You might be thinking why are we having a dedicated blog for hacking apps? It is a common misconception that hacking is used only for unethical work.

That’s not entirely true. Yes, hacking applications are used for unethical work but these applications are also used by IT security administrators, technological enthusiasts, and ethical hackers. There are chances that the mobile app development company that you hire is also using these apps to know the vulnerabilities of an operating system, app structures, and network security errors.

Here, we will be discussing the top hacking apps for both – Android and iOS platforms.

10 Best Hacking Apps Android:

1. DroidSheep

This Android hacking app can detect web activity profiles from almost any website. DroidSheep will analyze the activities on a Wi-fi network that you are connected to and display information about the analyzed activities. You can have a look at all the web activities on your network.

Websites using the HTTPS protocol are more secure but this app can detect the activity on those sites too.

Why is DroidSheep one of the best hacking apps? Because it is user-friendly and most of its functionalities work with a single click. All these reasons make DroidSheep one of the great hacking tools for Android if you want to improve IT security.

2. Kali NetHunter

Kali NetHunter was designed for Google Nexus devices but can really be used on other devices with a little modification. It is a popular hacking and penetration-testing app that installs an OS overlay on an Android device.

It will convert your device into a pen-testing tool by using a comparatively lower memory. NetHunter will enable you to crack WEP and WPA keys that will help you identify open ports on other devices.

NetHunter is one of the great hacking apps as it allows Wi-Fi frame injection, man-in-the-middle attacks, and keyboard hijacking.

3. zANTI Mobile Penetration Testing Tool

It is a popular and full-fledged pen-testing tool to identify and imitate the actual mobile attack techniques. You can gather a substantial amount of information about any connected network or device with a single click.

This information can be used to analyze whether the identified device is vulnerable.

Although zANTI can be installed on a non-rooted device, it is actually one of the best hacking apps for rooted Android devices. A rooted device is necessary to use all its powerful features.

4. cSploit

cSploit is an open-source hacking tools kit with an in-built Metasploit framework and user-friendly interface. It is one of the recommended hacking apps to download as it can trace the local network, detect open ports, carry out MITM attacks, forge TCP or UDP packets, etc.

As it comes with the Metasploit framework, you can create shell consoles, detect security loopholes and change the exploit setting to enable better control.

5. Hackode

Although Hackode is not as great as zANTI or cSploit, it is one of the good hacking apps. Hackode allows you to collect information about other devices. Apart from the basic scanning and detection of vulnerabilities, it has in-built networking tools.

If you want a hacking app only for basic needs then Hackode is the right choice!

6. Network Mapper

It uses the popular Nmap scanner in the background to scan connected networks. After you install this app from the Play Store, it automatically downloads and installs the necessary Nmap binaries.

Network Mapper works perfectly fine on both – rooted and non-rooted devices. But in the case of non-rooted devices, functionality is limited because of Android restrictions.

7. tPacketCapture

The name says it all! It is a simple application to capture the packets and data that is transferred on your network. tPacketCapture creates its own local VPN and works on rooted and non-rooted devices.

A good thing about this application is that it will save all the captured data in a PCAP file. Saving data in a PCAP file means the task of detailed analysis becomes easier.

8. AndroRAT

The name AndroRAT is a combination of Android and Remote Administrative Tools (RAT). AndroRAT was launched a long time back as a client and server application. Its purpose is to give you control of the Android system from a remote location and get information from it.

As this application functions as a service immediately after the boot, a user will not have to interact with the service. You can also trigger a server connection by call/SMS. You might be wondering what makes it worthy of being in the list of top hacking apps? Well, some of its useful features are information collection like messages, call logs, location, and contacts.

9. Shark for Root

It is one of the advanced hacking tools for security experts/hackers. Shark for Root acts as a traffic snipper. It functions well on Wi-Fi, 3G, and FroYo tethered mode. You also have the option to use a tcpdump command for Shark for Root.

10. FaceNiff

 It is one of the leading hacking apps that enables you to interpret your WiFi network traffic. FaceNiff is largely used to sneak in people’s Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms that use your Android device.

