Some business apps are useful, practical, instinctive, and complete fun to use. Others are annoying, tiresome, or are very almost unworkable. What makes the difference?

What features and design components distinct the well-known wheat from the chaff when it comes to apps? These elements are indispensable for developing an app that makes the ranking with users.

Let’s discuss the top 7 features of successful mobile app development process:

 1. Search Feature

Provide your users with a convenient search bar so that they can find the content they need faster.

Lots of content build for a great app, but all that content rapidly becomes unwieldy and unfeasible if it isn’t made easily accessible to the users.

Most top-rated apps feature a search function to allow users to find the content that comprises the keywords and key phrases pertinent to what they want.

2. Social Networking Capabilities

Social media isn’t just for kitty videos and kids’ images so more.

These media networks are becoming the real means for communicating and cooperating, particularly among workers who are geographically detached and between employees and their consumers.

Make your app even more accessible and seamless by integrating social media functions (as well as email sharing) directly from the app.

3. Responsive Design for Varying Screen Sizes

Creating separate apps for Android and iPhone is no longer adequate.

Mobile app development services in India and other countries as well also need to contemplate the range of display sizes between the ‘compact’ and ‘mini’ mobile phones and the bigger tablets.

Some smartphones feature screens nearly as big as a small tablet.

The Droid Maxx 2, for example, features a 5.5″ display, less than 1.5″ shorter than the smallest consumer-grade tablets.

Make sure to involve responsive design into your mobile app development so that all of these users achieve an astral experience.

4. Different Versions for Different Devices

Likewise, you can no longer avoid any of the popular platforms.

However, BlackBerry used to rule the business world, and Apple held a firm grip on the customer market; BlackBerry devices are now accepting Android operating systems, and Android devices have exceeded Apple in both markets – business and consumers – of an iPhone Development Company.

Still, Apple holds plenty of market shares that it can’t be overlooked.

Consider the mobile app development on both the major platforms so that you are not pulling away from a massive section of your consumers out of the field.

5. Fewer Keys and More Touch

When users are checking your website on a desktop system, you can ask them any information, and they can type, type, and type away, but this can’t be the case with mobile apps.

Build the app for simple use of the keyboard and make as much of the user experience as possible touch-based.

6. Allow for User Feedback

From time to time the user needs to express something.

Providing users with the ability to offer instantaneous feedback is satisfying and eradicates lots of calls to the tech support department.

Allowing users to respond provides you and your mobile app developers a useful vision into what you need to incorporate, eradicate, and change.

However, it does more than that. Providing the users the ability to write instant feedback allows them flue their hindrances (and with a business app, there are always obstructions), meaning your tech support staff has to field less angry phone calls.

7. The Ability to Work Offline

Provide as much usability as possible without any internet connection. This feature has to be stable, of course, with the problem of data security.

While you are not after updating heavy-loading and sensitive information on a mobile phone that can eat up the users time on the busy trains and cafes, you would surely want them to at least perform some task if the internet is out of coverage.

What and how much data and functionality consuming storage on the device depends on your particular app.

As you can see, many go into developing an excellent app that users adore.

Most businesses determine that a professional developer of top mobile application development companies in the world better match to the job than their in-house mobile app development company, who perhaps have more experience in developing desktop apps.

Many companies in the market are offering numerous Custom Mobile App Development Services.

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Above all these factors are essential while opting for mobile app Development Company. Thus, always go with a right mobile app development company that can provide a comprehensive range of mobile app development solutions and services.