media System: Nimble streamer, Wowza streaming engine
  • Email: MailChimp Integration
  • Cloud Platforms: Google, Azure, AWS
  • Real-time analytics: Spark, Cicco, Apache Flink, Hadoop, IBM
  • UI: ReactJS, BootStrapJS
  • Map Navigations: Maps, Google Maps
  • Code Repository: Git
  • Caching: Hazelcast
  • Messaging queue: AWS Simple Queue System

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Yoga App?

The above question cannot be answered to the point. How much does it cost to build a yoga application depending on various numbers and features and iOS app development services integrated into them? It also depends on the size of the app, scalability of design, and hired android app development services.

Keeping all of this aside, the cost of your yoga poses app also depends on the location of your development partner, as each country has distinct labor prices for the iOS app development services they offer.

As in some countries, the labor cost is too high, which leads to an increase in the overall cost of yoga application development.

For example:

  • The US-based developers cost $50 to $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe based developers charges $20 to $150 per hour
  • India based developers cost $10 to $80 per hour
  • Western Europe Developers charges $ 30 to $175 per hour

As the maximum part of the yoga, app development cost depends on vital factors. Like development partner location, choice of mobile app platform (iOS or Android), yoga app features, functionalities, UI/UX, and many more.

Thus, the rough estimation for an MVP yoga application could be approximately $15,000 to $35,000.

Suppose you are looking forward to developing a yoga meditation app with advanced features and functionalities like live yoga sessions, Yoga VOD streaming, Music integration, eStore management, Event creation, ticket booking, celeb routine, and many more.

Keep updated with the top healthcare mobile app development trends that can fit best into the current situation. The estimated app development cost for your mobile app will be between $75,000 and $200,000.

Although according to us, if you are a startup and don’t believe in investing a lot. It is better to start with MVP, and then, later on, advanced features can be integrated.


Yoga Application Development can be a great idea for both Startups and Businesses in the industry. If you already have your yoga studio, you can develop a yoga app to create a strong bond with your students and potential users.

In addition, it would encourage them to interact with your company through other platforms. Several examples of yoga meditation apps started up as small companies but eventually grew into big brands.

Suppose you are looking forward to custom-made solutions for yoga app development. But finding the entire process of app development to be complex.

A top mobile app development company can help you develop an engaging, user-friendly yoga application in that situation. With all required yoga-oriented content, app features for their users.

How much does it cost to build a yoga app? They would also provide you with an exact estimate for your app development ideas.

Schedule a meeting today and know deep insights about our mobile app development services.

how much does it cost to build a yoga app


Here is the list of the most popular types of fitness apps:
  • C25K
  • Blogilates
  • Sworkit
  • Daily Yoga
  • Strava
  • Nike Training Club
  • Endomondo, and many more

The main motive to build a yoga mobile app for your studio is as follows:
  • It will help you to make a more personalized relationship with your students and potential customers.
  • It will also help you reach out to more audiences with your practice sessions and yoga exercise packages that are built not for people in your region but worldwide.

Several yoga meditation apps are free to download. And suppose users want to experience the advanced features of an app. In that case, they have to apply for membership after the free trial. The monthly subscription fees cost between $4 to $23 per month, while most of them charge $10 per month.