 FaceNiff is one of the favorite tools of a hacker as it steals the cookies from a WiFi network. These cookies will give a hacker unauthorized access to another person’s account.

10 Best Hacking Apps iOS:

1. Spyic

Spyic tops the list of best iPhone hacking apps. Its innumerable features will help you to spy on an iPhone from anywhere in the world. What’s the amazing part? Spyic is one of the iOS apps without jailbreak and yet has all the great features. You won’t even require access to the targeted iPhone.

Spyic is trusted by millions of users in more than 190 countries. Some of its best features include social media monitoring, SMS monitoring, call monitoring, Geofence, iPhone camera hack, and application monitoring, etc. All these things combined make Spyic one of the top-ranked hacking apps.

2. Cocospy

If you are looking for iOS hack apps that can be run without hacking knowledge then Cocospy is here! It’s automatic setup wizard and user-friendly interface make it an unbeatable app. Just like Spyic, you don’t need to install any application on the targeted iPhone. It’s all cloud-based.

You can monitor the desired iPhone and access its data from the Cocospy dashboard in a web browser. It has reasonable pricing as well as comes with different payment plans like monthly, quarterly and yearly. To get started with Cocospy all you need is the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone.

3. mSpy

It is considered to be one of the best hacking apps for iPhone. The only catch is that you will have to jailbreak the device.

However, we do recommend that jailbreaking the target device is not a good idea as it will be exposed to other malware too. mSpy gives you the option to hide the icon after installing the application.

4. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY can rightly be considered one of the most advanced hacking applications for an iPhone. You can hear the live phone calls and also record them. Furthermore, FlexiSPY enables you to activate the microphone so you can hear the surroundings or take pictures with the camera secretly.

5. Phonespector

It is a remote mobile phone monitoring application. Some of its features are text, location, and call monitoring, etc. if you are using Phonespector, then no jailbreak or access of the target device is required.

Phonespector runs on all versions of iPhone/iPads. The only downside is that it is a little expensive.

6. Spybubble

Just like Cocospy, Spybubble is a cloud-based application to track the activity of any iPhone. Spybubble allows you to track the activity of mobile devices as well as laptops. But to use Spybubble, you will have to install it on the target device.

You can administer messages, calls, and screenshots on your target device. All the results will be uploaded on a web-based service. You can view the results from a remote location via the dashboard.

7. Spytomobile

It is actually a data aggregator application. Spytomobile collects call logs, messages, social media information, etc from your target device. Spytomobile is an appropriate choice for employers who want to check their employees’ phone activities.

It cannot be considered the right choice for other users due to the lack of some important features like Geofencing and iPhone camera hack.

8. Spymyphone

Spymyphone is one of the hacking apps that will work in stealth mode on your desired device. It means that although you will have to install the application on the target device, the icon is not detectable.

Spymyphone has got the basic features like message/call tracker and camera hack. Moreover, all the hacking apps data can be seen in a browser from a remote location. One disadvantage is that it is one of the costliest applications on the list.

9. Fonemonitor

Fonemonitor has a similar working like Spymyphone. It includes all the basic features we have listed of other applications. Fonemonitor will require your iCloud credentials to work on your phone.

10. Xnspy

Last but not least, Xnspy is one of the good iPhone hacking tools. The feature list includes location tracking, WhatsApp activity tracking, call/message tracking, etc. Xnspy can definitely sustain in the competitive market of hacking apps.

One surprising feature is the analytics that allows you to analyze the data that you have collected. You can know the top 5 callers, longest call duration, etc. What’s more? You can even know the wifi network that the target device is connected to. Xnspy provides software solutions for schools and businesses too.


We hope that our extensive list of the top 10 hacking apps for Android and iOS can improve your knowledge about all the good reasons to use one. While choosing one for your requirements, know beforehand what purpose you are trying to fulfill. If you hire an Android or iOS app development company, they can help you build one too!

The hacking applications that we have listed above are only for ethical purposes. All of the apps mentioned above will convert your device into a portable hacking toolkit.

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